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My kids have constantly been sick since day1. The facility isnt very clean and smells. All the teachers say " they would NEVER NEVER put their child there" which makes me fell worst! The turn over in staff is enormous your child has no consistency with familar faces not to mention new germs to get immuned to. The menu is TERRIBLE!!! My child comes home plenty of days starved without being offered any alternatives. Another parent said her infant want fed tuna on buttered toasted bread. I was told they werent alternates. The staff isnt polite, no manners, noone greets you with a "good am/pm". My children constantly come home with urinated clothes without any assistance to the bathroom for proper skincare/hygiene or many incidents of noone taking them or too lazy to take them. I never recieve individual feedback on my kids educational concerns or progress;an outdated board is periodically changed with a new lesson. On field trip days the kids wear shirts that arent specifically designated for them, it was not informed by parents that they are worn, nor being sent home, and washed theyre kept at the center. Afterschool ages are not assisted with homework or encouraged with academics. It consists of minial crafts and a lot of, "do what you want time". The facilty has been provided a "clueless" subsitute director for months. Other parents whose preK kids went off to K5 were below average in their class. The assistant director sent a resignition letter home to parents the day before.

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  • Be
      Aug 13, 2009

    Kindercare is too big. They can not hire the best teachers because of the low pay scale. It is hard to keep a good center director because they are asked to do so much. Kindercare talks of being professional, but hhye do not give the center director the tools to be professional. The payroll is so tight that assistants are in the classroom more than in the office. The center director is cooking and or on a bus run. The center director does not get in the classroom enough because they are so busy to train and supervise the staff.

    If you do not get a solution to your problem call licensing over and over until you do.

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  • Ch
      Aug 31, 2009

    I agree my daughter attended Kindercare back in 2007 the director was really unfriendly and the stafff turnover was very unerving...My experience was that the director always had a problem with my check payments which caused interruption in my job saying that her tuition was never payed...Im so glad I got her out of there...

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  • Ch
      Nov 13, 2009

    The Director of the Shannon Park Kindercare in Rosemount Minnesota 2009 is the most horrible woman I have even seen. She lets her employees working benieth her put soiled clothes in the kids back-pacs without informing the parent. She breaks all kinds of health code laws. The center is always filthy looking and the kids are let to run around without anyone making sure they washed. This very bad director of Shannon Parkway Kindercare even as much as raises her voice with even the parents who are comming in late from snow emergencies. Imagine what she is allowing to happen to all those children she is supposed to be talking care of! Never will any children of mine go to a place so emotionally destructive, unclean, neglectful, and disgusting. My instincts and expieriences along with another mother pulling her kid from the center because they were doing the same to her child (plus not feeding her properly) is enough hopfully to save any other child/parent from going through this agony.

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  • Ha
      Jan 29, 2010

    Please learn to spell, and work on your grammar!

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  • Sa
      Mar 24, 2010

    i agree with every complaint my daughter has been going to kinder care for a year now she has had 3 different teachers she is still in the same class room when she started they put her in the 3 year olds when she was 2 and a half because she was potty trained have spoke to the director several times still keeps telling me she will get moved soon she has had 7 incidents since she has been there 2 that were very bad!! she has ruined brand new pairs of shoes and clothes due to them being outside for numerous hours i feel like the teachers just want to get them tired so they can go to sleep also some of the teachers are much older and cannot handle 17 plus kids at one time that is to many kids for one teacher my daughter has wet herself before and she came home with someone else's clothes on when she has her own there i just don't understand...on the third day she was there i was already having problems but i note everything that goes on with her in school just in case anything comes about but i would not recomend kinder care to anyone!!!

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