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I spoke with Robin at who solicited me to post a job with her organization. She specifically stated that the job would be shown on their site based on posting date. I went ahead with the job posting. I received an email from Robin stating the job had been posted. When I searched for it, it did not appear to show up. I emailed Robin at 3:37 pm on 10/21 and she did not respond. I then called her at 9am on 10/22 and she transferred me to the customer service department trying to avoid the issue. In speaking to customer service I was advised that my job was posted by 'class' and that is why it showed up on page 6 with other jobs over a month old and that is the reason I couldn't even locate it. I immediately asked for a refund and they refused saying the job had already been posted, even though it was posted under misleading circumstances and only for a matter of hours!

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  • Pa
      6th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes IS THE SCAM!!!
    ********** (646)520-0695 *********

    STAY AWAY!!!

  • Da
      8th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I was looking for work on Craigslist, and their new website is When you click on that website cover, then you get to the website.

  • Je
      7th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree. When it became clear that there is a fee for this and a fee for that, etc., etc., I stopped right there.

  • Ni
      10th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I submitted my resume information on kept trying to get me complete education information after I kept clicking "no thank you"

    After I completed my registration information, I went to apply for a position and it came up with more education information and I a request to redo my resume! Which I shouldn't because I had to add a resume inorder to complete the it kept asking what year I graduated from college...which is very suspicious!!!~


  • Mi
      14th of Jan, 2010
    +2 Votes

    It seems like every job on craigslist is a scam these days. A tip to all: if it is a real job, you will not be directed to a website, the recruiter will contact you directly. These "online" ads try to get personal info for identity theft.

  • El
      20th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I foolishly set up an account with and I'm getting all sorts of spam and unwanted phone calls and text messages. No jobs though. Here is their recent post on craigslist - A new high energy wine-focused modern trattoria in the heart of Seattle, is looking for candidates for all positions (all full time, lunch or dinner, and weekends).
    * linecooks
    * prep cooks
    * dishwashers
    * servers
    * bussers
    * food runners
    * hosts
    * am cashiers

    (All applicants should be able to lift 50 lbs to qualify)

    How to proceed: Apply online at: Job Opportunities

    We are scheduled to open during the week of FEB 20.
    We also will be providing training which will start Monday, January 25, and it will last 2 weeks.

    Turns out to be b.s., no such restaurant, was taken from 'How to proceed: Apply online at: Job Opportunities' to website, go figure.

  • La
      24th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes


  • Df
      30th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I wish I never signed up to look for work on their website.

  • Ch
      2nd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Worst company on the planet, seriously. If they get a hold of your phone number they will blow it up 4 times a day until you either change your phone number or sign up for their service. I was searching for jobs on and I somehow got linked to their site, and thought I was filling out an app for a specific job. Turns out the job was fake and the only thing that was real was the hourly call from india asking me to sign up for there resume posting service. With every call I requested to be taken off their list and that I do not ever want to receive calls from them. 10 minutes later, another call. I then proceeded to change my account with them to a fake profane name, address, phone and email in hopes that they would leave me alone. There is no reason to ever use this company or website for any service whatsoever.

  • Ti
      20th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    They sell your info and prey on ppl looking for work shame on you.. as if it isn't tough enough right now to find a job over qualified under, too young to old type to slow.. what a waste of time...urrrgggg Sad thing they are not the only ones doing it.. Beware for real.

  • Fe
      22nd of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    IMHO is a "parasite" job site with no original content. They seem to take real job leads from one job board, then post this lead on another board, directing the original job application link to point to Job.Com. This forces you to register with before they forward you to the actual job board/site, which is usually JobFox. Once you get to JobFox or whatever, you have to register again there.

    It gets better - I believe that Job.Com has no jobs. Instead they have spiders that sweep other job boards for their jobs. Then re-formats that information and places it on their board, with a link to the real job site (like JobFox). Every job that you select from their site forwards you to another job board. All of their impressive statistics about how many jobs they offer is simply a count of the number of jobs that their spiders have scavenged from other sources.

    And no, they will not unregister you or delete your account.

    The company SpiderMount sells a "Job Spider" that does just this - it is called "Job Wrapping" and "Job Scraping". is owned by eNom - "domain reseller registrar". Two of their products are the "eNom API" and "Instand Reseller". eNom API allows the user to "Integrate into an existing site". It "seamlessly integrates with 3rd party merchant account/billing tools, hosting/email tools, and other value-added services.". Instant Reseller will "start earning revenue by driving customers to your very own white labeled storefront ".

    It appears to me that has "integrated" into other job sites such as JobFox where they start "driving customers" (job seekers) to, where they "resell" the jobs that they find there.

    eNom is owned by Demand Media.

  • Gr
      27th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    yeah is CRAP! Too many sales and scam jobs out there... in THIS economy! It's really quite sad. :(

  • Rb
      10th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hmm...I thought of applying for a job posted at but not after reading all these comments. The job sounded too good to be true.

  • T4
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Do not use!!! I signed up and now I keep getting calls from my "career advisor" in India and she keeps calling back even though I say I am not interested. I'm pretty sure she is trying to get as much info on me as she can before she asks me to sign up for the "upgrade". I'm really upset that I did this I changed all my info on the site to bogus names and numbers because they won't delete my account! STAY AWAY!

  • Ss
      8th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes is very bogus indeed. I signed up there in 2008 and have recieved a "job search" e-mail every day for two years. Thing is you have to watch for the little check boxes with all the "fun" things in them like: "YES! sign me up for a career advisor", or "Yes! I want to know more about furthering my education." That's the only way I've avoided calls, also...they want you to 'Upgrade' for a job board? Screw you. I've been laid off for almost a year and it's hard enough to find a job without these [censor] coming after you! So yes, is total and utter garbage.

  • El
      20th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes is A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. Too much infomercial only to gather your information. Watch for all those solicitation in your email box after sending your information to them. I WILL DELETE THEM IN MY EMAIL BOX AND HOPED FOR THEM TO STAY AWAY... I JUST DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO BE AGREVATED BY THEIR ACTIVITIES.

  • Kb
      9th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Thanks everyone. I never reply to a craigslist job directly anymore w/out first checking to see if it is a scam. Any potential employers who as you to do the above, submit for an "IQ" test and the more obvious ruses are always scams. Craigslist is no longer a good place to look for work; unless they list a local addy or number, stay away.

  • Sh
      31st of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I often see "" posting jobs and this is nothing more than a SCAM. I went online and filled out all of the information, uploaded my resume and answered ALL of their questions and it was a TOTAL waste of my time. I figured it was a scam when they kept asking repeatedly: "Are you interested in furthering your education?" Like, hello? I HAVE AN EDUCATION and I'm looking for a job!! These types of shady organizations should be wiped off the map! They take advantage of people who are looking for work, and they offer NOTHING. Amazing what these losers get away with! I had to type in my information 2 or 3's just a marketing scam, trying to get people to sign up for information on schooling, is all. Joke is on THEM!!

  • Be
      23rd of Apr, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Yeah it wouldnt let me delete my account so I changed to all false info. Never got an e-mail or phone call since. Everyone go in and edit your accounts... Fake name (like, Yoursiteisa Scam), give cartoon characters addresses (simpsons, family guy) put in a phone number to either their number or to prank voicemail # (like ...etc.) alter your resume, so that if it does get posted, it says " is a Scam" and change Email to ...let them get flooded with their own crap emails.

  • Bl
      12th of May, 2011
    -2 Votes

    Well...if there is a site with a generic name like then most likely it's a scam. Use your head people. Don't be lazy and hit the bricks to get a job. Maybe that's why all ya'll are unemployed. Too lazy to look for work.

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