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My daughter is currently a student at Keiser. She is going there for the Sonography program, after finishing all her core classes they told her the program is full and she has to wait a year to finish out her education. When she question this and spoke to the dean they suggested she switch her degree program. They told her she probably won't even be able to make it through the Sonography program, its too hard anyway. My daughter gets all A's and B's. What school signs you up for their program, takes your money and then halfway through tells you to take a year off or switch degrees? Now when she takes a year off she has to start paying back the student loans she took out and she doesn't have a degree yet or a high paying job. Plus she just had anatomy and physiology, she has to remember everything for a year? A lot can change in a year. I am very disappointed in how this school is run and how they treat their students. I am extremely fustrated and would not recommend Keiser to anyone.

Mar 28, 2017

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