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Kaufman Englett Lynd (KEL)


Misrepresent themselves!

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Kaufman Englett Lynd or KEL
United States
Kaufman, Englett, and Lynd runs a tremendous amount of advertising that clearly states that if a client contacts KEL, they will speak with an attorney. I contacted them with that expectation. On my initial call, I stated that I would like to speak with an attorney for a consultation. I was transferred to Kirk Collier and explained my issue (final stages of a short sale, challenges negotiating my deficiency with the bank leading to my decision to file bankruptcy). He stated that I should not file for bankruptcy as I did have some legal options, so I asked to make an appointment for a consultation with an attorney in the Tampa office the next day. When I came for my appointment, I met with Kirk Collier and Lacie Beck, who introduced herself as a paralegal. Mr. Collier offered specific legal advice (do not file for bankruptcy, do not apply for the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program, etc.) which I considered in my decision to hire KEL to represent me and the actions to take going forward.

I have since learned, by contacting the Florida Bar Association, that Kirk Collier is NOT an attorney. Per the Bar, Mr. Collier should not be dispensing legal advice, should not be conducting a legal consultation, and, if he was speaking in general about legal matters as a non-lawyer representing your firm, should have specified that he is not an attorney. I was under the impression from their advertising and from the fact that I requested a meeting with an attorney and that Kirk Collier subsequently conducted my legal consultation that he was, in fact, an attorney. This misrepresentation alone is cause for negation of any agreement that I entered into with KEL. I have requested a refund from KEL and they have not obliged.

In addition, long story short, I was in the final stages of a short sale. I had a one week deadline to respond to the bank to negotiate my deficiency - I could not get anyone at KEL to return my calls in a week, much less prepare a response. I had to file a response myselft. Again, you would think that a reputable company would just acknowledge that they dropped and ball and give me a refund - they have not!
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A  3rd of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I want any lawyer contemplating a class action, or just my case, against KEL for mal practice and damages punitive and exemplary, to contact me Melvin Spinoza 352-597-1740 melvinspinoza@gmail.com
A  3rd of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
call me 352-597-1740 to sue KEL for mal practice, misrepresentation, fraud
A  11th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
We, too, have a very similar story regarding KEL. Most recently they failed to withdraw as our attorney on record in time for our new attorney to represent us in court. As a result we have lost valuable time to fight our foreclosure. Additionally, the failed to file paperwork on more than one occasion, never return phone calls and tried to bully us into paying them an additional $2000 when they never did anything for the first $2000 we paid. We have filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General, but feel there must be more people out there who are in the same boat with KEL. The are scam artists who are preying on people looking for help dealing with equally corrupt banks.
A  14th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
If you are looking for quality representation DO NOT HIRE KEL! Their attorneys are clearly overwhelmed with cases (I'm told by my KEL attorney that they have around 40 attorneys, each of who is handling 500-1000 cases!). If you hire them you will have to BEG for return phone calls and e-mails, and yes, you will have to BEG to speak with an attorney instead of a paralegal. Hiring KEL was a huge mistake for me and my case is suffering as a result. Another issue with KEL is that they don't "get it". They treat every case the same...get a loan modification or go to mediation. They don't want to FIGHT the crooks!
N  5th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
i just had a online chat with KEL you judge for yourself what they are all about
JulieG: [9:18:53 AM] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
Guest: [9:19:25 AM] how much do you charge for chapter 13
JulieG: [9:19:36 AM] Where are you located?
Guest: [9:19:46 AM] connecticut
JulieG: [9:21:27 AM] Currently, we only do bankruptcy in Florida.
Guest: [9:24:27 AM] we are clients of kell my husband talked to guy named matt yesterday that wanted us to talk to kel about bankruptcy now your saying that you don't do it
Patrick: [9:27:56 AM] Hey there, this is Patrick. How long have you been living in CT?
Guest: [9:28:28 AM] FOREVER WHY
Patrick: [9:31:41 AM] Ok, I just wanted to know if you had recently moved there or if you have always been living there. While we are licensed to practice law in CT, we currently only handle Bankruptcy cases in the state of Florida. I apologize if Matt discussed something different with you when you spoke to him. We have a few Matt's here. Which one did you speak with so I can make sure he has the correct information going forward?
Patrick: [9:32:20 AM] You may also want to consult with a local BK attorney to go over your possible bankruptcy options
Guest: [9:32:57 AM] didn't tell us last name
Patrick: [9:33:53 AM] Ok, I will blanket out an email so our staff has the right information from this point forward.
Patrick: [9:35:37 AM] I am sorry that we can not handle the bankruptcy for you at this time.
Patrick: [9:36:11 AM] If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly. My full name is Patrick Chandler, and my email is Pchandler@kelattorneys.com
Guest: [9:36:21 AM] boy you guys just keep messing with us first you take money for modifi on 2 mortgages then only work on one till its done then start working on 2nd then never finish cause our 12 month contract ran out even when you only worked on 2nd for 7 months and not 12
[9:37:40 AM] never send us any paperwork and when we contracted our mortgage company cause you didn't finish what you started we find out we are in charge off
Patrick: [9:39:34 AM] I do apologize for your frustration. What I can do is have someone from our office call you and discuss this in more detail with you. I don't have your case information in front of me, so I'm limited in what I can tell you with respect to what is going on
Guest: [9:40:32 AM] #10CT4
[9:40:52 AM] THATS OUR CASE #
Patrick: [9:41:14 AM] Ok, I will have someone in contact with you shortly
Guest: [9:42:02 AM] no been there done that and they said you would handle our bankruptcy and you don't even do it in CT
[9:43:19 AM] omg can't beleave you people
Patrick: [9:43:53 AM] I would still like to have someone contact you today. I am sorry for your frustration
Guest: [9:44:34 AM] want to know why you make people pay upfront for 2 mortgage mods when you only work on one at a time
Guest: [9:45:55 AM] then tell us time ran out when you only worked on the 2nd mortgage for 7 months and charged us for 12
[9:47:48 AM] HELLO

Nancy in connecticut
A  11th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Avoid this company like the plague!!! It is a lawyer mill. I will be filing complaints with the Attorney General, the Florida Bar, the Better Business Bureau and anywhere else I can find to warn people about this firm. They take your money, have unqualified people giving you legal advice, you probably will NEVER speak to an attorney about your particular case and the list goes on. They are awful... avoid them at ALL costs.
A  9th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I hired KEL because I knew about them when they were doing a lot of the title work for many mortgage companies, I paid 2400.00 dollars to represent me in a foreclosure in my house. After asking for the same documents that the bank had always ask, a mititgation meeting was set with the bank, they hired an attorney here in Tampa to go to the meeting, this guy knew nothing about our case, actually he said that he had just gotting the documents himself. Obviously we lost the mitigation and the house was lost.
N  18th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Pay your bills you wouldn't be in these situtations!!!
A  12th of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I am currently in the process of starting a lawsuit against Kaufman, Englett and Lynd. Please contact me at my email address of rdstevens@live.com if you have paid KEL for services of modification on your home loan without any remedy to your home modification.
I can and will continue to sue them for legal malpractice, misrepresentation and punitive damages which they have cost us.
Thank you
N  30th of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I own a real estate/property management company in Orlando and represent MANY people working to short sale their properties. I recently was called by 3 (in the same week!) sellers that were all with KEL, paid almost $3, 000 each for KEL to represent them in a short sale (which is ridiculous by itself). I work with an investor that purchases condos in over 45 communities in and around the Orlando area and we contracted on one of these properties. A year went by, only 2 out of dozens of return phone calls and a few emails and nothing was done. The 1 year contract between KEL and the seller was set to expire, no forward movement with the short sale and KEL sends them a letter to renew their contract for another $2, 900. Needless to say, the seller refused to renew the contract. Long story short, my investor re-contracted on the property using a different negotiator I work with, the property closed in 4 months and the seller is incredibly happy. I work with the best negotiators and get short sales closed within 90-180 days (4 months being the average) and little or no cost to the seller. It's morally wrong to financially rape vulnerable sellers, provide little or no service, get little or no results and then expect them to pay you more when the job wasn't performed to industry standards. If you or someone you know is interested in considering a short sale, PLEASE tell them to contact me. Even if none of them decided to use my services (which doesn't cost them a penny), I'd be willing to talk to each of them, educate them on the process so no matter who they use, they are informed enough to ask the important questions and avoid a situation where they pay out thousands of dollars and get no results. Sean@SpencerRealtyPros.com
N  22nd of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
It appears as though everyone has said what needs to be said about KEL. We are in the same boat for $5, 000 smackers because they were to do a bankruptcy for us after securing our primary mortgage. As far as the original contract...they have done nothing other than relay information from the lender (Chase) about missing documents...something we could have done on our own. (We tried for a year). I know that those of the same profession don't typically attack each other but there has to be an attorney who has higher standards and willing to take on a class-action suit against these clowns. markedenfield1@aol.com
A  23rd of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
My husband and I bought our first home in Florida when the real estate market was inflated. We paid too much for a house that needed to be completely remodeled. So (while the market was still booming) we took out a second mortgage to pay for the remodel. If we could have seen into the future, we would have been able to sell our home for a profit. However, we didn’t get everything done before the market fell through, and then the economy turned south. We became unable to pay our mortgage. We got involved with a fraudulent loan modification company, which has since been shut down by the State. But we still needed help with our house. We heard on the radio that the only way to get your mortgage loan modified is to hire lawyers. KEL promised all the same things the other company did, but we thought it would be different because they explained how they take our case to court. We have been told nothing but lies. They said we had to pay a “one time upfront fee”, which I felt uneasy about, but we were running out of choices. One year later, nothing has been done to modify our loan, and they want another $3, ooo to renew our contract. They are frauds and need to be shut down. The state needs to investigate them. They’re taking advantage of people who are under duress and in fear of losing their homes due to the failing economy. They are falsely representing themselves, and people need to know to not get involved with them. They twist things around and flat lie to your face. I don’t know how they sleep at night. I will do all I can to warn innocent people to avoid them, and hope to see KEL taken down. They built their firm on good publicity, and I say it’s about time that the truth (bad publicity) should be their downfall!
D  21st of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Here's a thought...yall stayed in your property longer...without making any mortgage payments thanks to KEL's involvement. Try shielding some of the responsibilty for not paying your bills, regardless of the reason, and quit blaming others for your misfortune. KEL has helped a tremondous amount of people. Just because a modification wasnt received doesnt mean that KEL failed. It means that the bank sucks and doesnt want to work with you and the firm. Why blame anyone but the bank for that??? Oh and another thing...read contracts before you sign them. 99% of the time it states that the representation is for 12 months, or longer, depending on the contract language. Don't blame anyone else because YOU didn't read that "not so fine print." Just a thought from a very satisfied client!!!
D  23rd of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
We did read the contract. In fact, KEL informed us about the 12 month limit, but they also said it would be resolved in well under a year (just another lie to add to the list). And when I asked about the "additional fees" sited in the contract, they told us that is only in VERY rare cases, but evidently not. They only stand to benefit by waiting a year, and then charging you again. It is clear that this is all they are actually doing. When we asked them to produce the evidence of all the work they had accomplished over the past year to modify our loan, they were unable to show us ANYTHING. That is proof that they lied when they told us (several times during that year) that they were working on the modification. Where is their motivation to modify a loan in under a year? We didn't hire them to live in our house for free, as you apparently did. We had different reasons. We lived in that house for years, and it could no longer meet our needs as our family grew. It was supposed to be a starter-home. They claimed they could do a modification, and yet didn't do it. And I don't blame the banks. Many people were involved in that real estate boom (flippers, real estate agents, banks, etc.). But the lawyers at KEL claimed they were the only ones working for us, AND the only ones who are capable of modifying loans. THEY LIED!!! My original assessment still stands true (as many others have also testified to as well). KEL SUCKS! I will be waiting to join the class-action suit, whenever that gets started.
A  28th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Like others KEL was a smooth firm... We met with Nathan Brown in their Tampa office, who advised us to default & not pay anything towards our loan. At the time of the intial meeting we were up to date with our loan. It's been about 1 year since we made our payment. We too pd them 2800.00 to do a supposed loan modification, Nathan assured us that it usually takes less than a year to get modified. Now we actually got a representative from BAC and all we needed was to submit the last 30 days in 10 days or our file would be closed . So KEL never called me, the only reason I found out was b/c I got a letter from BAC on day 7 of the 9 days to complete. So I called KEL & faxed all the paperwork to KEL. Then 3 days later I get a voicemail from BAC who tells me that due to the lack of the requested documents they had closed our file & would have to reapply. I called KEL & they told me that 3 of my 55 page faxes were too dark. You would think someone would have called me... So guess what NO EVER CALLED ME!!! I believe that since my contract was set to renew w/KEL in 4 days they did this on purpose to get more $ out of us. So know I have sat down w/ 2 different attorneys who have told me that really loan modifications really dont go through now a days, & that for an attorney to charge to submit your paperwork that you do yourself should be ashamed. SO now I'm going to try & pray for a miracle. Good Luck KEL should be more forth right!!!
A  29th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Please, please, please don't use this firm. They are not proactive on your behalf. They give you the run around. I was told to communicate through the portal. They took weeks to return my requests. They sat on my case for a year with nothing more than phone calls to the bank and then told me I had to pay another $3, 000 for them to continue. When I contacted Shane he told me he could get an extension but then 2 days before the contract was to end I got notification from Keith that they had done what they were supposed to do and fullfilled the contract. This company is a scam. They were banned from practicing bankruptcy law in the state of Florida. There's an article in the Orlando Sentinnel about it (Google it). If anyone knows of a class action suit against them for foreclosures or short sales, please email me at natamerap63@yahoo.com. I would like to join. They should not be allowed to continue to practice in the manner they are. They steal money and make promises the don't keep to people who are in dire need of guidance. What a con!
A  29th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
To KEL ROCKS: I, too, was told that the case would be complete in way under a year. This firm is not pro active. They got too big too fast and obviously don't care.
A  29th of Sep, 2011 by    +2 Votes
In complete agreement. Someone should stop the scams. I was told my case was extremely complicated as it involves my deceased parents and a trust. Why then would they assign a 20 something attorney to the case? In fact as you have stated, when I finally spoke with Tara, she did not know the facts of my case. It was the para legal who was doing whatever work they were doing. I had to do research over the internet and advise her of the law!

I will be sending a certified complaint to the managing partner of the Orlando office as advised by the FL State Bar Association. I was advised by the Bar Association that they clearly did not meet the standard of communication. Please refer to the FL Bar Association ehtic rule 4-1.4 to see they have violated each of the requirments under this rule.

Would love to see a class action lawsuit against this firm. Where do I sign up?
A  5th of Oct, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Re: KEL attorneys mortgage help Orlando...any info
My wife and I had been foreclosed on and the house had all ready been sold on the courthouse steps. This was not from a bank but with a private lender. There were a lot of complications through out the foreclosure. We saw a KEL Attorneys commercial on TV and decided to give them a call. They listened to our story, and said that we had 30 days after the sale on the courthouse steps to file a motion to set aside the judgement.We said ok and they told us to pay them $850.00 to get started and if they got a hearing we would pay $2, 000.00. We never did talk to the attorney they assigned us in Orlando, but they sent us a a letter with the date of our hearing.
I arrived at the courthouse about 30 minutes early, but no attorney showed up. The judge gave me 5 more minutes for my attorney to arrive, when I saw a man who looked lost. I asked him if he was from KEL, and he said that he was from Jacksonville and the attorney that was assigned the case had faxed him the info, and he didn't have chance to read it yet.
We went into the judges chambers, and when he asked my attorney to tell him why the judgement should be set aside, he didn't know what to say so I started to talk to refresh the judges's memory and he said " you can't talk you have representation". At that point the attorney said your honor kel just faxed me this case this morning and I don't know anything about it, so I will defer to my client, he knows what is going on. I told the judge what I thought the reason to set aside was, when the lender's attorney said that we didn't have 30 days from the sale on the courthouse steps, but 30 days from the judgement and wefiled to late. The judge said that was right. We lost and that was it.
Not only did Kel take our money after the time was up, but they sent an attorney who didn't even work for their law firm.
I am pursuing retribution and some kind of sanction by the Florida Bar now. If you know anybody who has been taken by them and want to get something going post it on this forum and I'm in. If any attorney is willing to get them in a class action suit contact me at makekelpay@hotmail.com
N  9th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
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