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I read the previous complaint about Kall8 and how everyone tried to make the original person feel badly. I too was a customer of Kall8 and have ALL of my invoices to post with this complaint. Charlie411 is absolutely CORRECT with his/her complaint. and for the person posting they have a PI service, well it is against law to play in someones yard without permission! internet always gathering information to get revenge and NOT solve problems. customers have a right issue complaints, abusive companies such as Kall8 should be exposed.
With that, I also received spoof calls and faxes where i was charged for the service. I had not published the phone number just yet and my charges were very high. I kept thinking, where are all of these so called customers looking for me, always calling and can never reach me. I disputed some calls and later learned that the fax communication were kept on their server and visible to Kall8 at ANY TIME, even when you delete it, so the PI person would have lots of information to muck you up with in favor of Kall8. these companies rob us as we pursue our dreams of business ownership. bottom line, just use the old phone and fax methods...stop dealing with these online services. they learn to perfect a competing service in the industry you are in with YOUR information and failures. as to say, they learn my your mistakes...
Internet isnt safe for they track my IP when joining this form and know exactly where I am posting! waiting on the PI to deliver the goods, hun Kall8.
again, i have my invoices and all of the calls did not answer when I called back...the numbers were spoof. Guess the PI guy KNOWS that with all of his wisdom and "intelligence"

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Feb 26, 2016

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