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Kr Jan 15, 2015
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Phone: 1 800 237 3901

I am absolutely amazed that iYogi could have any positive reviews whatsoever. Please keep in mind that this company is based in another country. Not in the United States. You DO NOT want to try your machine to a company that pays its employees $1.00 per hour to look at your personal documents, pictures and potentially confidential information (taxes, financials, etc.)

My horror store with iYogi really starts two years ago when I contacted McAfee to get some help uninstalling their product from my computer. I was receiving error messages and wanted to cancel it. An iYogi Technician impersonating McAfee spoke to me and convinced me to let him into my computer to help remove McAfee. They actually removed it and installed their own Total Defense software.

It made me feel trapped into purchasing their program for $300. Like I was coerced and forced into buying this product that would make my computer work faster, better and have fewer problems.

It turned out to be a nightmare. A packaged and wrapped box of lies. For two years I had nothing but issues with my computer. Constant freezing, virus scares (turns out they never cleaned the computer right the first time, ) and other issues with the machine.

The worst mistake you can ever make is hiring an overseas company or someone that is not knowledgeable on your issues to work on your machine. In order to get this debacle repaired, I did end up locating a company, - from a customer on these threads. They described the service they had gotten was from someone who spoke English, and was able to remove the iYogi junk and clean up the original trouble areas.

To be completely honest, I was a little apprehensive about calling another company, but after talking to two of the techs there, they definitely were the guys I wanted to clean my computer. My tech guy explained that they get calls from people whom have hired these types of companies before and have nothing but issues with their computers. They connected to my machine and fixed it within a matter of hours. They showed me the log reports of where iYogi screwed up.

The MOST IMPORTANT part of this, is that my technician at safepcfix was able to get the remainder of the money refunded back to my card. It took a few weeks, but they did that for me. They were able to get me squared away, get the computer fixed (instead of buying a new one.)

So, in summation, DO NOT hire iyogi to work on your computer. Find someone else that you can trust first and foremost. If iYogi has touched your computer, there are definitely problems with it that need to be addressed.

iYogi Technical Support Services

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