Kaiser Permanentebad treatment or lack of any

Sometime back I went to see urologists in Panorama City for my varicocele vein problem named the doctors name was Dr Rude Arrogance and was treated rudely by him. I went to see him because I was referred there by the ER for this varicosele vein problem which I still have. While in the room I was talked to with much disrespect and arrogance in a belittling fashion. While during my office visit he left the room for a short while gave me time to think about my bad treatment from him. When he came back I let him have it not accepting his rude treatment of me. After some words finally calmed down and apologized only then was he nice to me and more respectful. He only told me to take the ibupropen that he prescribed and to take warm baths which really didnt help and the pain med he gave me caused a problem for my liver.

Time goes on and my syptoms get worse and more pain and discomfort. So I make appointment with a new urologist not wanting to deal with the guy that was rude to me again. This time I get Dr Bad-Attitude. I get to see him wednesday morning at 7am 01-18-2017. He comes in the room and also starts talking to me in an unfriendly manner. He starts in by saying what are you here for and then he said sarcastically oh you are here for a second opinion. I came to get help not for a second opinion !

He examines me then talk about my symptoms. He then says excuse me and leaves my room for almost 10 minutes. This is where I think he goes and talk to Dr Rude Arrogance and asks questions about me that I am sure of. Of courese Dr Rude Arrogance is not going to say anything good about me because he and I had problems. So when Dr Bad Attitude comes back in the room his attitude is worse than before towards me.

He proceeds to tell me that I see you have been to the ER many times in tha past year and a half and most of your issues are pain related. I am no dummie and I know that he was incinuationg that maybe some of my issues are psychological. The reason i go to the ER is because the walk in clinic is not that good and many times I cannot even get in to see my primary thats why I went to the ER those times. The times I went to the ER also it was after hours or in the middle of the night or on the weekend when my problems happened. And I can assure you that all that is wrong in my body is real and not in my mind, check my records.

Now he then proceeds to tell me that he will not authorize any surgery for the varicosele vein problem just treat it with pain meds and take warm baths. He said that many surgeries do not work and make matters only worse. He also said do not do the surgery for the small hernia that I have. He then said to me oh and another reason I will not authorize the surgery is because if it does not work you will sue us for malpractice and we dont want that at all.

This guy blindsisded me with all this . It happened so fast that I did not have time to react the correct way to him. I just kind of agreed with him and said well then I wont get any surgeries. Meanwhile this pain I keep having is intense and increasing. What is wrong with the Urology dept that you have such rude and condescening doctors working in there that think they can be rude to the patients and accuse them of maybe going to sue Kaiser ?!? Never in my life have I been treated with such disrespect and rudeness. I have rights a patient to be treated fairly with courtesy and respect and compassion. There is no reason any patient who is sick should have to come to their Healthcare Organization and get treated with abuse.

So here I sit now at home writing this complaint and am still in pain and nothing was done about my problems. Am waiting to see the Urology department now in Woodland Hills but to be honest I have lost my of my faith in Kaiser to help me with any of my health issues. It rather funny they are all getting paid to do their job correctly but that is not happening. And they also forget that without their patients no money would be coming in that allows them to get their paychecks ! I filed a grievance at Member Services dept but to this date nothing seems to have been done. No letter sent to me m. like they said they would telling of the progress of my claim.

I also was told by another Kaiser employee that they keep records on the patients file and a rating of good, bad or complains a lot is right there on the computer screen for everyone to see. So as soon as you go to the doctor or the ER thats the first thing they do is pull up your computer file and look at it. So is not a wonder that after the doctors or nurses read that, that probably is why they treat the patient in a poor unprofessional manner. I can tell you one thing, I will NEVER go to the Urology dept in Panorama City ever again !!!

With this varicocele vein problem it allows blood to leak out and pool in that area and it becomes toxic. I am not sure but if that toxic blood somehow gets back into my bloodstream this alone could be very dangerous for my health. So I just sit at home and wait in all this pain and discomfort. Something could have been done about this many many weeks ago but was not.

Now when I contact member Services about the progress of my case complaint I get emails like this :

Hello James,
Thank you for your message to the website.
Please accept our apologies as we here in Member Services do not have
access to your complaint. We can only direct you to the assigned case
manager Rosana "Doesnt Care". Please contact your case manager at (909)
367-**** for further assistance in regards to the status of your
grievance filed on 1/23/17. Once your concerns are assigned, it is
solely the responsibility of the case manager that is assigned your
concerns to communicate any and all progress to you.

Thank you for being a valued member of Kaiser Permanente.
Apparently this assigned case handler is doing nothing as I just sit at home and wait as my condition and pain gets worse. Her name is : Rosana "Doesnt Care" ( assigned case
manager ). Ignoring me about all this is not going to make me go away.
I received another call from someone else in Member Services wanting to talk to me about this complaint. So after a week or more I finally call this person back. We discuss my claim and she said that 2 letters regarding this were sent to me. That is not true I never received one at all. I asked what the letters were about she said they say that concluded that the case is closed. Closed ???? How can my case be closed when nothing was done. So I also asked her about Kaiser putting it on our computer records file that we have complained. I told her that 2 kaiser employees told me this and this lady said they were lying lol. I said those employees have no reason to lie in my opinion it is Kaiser that is doing the lying. So to conclude my story nothing is being done about my complaint. Here I sit at home in more pain and discomfort while Kaiser laughs all the way to the bank. She did say that I can still go out to Woodland Hills Urology to be checked but I dont know anymore I have pretty lost faith is Kaiser to do anything at all for me because all my health issues that I have never get properly addressed. Live well and Thrive they say, what a joke !!!

Apr 22, 2017

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