Jiffy Lube Internationaloil change

On November 24th at Ohio river boulevard Edgeworth PA 15143 Jiffy Lube #1447 I received horrible customer service by the manager of the store he mocked my branch of Service because I was in a marine all because I asked if there was a military discount. After I returned to my car I saw that there was a huge water stain on the passenger seat That wasn't there before. I walked back in the store and told the manager they tried to clean it but made it worse Leaving dirt stains on my seat from the vacuum After they did everything they said they could I drove off After I got about a 1/2 a mile away I try to open my glove Box and it falls off the hinges.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Sewickley, PA I drove back and talk to the manager again and asked him why this happened I explained to him I was trying to be civil but I feel they should ask if the customer once their car cleaned out in the 1st place before they have workers covered in grease crawling all over the inside of their vehicles. I might be young but I believe in the old school Motto The customer is always right. I was treated with nothing but disrespect from the manager at this Jiffy Lube I also use this car to drive lyft Saturday night is my busiest night now I can't do my job correctly with a soaking wet passenger seat. The entire time the manager kept trying to walk away from me As I was trying to resolve the situation peacefully. I usually get my Well changed at Walmart I expect something like this to happen at Walmart not Jiffy Lube. This is embarrassing For a company that prides himself on being the best. This is Chris Barth and i hope you will make this right.

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