Jeuliablaming usps when it hasn't even shipped yet

I ordered a ring for my wife on December 18. The website said it would arrive in time for Christmas. When checking out, it never said I needed to pay for expedited shipping in order for it to arrive on time. I even received an email with the shipping details the same day I ordered it. ... I was shocked when it said China! I contacted the company through their online chat. They said the item would not arrive before Christmas because I only selected free shipping which takes 9-25 days. I asked why they advertised it would when I purchased it? They just kept repeating to wait.

After January 1, I contacted the online chat again. The tracking showed the item was still in the "accepted" mode with no movement. They told me it was delayed by US customs and to wait a few days. A week later, same thing. Today, Jan 11, I received the same response. I called them out on it and said to PROVE it was in the US and stuck in customs delayed by the USPS. I threatened to contact USPS, the BBB and my credit card company to report fraud if they could not prove it. I was then told it was stuck in China in their customs. WHAT??? Are you serious?

This company is a sham. They create tracking numbers that are not traceable, lie to you that it has actually been shipped, blame USPS for the delay (check all the responses here from the company), blame US customs, them blame China customs when pushed. I will be forwarding all m correspondence with them to the appropriate authorities.

Jan 11, 2017

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