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Just Flowers / just flowers shorts your orders

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I own a florist and have had alot of problems with JUST FLOWERS sending orders to me. They like to call the orders to florist over the phone so if there is a complaint from the sender on the order JUST FLOWERS will claim the florist messed up. Why would there be a complaint? Here's why...What happens in reality is the customer orders a particular flower arrangement with a number, etc. Just Flowers calls the order to a florist and just describes the order over the phone and not in great detail, so the florist does not know all the specifics. The florist makes the order as JUST FLOWERS described it. If the customer complaints they did not get what they ordered JUST FLOWERS blames the florist and then cancels the order on the florist, while giving the customer a minor discount, etc. for the error. JUST FLOWERS then does not pay the florist. JUST FLOWERS can send the order to the florist electronically where there is no room for error, through FTD or bloomnet technolgy that florist use, but they refuse to. By sending in this fashion the form filled out ask for specific information and it is all documented so there is not any room for error. Funny they refuses to use something that will benefit everyone. They have the technology, but they refuse to use it. There is no other excuse for this other than they are trying to cover their behinds in the event of a problem and they can try and place the blame on someone besides themselves. I complained to FTD on JUST FLOWERS the other day and FTD reported that JUST FLOWERS has this type of complaint all the time and they are FAMOUS for it. JUST FLOWERS pulled this stunt on my store the other day with an order that went to a patient in the hospital. They wanted me to go and pick up the arrangement at the hospital and give the patient there a new arrangement, that should have been what the customer originally ordered, but JUST FLOWERS did not send to me, AT MY COST. They also suggested that I resell the order that had been sitting in the hospital room for two days to someone else. I told them they were unethical and nuts and wanted to speak with a supervisor. I was given the run around all day and spoke with idiots in their "customer service department" that was probably based in India. I spoke with the person that originally placed the order and JUST FLOWERS also gave them the run around all day. I told the customer to call their credit card company to tell them you are disputing the charge by JUST FLOWERS on your bill and that you are not obligated to pay for it as they did not send to the florist what they ordered. In fact, JUST FLOWERS sent me an order that was the base arrangement of what the customer had ordered and not the premium arrangement they had PAID FOR. NEVER USE THIS PLACE. JUST FLOWERS REALLY SHOULD STAND FOR JUST GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR FLOWERS. ALWAYS ORDER FROM A LOCAL FLORIST. YOU CAN GOOGLE THEM EASILY BY SIMPLY TYPING IN: FLORIST, NAME OF TOWN, STATE IN A GOOGLE, YAHOO, ETC. SEARCH.

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      5th of Mar, 2010
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    FLORISTS...ban together and refuse to take orders over the phone from Just flowers! They can wire the orders but would rather save the sending fee and take up your valuable time, and if the order is wrong, you have no proff that it was their mistake. We DO NOT take phone orders from Just Flowers for this reason. a local florist to send your order and save yourself the extra charges and get an arrangement that is filled to it's full value

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