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Jim Laabs Music / Rip Off

3 Main StreetStevens Point, WI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 715-341-1666

If you wish to buy a musical instrument online, avoid at all cost. I was looking for a cornet (a small
trumpet) and I found their web site where they sell trumpets and cornets "made by Schiller, Frankfurt, Germany", at interesting prices.
I bought a new Schiller trumper cornet for $ 252.00 plus shipping, and when I received the instruments I was incredibly disappointed.
The bell of the trumpet was as thin as a can of baked beans. The intonation was off. The trumpet's nouthpiece was unplayable. In summary, a real piece of junk. I did some research and finally discovered that the original "Schiller Music, Franklfurt, Germany" Company does not exists anymore, the rights to use its name have been bought by a Chinese entrepreneur who builds junk instruments in China and brand them "Schiller, Frankfurt, Germany" in order to rip off poor customers (like me) who are so stupid to trust the name written on a product. I wrote several e-mails to Jimlaabsmusic, both trough their web mail and using their personal e-mail address, and got no answer at all. Finally, after several attempts, I managed to talk on the phone to some rude guy who told me that they do not accept returns on what they sell, and then shut down the phone. By the way, They DO NOT MENTION that they have a NO RETURN policy neither on their web site, nor on the phone.
So I am stuck with this piece of junk and I have lost hundreds of dollars.,
I am posting this complain hoping, at least, to save some other potential customers from the same rip off. Thanks

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  • Mu
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    I am so glad the word is finally getting out about these jerks. They ripped my off when buying a trumpet from them in 1998. I thought I was getting certain model and they sent me something different. I called to let them know and Mr. Troy Labbs indignantly and condescendingly said "Oh Jesus Christ, did you play the horn? Did you like it?" I guess he was trying to imply that I should just shut up and keep it even though it wasn't the one for which I paid them. After a little back and forth, and him complaining about the 30 minutes we spent on the phone when I was considering purchasing the horn he probably didn't even have, I asked if they were a legitimate business and his response was "Are you a legitimate customer? He then sighed and screamed "oh hold on!" I thought he was going to hang up on me, but he came back and calmly said that I was right and they made a mistake. He said he'd send me a UPS call tag for the shipping. I asked him for the number and he told me there was no number. That's when I knew I was screwed. I used to work for UPS and know they don't do anything without a number. So, I reported them to the Wisconsin BBB and received a copy of my complaint stating that they would investigate. A follow up came months later, containing a signed statement by Mr. Jim Labbs himself, saying that "... we even sent him a call tag..." Well, it's 2009 and I'm still waiting for it. How they continue to operate employing despicable, disgraceful, deceptive and downright BAD business practices is unbelievable. I also read somewhere that they have ripped of lots of people through Ebay, but you wouldn't know it because they routinely comment positively on their own listings that they "appear" to sell in order to make it look like they have legions of satisfied customers. They have also been banned from Paypal. Please spread the word far and wide about these clowns. In short, they don't deserve anyone's business.

  • Bo
      14th of Sep, 2010
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    I feel sorry for you but thank you for letting us know! I contacted them serveral times before because I was interested in buying a piano. And their price seems unbelievably good. So I was suspecious and didn't make my move. And now I'm serching for an intrument again and I have the same feeling that maybe I shouldn't go ahead and do business with them. (I did talk to a nice polite guy back a few years ago in the Minnesota store though...) Anyway, I'm glad that I check about the complaints of a company before I buy from them...

  • Ch
      15th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Jim Laab's (also known as Jim Slob's) is by far the worst music store I have ever seen.

    As a guitar player for the past 10 years, I haven't seen premier guitars treated so badly. They not only do they expect to get FULL retail prices, but they leave them out drying and cracking away, many for months, if not years at a time. Yes, they do have a humidifier under their guitar "showcase", but PLEASE, only consider purchasing a guitar that is sealed off within their own humid room, or directly from the factory.

    Another problem is their guitar strings. They advertise "60%" off, but still charge you $9 a pack. Honestly, a good music store will charge you around the $5.00 range.

    Jim Slobs stinks. And from the looks of other reviews, it appears others do too.

  • Fa
      8th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I've just ordered a Holton Trumpet and given them my credit card details and now I'm reading all of these horror stories!
    Troy Laabs was pretty persistent about trying to get me to change my order and get a Schillers instead., so thankyou Gerardo Pavone for the warning given above. I've just cancelled my credit card and sent Jim Laabs email notification of cancellation of my order. I don't know if I'm too late now and I live in Australia, so it would be hard for me to pursue a complaint.

  • Sh
      18th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    I just ordered a piano bench from Jim Laabs Music, and I had a great experience--high quality merchandise, prompt delivery, helpful and courteous customer service. I feel the strong need to post a counter-message to these very negative reviews, because this site is one of the ones I looked at before deciding to order. I was in need of a piano bench. Laabs Music has a "house brand" artist bench (the Frederick) that got a very good and enthusiastic evaluation from several people at the Piano World forums. After several days of searching around, I decided to place an online order for it on Monday of this week. Later on in the day I got a voicemail from a gentleman at Laabs Music. Having read these comments trashing Laabs Music's customer service, I was worried. But when I returned the call on Tuesday morning, the gentleman in the piano department very courteously told me that the finish I had ordered, ebony satin, was out of stock. He offered the ebony polish finish instead. I said that would be fine. Today is Thursday, and the bench I ordered on Monday arrived in the Washington DC suburbs exactly as ordered. I would have no problem doing business with Jim Laabs Music again in the future.

  • Re
      26th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes

    I purchased a Schiller pocket trumpet in 2016 from Jim Laabs Music. My experience was positive. I even traded in another new instrument that I was not satisfied with and was given a very good trade price. The entire transaction cold not have been handled any better. I'm surprised at the horror stories that I read on here.

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