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Everyone - Beware. This company tells you everything you need to make lots of money on the internet. They target people who are older or have lost their jobs. They tell you they want to make you their "success story" but don't believe them. They only want your money. They charge different prices for different people based on how much credit you have available. They will tell you that you are very teachable and make you feel like you can be successful, but the program is confusing and difficult. They also go by the name of Fortune Learning systems, ICI Success, and the newest one which is Apply Knowledge Institute. Believe me when I tell you this is not a program you will want to do. Take a look at all the complaints on the Complaint Board.

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  • Al
      Mar 08, 2011

    I agree 100%. I feel for some of these people when they have spent thousands of dollars, I guess I should say ripped off for thousands of dollars. I only lost a couple of hundred dollars. I signed up for this Auction Job Finder program and paid the dues. A Bob Watson at [protected] called me a couple of days later and said that he would be there to provide a personal coach and they would be calling me in a couple of days. Well that was 2 months ago. Funny thing when I read all of the info on the internet and listened to the video done by this Catherine Thomas (Google Catherine Thomas scam). I do not know how this package I purchased ended up with ICI Success and Bob Watson at Ivy Capital. Because I asked him when he called if he knew Catherine Thomas and he said no. Maybe and maybe not, BS. There web site is now debunked and all of the phone number I have all lead to nobody home. At the Bob Watsons [protected] number the message says to send an email to [protected] I have done that today but who knows, that is probably BS too. It is too bad these idiots don’t think long term and get a real profession and make some residual income instead of making a gob from some poor suckers like us then leave town to hide.
    I already have a very honest networking business that I have been working on for many years so I think I will get back to the long term thinking myself and work harder on what I already have. The company I am working with has been around for 52 years making awesome products, and my support group has been around for almost 40 years so I think I will stick with them.
    Thanks and good luck:

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