Kaiser Permanentelack of care, rude service, misdiagnosed, ect.

I strongly advocate for never getting Kaiser Permanente health insurance. I do not think this organization is dedicated to offering the best healthcare, but the opposite.

My family switched to Kaiser six years ago and for the first four years I was relatively happy with the service we all received.

Obama Care happened; and this flooded the Kaiser medical facilities with new members. Kaiser did not bother to employ enough medical staff. The waits doubled, seeing specialist was a month or more for a appointment, and I felt like a number.

Their policies on chronic pain changed, and I was forced off Tylonel 3. It was horrible because I had not only painful extreme IBS, but also a severely herniated disk. Due to my stomach issues I cannot take motrin based medication for long term. So my doctor made me suffer in agony.

My son was treated badly in the ER, and misdiagnosed; by this heartless ER doctor. She actually screamed at my son who was barfing uncontrollably! I guess if you work as a doctor at Kaiser you must lack empathy and have a black hole where your heart should be.

The last ER visit I had two doctors examed and pressed hard on the left side where I was having horrible pain. It was because the doctors thought I was faking. After a CAT scan showed diverticulitis. They both felt stupid. I was not drug seeking.

My personal witch of a doctor decided to take some much needed medication for my stomach and herniated disk. She did not discuss this with me; nor are these narcotics! When some type of nodules were found on my lungs and liver; not in a CAT scan four months prior, my doctor showed no concern. She did not bother to set a appointment to ease my fears, she had her snarky nurse write me that I needed to have a CAT scan in a year, without explaining anything! You just find out there are these growths that developed suddenly; and her advice is to get a scan in a year. I adviced my doctor or her snarky nurse that if they could please send the results of the CAT scan via KP.Org, or at least the results for my new doctor to look over. She, of course, refused. WTF?! I bad results sent to me this way prior. So she was just a [censor].

I can go on and on. To when I was in agony and my doctor refused to contact me. How he became rude and distant? So I got a worse doctor who seemed nice amd turned into a total [censor]? I requested my medical records over a week ago; of course these recorda have not showed up. I have a doctor's appointment in a few days. F you Kaiser I hate you, and glad I will never have to deal with you again!

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    My family has been with Kaiser for six years. The last two have been horrible. I feel like a number, not a person. There is no individualized care. It is cookie cutter for everyone. Nor do I feel this health group have your best interest at heart. It seems the "healthcare" professionals are more concerned about protocols and the bottom line. The waits are long... If you need to make a appointment with a specialist it is a month or two.. If you have to sign in... It takes 20 minutes; ER is 8 hours plus.. Urgent Care is 4 hours plus. They need to hire more dam doctors for the influx of Obama patients!

    I live in Orange County and some of the Kaiser facilities are truly beautiful. But inside doctors truly do not care about you... You are a number on your Kaiser Card.

    Things started turning bad for me two years ago. My primary care doctor became cold and distant. He started asking me questions about what I was doing with my Tylonal 3. Such as if I sold it. It actually made me laugh because it was absurd. He was never warm with me after thaf visit. One time I was having what he calls a episode of IBS so bad I can barely walk. This was shortly after seeing him and taking steriods for a herinated disk. I figured that is what caused the episode to flare up. I called him daily for almost a week for help as he instructed me too. Finally I had no choice but to head to the ER. Than my doctor's nurse played these stupid games over the phone. I felt horrible and did not want to participate in childish games.

    My second doctor was okay, she also was a bit cold. She explained to me the drug protocols had changed, and I needed to not take that medication anymore. To be honest, I just went to a pain management clinic and paid cash for it. Or used natural remedy, also. Which I resented. Why does my husband pay for our dam insurance? But protocols are more important than my quality of life.

    Fast forward I was refused surgery for my herniated disk. Which has also made my life a living hell. I was not even given medication I could take on a regular basis. As Motrin based and STEROIDs disagree with my stomach. Kaiser did not care. The ER doctors did not care. My primary, nor the urgent care. My physical medicine doctor told me it should be healed by now. Guess what, it is not!

    I took my son barfing uncontrollably; and the doctor yelled at him, and did nothing for his pain and vomiting. She also misdiagnosed him. He actually has a serious condition. Where do these doctors get their degrees at Kaiser? Maybe in a Cracker Jack Box?!

    My doctor third doctor seemed really nice and at first I really liked her. Not towards the end. She took of medication I need for my stomach and herniated disk. These are not narcotic drugs. She did not discuess this with me, just decided to erase them off my record because she is a witch. Who does that?

    She also stopped medication I needed on a trip and refused to refill while I was on vacation on the otherside of the country. Real nice doctor!

    I was in agony one night and ended up in the ER. Two doctors pressed on my stomach where it was hurting badly. This is because I had the nerve to ask for pain medication. The doctor had a CAT scan and I have diverticulitis! It was very painful. They assumed I was drug seeking. I guess I proved that I truly was in pain.

    The CAT scan showed nodules growing inside my lungs and liver. I had a CAT scan four months earlier and these growths were not there. I found out from another doctor. The ER scheduled a appointment with a doctor without informing me. I happen to call the day prior to the appointment because I wanted a phone appointment with a doctor to explain what was wrong with me. As the paperwork and medication said two different things. The lady told me I have a appointment the next day. Nice of them to inform me!

    My doctor responded via that my nodules were of no concern, and I needed to have a scan done in a year. So three nodules developed in a four month period; and I should not be concerned?! I told her I wanted a CAT scan at four months. Which is what the medical board advices. Kaiser's cheap [censor] wants the Kaiser
    to kill you. Than they do not have to flip the medical bill if it is cancer.

    My doctor, or nurse was defensive and rude after that message. You find out something is wrong with your body. Your doctor is supposed to support you. Instead I get a few snarky replies back. When I asked for the results of the CAT scan via, after happily telling my doctor I would no longer be at Kaiser; and wanted the advice of my new doctor... She refused. I got a referral to Living Well a class in LA. As if she give a care about my well being. Or I would drive into LA for a class! She needs to take a class in bedside manners! It is obvious she has none.
    I went to the old doctor I had. She ordered all these test when sbe questioned me about my care. I went to the Kaiser office which handles records two weeks ago. Guess what, no medical records as of yet! Why should I be surprised! Thank you Kaiser for nothing you suck!

Jan 30, 2018

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