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Kaso medical Technology co., ltd is scam beware!!! I placed an order for mobile dental chair with this company Kaso medical Technology co., ltd. we agreed i would pay a total of 550usd for the chair and shipping by dhl to my country from China. We also agreed that it will be shipped the next day. After payment seller said it will take a week to send and i was angry after much talking it was sent in a week time but to my surprise seller said it went through air freight and it will take 5 days that i shouldn't worry. After two weeks instead of 5 days seller said it is still in the process of clearing that i will need to send extra money to pay the agent so it will be sent to my city which is different from the airport it will land. I had suspected fraud and opened a dispute on paypal which was the initial payment medium a week after the payment. Now 3wks wasted. After another two weeks paypal refunds my money but the seller now claims it has been cleared that i can come and collect it from the warehouse of the agent in the city where the airport is if i want to and that they are going to lose money if the decide to send it back. After much pleading i agreed to pay again but this time through aliexpress since i met them through alibaba and they wouldn’t get the money until i collect the package. I am to pay 500usd this time and the 50usd remaining would be for me to go get it myself. After payment seller says i should pay for clearing fee which sounded crazy since we just agreed before i paid. He finally agrees they will take care of the expenses. After waiting two extra days sellers says he is having problem with his agent that his agent is asking for more money. The bottom line is more money outside aliexpress paid to clearing agents account. Now 6weeks wasted on something that should take one week and my money trapped with aliexpress till it goes through all the protocols though i have cancelled the transaction. This company is fraud and never to be trusted. it was really a bad experience. I blame myself though for trusting them again Kaso medical technology co., ltd is scam beware!!!

Jan 17, 2015

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