Java Learning Center / Irregular classes, poor management

bangalore, India
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If you wish to join JAVA LEARNING CENTER, bangalore, Hyderabad then let me tell you my friend you need think twice. Believe me you will literally cry if you join JLC The day FRAMEWORKS class starts TRUST ME it is the day when your miserable life at JLC starts. On every alternate day classes will remain suspended for reasons unkown . If you will ask for the reason they will give you a lame excuse sir is not feeling well. They will say entire course duration is 6 months but it is just a myth. they will take 10+ months to complete the course. I joined JLC in JULY 2013 and now it is APRIL 2014 (10months) but the course is no where near to finish. STRUTS, SPRING, EJB, WEB-SERVICES, RMI, Design Patterns which are crucial topics are yet to be covered . I don't want you to face the same problem which I am facing right now at JLC. Please THINK TWICE before joining JLC.

Apr 26, 2014

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