JustAirTicket / They will not let me use my $1,230 credit without tacking on $650 in undisclosed fees and penalties!

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The worst scammers ever! In nov 2015, I purchased a trip to paris. A few weeks later, paris had numerous terrorist attacks. I immediately called them to cancel my flight to paris. The rep told me not to worry, he will issue me a "terrorism waiver" and they will hold my $1, 230 as a credit on united airlines, that I can use within 12 months. I said ok. Several months later, I called to use my $1, 230 credit. They then told me it was only valid for 'my' travel, not my husband and me. I said ok. They then said that it must be for international flights only, and if I do not travel to paris, they will impose a $300 "route change fee". Plus they are automatically imposing a $300 "date change fee" ($150 for each leg) because my original travel dates were in dec 2015. I rebutted that I was given a "terrorism waiver". The agent said I should've gotten all the terms and conditions in writing and not trusted what the rep on the phone had told me. I said they never emailed me any terms or conditions; they expressed empathy about my safety concerns and told me that the airlines were granting "terrorism waivers" for concerned travelers like myself. The rep then said I should have requested it in writing from them. They are such crooks! I now have an unusable credit of $1, 230 with this fly-by-night travel agency because they insist on tacking on at least another $600 in penalties, plus taxes, plus bogus fare differences they were quoting me. They never disclosed any of this when they offered me their worthless "terrorism waiver".In hindsight, I should've just disputed the $1, 230 on my credit card when I decided to cancel my flight due to serious safety concerns. Now, 11 months later, I am at the mercy of my credit card to credit me back for something I paid for (In full) 11 months prior. If I don't get my $1, 230 back, i'll take "just air travel" to court!!! Dealing with them has been a nightmare. Not only is their spoken english very difficult to understand, but they are scammers.

Nov 30, 2016

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