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Jay's Auto Transport / Worst Service EVER

1 7860 NW 50th Street #203Lauderhill, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (954) 709-7541

Jay's Auto Transport is THE worst car shipping company I've ever had to deal with in my life! Worst service I've ever experienced from any company in the world...

I frequently use vehicle shipping companies, as I buy and sell automobiles quite regularly. I've had some bad experiences with other companies, but Jay's Auto Transport takes the FAR.

Here's my reviews of Jay's Auto Transport:

1. I was told that it would take 1 week to ship my 2012 Ford Mustang. It ended up taking 2 months.

2. The car came back with scratches and dents all over (oh yeah, the drivers side mirror was all the way detached from the car, and missing). Jay's Auto Transport refused to give me any kind of compensation for this.

3. The service was just plain bad. My calls frequently wouldn't be answered, my messages weren't returned. They were definitely trying their best to avoid me. This straight ticked me off!

Buyer beware!!! This company will sweet talk you and do whatever they need to do in order to get your money. After you pay, it's all downhill from there. The owner is a huge ### as well, he really sounds like a belligerent drunk. Must steal peoples hard earned money and then spend it on cheap whiskey.

I strongly advise against anybody doing business with Jay's Auto Transport.

Jay's Auto Transport

Apr 25, 2013
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  • Wh
      29th of Apr, 2013
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    On all my orders there is an inspection on pickup and another on delivery. If there was a scratch upon delivery... why not get a bill of lading showing it? This guy is full of crap or this is a fake review. Either way... I moved over 4, 000 cars and it's hard to find more than a few complaints about my company on line. Not bad.
    I think this is a fake review... if it is real... it's totally the customers fault as I train each customer to make sure before they pay to get a receipt showing the condition (common sense really). This complaint doesn't make any sense to me at all.

  • Wh
      29th of Apr, 2013
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    This complaint doesn't make sense... who would wait for two months for any company to provide service that was suppose to be done in a week.

    Definitely a fake complaint. Look at my reviews throughout the internet.
    This is probably from a competitor using a fake log in.
    When nothing needs to be proved... does a complaint board really make sense?
    No credibility.
    Now if you go to those reviews are real. Complaints are verified and proof needs to be provided. Competitors can't post fake reviews like they can here. This is non-sense.

  • Ca
      18th of Mar, 2016
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    SCAM!! he is dishonest I was interested in going with him but he put me through the ringer with questions and demands all of this after switching the price on me !!! The review before mine has it right. To top it off he hides all his reviews, I am attempting to review him on different sites and he has hid both!! please research him and his company thoroughly you will be shocked at what you find!

  • Wh
      20th of Mar, 2016
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    I did my research... the only sites where Jay's Auto Transport has a negative review are sites that allow his competitors to go in and trash his company. Sites that do not check the validity of a review. Sites that don't even check to see if there was ever a contract for service (like this site). I strongly disagree with sites like this one that allow the trashing of American business without proof. Do you want to know why so many American's are on welfare and food stamps? Sites like this one that put hard working business people out of business. Do your research on, [redacted].com and Yelp. Look at how many times they have been sued for allowing competitors to post false and misleading reviews about highly rated businesses throughout the country. It's a shame the U.S. Justice Department doesn't step in and shut these sites down. They claim "free speech"... total crap... it's slander and it is given a platform that can shut a business down in no time. Go to a legitimate honest review site that checks the validity of reviews and you'll see the true value of a company. Go to the Better Business Bureau and Jay has an A+ Rating for six years running. Do you know how many cars that is? Over 13, 000 cars and only 3 complaints. That's outstanding work and very consistent work. Don't trust competitors reviews posted on illegitimate websites like this one.

  • Ca
      21st of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    The guy before me is Jay, he is the "owner " posing as a customer...deceitful yet again! this guy is the worst!!! DO NOT BELIEVE HIM!!


    You have been acting like a spoiled rotten child that screams and cries when she doesn't get her way. So much so that I think you will never stop. You are sick. You don't understand the power of the internet and the role it takes on a business. The reason some of your reviews are not posted is because they see I never harmed you at all. We never had a contract. Unfortunately that didn't convince you of the truth. That you have no right to slander me for turning you down.

    Good luck on your next job interview. Pray they don't do a background check on you that includes even a simple Google search on your name. Pray that doesn't happen. You will not get the job. Trust me. You have trashed my company on the internet. Something that can't be taken back. You have lied about me and the way you were treated.

    Threaten me with your family and more reviews... threaten me with more lies and craziness. I have no choice now but to strike back and defend my A+ rating with the BBB and my 5 out of 5 Star Rating on I have worked very hard to achieve these ratings by never over promising and under delivering. When someone demands something that can't be done I turn down the business and let someone else take it. Nobody else complains when I tell them I can't help them. When I tell them my services are not able to meet your last minute demands especially when you can't call me to confirm anything before I send out a $130, 000 truck to your location. I can't serve a customer that gives me a wrong number in Miami where nobody has heard of you. I can't ask a truck driver to reach a woman that is deaf? But you don't mention that mistake in your reviews. You just lie. I can't price something and change the price when the demands get harder and harder? I have a right to change the price. You don't mention that your original quote came piece meal in an email? When I asked more questions you took 4 hours to get me some of the answers and you continued to ignore the questions that I needed answered before helping you. You don't mention that in your reviews. Then you try to extort money out of my company.

    You have trashed my reputation on line. I think I should warn the public about you and your extortionist ways of getting money out of business owners. Demanding to the Better Business Bureau that I owe you anything when we never had a contract and I never took your money shows how truly stupid and dangerous you are and why people need to be warned about you before they enter into a contract with you... employment contract or a business contract. I'm glad I didn't and look at how much you have cost me already. Now you threaten me with your family?

    I say bring it on. I have your picture from your Yelp review and can easily post your picture every day in a review that will appear on the internet and come up each and every time someone Googles your name. You are young. I am almost retired. Who will suffer more if I go on the attack? I've been nice so far but I see I've been too nice. Remember, I turned you down and said I can't help you... you went nuts and couldn't handle that... now I am paying for your outlandish behavior. You won't stop threatening me. You are forcing my hand. I'm sorry you won't back off. I'm sorry you are not getting better advice from your family and advisors that should be telling you that I have a right to decline an offer to move a car.

    You force my hand. I must fight back.

    Remember, I own a business... I'm an extremely hard worker, I am diligent and have an extremely strong work ethic. When I put my mind to something I get it done. If I focus my effort on trashing your reputation on line for your behavior toward me and my company I will get it done. You will suffer. Once done it is done. I invite any lawsuit that says I don't have a right to defend my honor. Remember - freedom of speech. You want to say whatever you want (like you have already done)... I get to do the same.

    I have your picture from the Yelp review profile you have on line. I will include your picture with each of my reviews of you and your outlandish behavior. I hope that one great job after another turns you down when they see what a crazy extortionist you are through my reviews of you on line. How much will that cost you? I will only tell the truth what really happened. That's all I need to do in order to show people how crazy you are and why you should be avoided.

    Keep it up. I sit in front of a computer all day. I'll make it happen. Get your family involved as you have threatened. I'll trash them too. Who do you think you are lady? I'm not backing down.

    You want a war. You got it. Let the fun begin. What you don't realize is 90 percent of my business comes from current customers that already know how good my services are and how reliable I perform. It's the principle of the matter. Slander me on line. I get to do the same. That is the beauty of the internet.

    For each new review I see on the internet about me I will put 100 on the internet about you. For each new review I see posted by your family members... I will put 100 reviews about them and 100 more about you! 200 reviews for each lie you post about me on the internet.

    Wanna play? Still want to extort me? Bring it on ###. For less than $300 bucks I can change my business name and phone number and leave you in the dust. That is cheaper than hiring an attorney to sue you for slander. You'll never find me again. Your reputation will be trashed for life! You like to play on the internet? When the company you work for posts a review about a new employee hired I will trash that company. I will be ruthless like you have been ruthless. I will continue this trashing of you because you are wrong. I am right. I have a right to turn down business without having to receive negative reviews when my services don't match your request. Take a business course lady. Learn something. Talk to people smarter than you. Stop trying to get by on your looks. Looks only go so far. Reputation is everything. You trash my reputation for turning you down... I get to trash you for being an ###.



    Call me now and apologize or I swear I will make your name mud and your life hell for what you have done to me already with out cause or justification. I have a right to defend myself and I will.

  • Ca
      31st of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    Jay is a liar! Do not trust him ever! he badmouths other companies and ruins their reputations!

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