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I was co-erced out of $ 2500 of money I did not have.
I wanted to start up an online business and did not know the cost of doing so. They find out how much credit is available to you, then coincidentally, that is exactly how much the fee is. They verbally guarantee that you will make the money back within 3 months but it does not happen. They offer very little support, and I have read many complaints about this company.
They are very good at what they do which is scam people out of their hard earned money.


  • Pa
    Paul Mar 08, 2009

    Hello To all Involved,

    My name is Paul and i am writing this letter in response to the overwhelming complaints upon IVY CAPITAL INC. I firmly agree with you all upon the fact that this is a scam and needs to be dealt with 100% and now. These people pray on people like us and take every dime they can and it needs to stop NOW. I believe that all parties involved should file a class action lawsuit against IVY CAPITAL and any if any of there subsidiary companies. If in fact you believe this to be true please feel free to email me and expain your story. I have tried phone calls and emails ECT. I am now in the process of writing a letter to them and have talked to my credit card company about them being a scam/fraud and scamming me. If all else fails i will be filling a suit against them and will take them down finacially. Like i said I live here in michigan and am just like you. Send me your emails and if your interested lets keep the ball rolling and get all our money's back.
    my email is [email protected] put in the subject "fraud story."

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  • La
    Larry M. Mar 17, 2009

    I couldn't agree more with Paul. I too was taken by these scam artists. They call you on the phone, tell you to call your credit card companies to get the available balances. Then as Paul stated, the fee's they want to charge are just within pennies of the balance on your cards. Which in my case was $8000.00 They then promise to set you up with a coach, have you do a couple of webinars, which by the way, they tell you that you have to build your own website, find and market your own products, and they...for all the money you gave them...will coach you to succes. So they say??? I got suspicious about everything and called them within the 72 hours they stated for a refund. Oddly...no one ever ansewred the phone, or returned my calls for over a week. To date, I signed up on March 9 2009, I have placed over 43 phone calls to get in touch with someone to get a refund. Spoke to a lady named Diana, who is supposed to be in charge of refunds. She instead, turns me over to a lady named Kelsey, who all she does is promise to speak to Diana and get back to you. That was 6 days and 39 phone calls ago. When I call the 888-514-6020 ext. 433 all I ever get is a voice mail. I then call the 888-514-6020 and let the receptionist answer the phone...AMAZINGLY...everyone you want to speak to, including all of the supervisors...is out to lunch!!! At 9:30 a.m. in the morning!!! The only person to call me was a man named Mark, who is in charge of the business development. He wanted to fleese me out of another $5300.00 for setting my 'business' up in Nevada, which you can do yourself for a few hundred as opposed for several thousand. So, in the end, STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM THIS COMPANY!!! BTW, I was told today that someone will call me tomorrow about my refund...right??? Can we all say "Class Action Lawsuit!!!" Larry Miller, Puyallup WA.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Mar 18, 2009

    I hear ya...and had my dad consulted myself or my brother prior to handing over thousands of dollars we would have done all we could to convince him NOT TO DO THIS!!! It's unbelievable to me that people actually give their money to people like this, but I guess when you are of retirement age, layed-off and lost all your money you invested in 401k all these years you become pretty desperate to make money and will do just about anything! It's disgusting that people prey upon vulnerable people like this!

    My father just gave the money in the past few weeks, I will continue to check back on here for information concerning this class action lawsuit as I am certain he will be needing it.
    Catherine, FL

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  • Lg
    lgiford Mar 20, 2009

    I also got scammed by this company. They told me it was called Vianet Training. I am still trying to work with any live person. Still only get voice mails! I will stay in touch with all of you to stop these people. I also live in Mich.

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  • Na
    Nancy Mar 21, 2009

    I too was scammed. My situation started because I signed up with makemoneytakingsurveys.org and then the phone calls started about 2 weeks later from about 5 different #'s and names on my caller id. When I finally talked to someone they were asking me about the program I purchased which was the survey program. I thought, OK, great.Well it had nothing to do with surveys! To make a long story shorter I too was taken for the $915. All these companies are ran by the same person, this Mark Jenney. The companies that have called me and seem to all have the same return Phone # are ICI Coaching which apparently I had purchased the Lauren Mitchell course? Also Ivy Capital has been calling and like I said leaving the same call back # and of course no one is ever at their phone. I had called the next day to cancel because I did not submit the finance contract. My red flag finally went up at that point. I wish it would have gone up sooner. I really feel like an idiot but they do know exctly how to play you.

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  • Te
    Teddy Mar 29, 2009

    To help others recognize this scam, I will go back to the beginning. While looking for a home based business opportunity, I found a site that appeared to have done some independent research of these "systems" and rated the top ten (turned out that this is also an Ivy Capital created site). Brent Austin's "Automated Wealth System" was rated at the top so I went to that site and for $67 signed up for a site and a "product" to sell (turned out to be a worthless E-book with links to other Ivy Capital money sucking deals). Once I got the site, step 2 of the system tells you that you can't make money if no one can find your site so they offer to submit your site to the search engines. I clicked the link and for another $67 they say they will submit your site (I understand a site needs traffic so I paid). Turned out that the only record of that transaction is on my credit card. You get nothing but a "thank you for your purchase" message and no evidence that they did anything to submit your site to anyone (none of this is evident until you go in and try to verify or cancel anything). So now I wait to see the sales come in...and then the BIG scam starts. Before you have time to see that there are no sales (and never will be) I get a call from the "Success Team" (more like the "Sucks $$ Team"). This is a 2 person team the first guy makes you feel that this is an exclusive offer and to see if you qualify he asks about your commitment to being a success story and if you have "Other Peoples Money" (your credit cards) to use and how much you have available (this is how they know how much to charge you). This is the first of many times that they assure you that you can recover your investment in a matter of 2 or 3 months. This guy tells you he feels you are qualified to be a success example (I guess I would have been the first since I find NO others anywhere) and turns you over to his Director. This guy delivers the best lies and says "for a one time investment of (insert you card limit here) you will have everything you need to have your own business earning $5k and up per month" and guarantees that they will work with you until you are successful. This is when I say I would like to think about it and he starts the conversation about my lack of commitment to success and that he has spent all this time on my success and I can cancel within 3 days. So I signed up. I immediately went on line to check with the BBB. Ivy Capital is not approved, has a C- rating and dozens of complaints. I tried calling the extensions of the people I had been called by (each gave a name and extension) no answer and no call back. This went on for 4 days, so I contacted my credit card company and opened a dispute (still pending). Then I get a call from Ivy, but it's not about a refund. This guy says he is my business coach and before I can even tell him anything he starts his pitch about how I need an LLC in Nevada, corporate credit and tax advice for $5800. What happened to my "one time investment for everything I need"? I told him I don't want anything but my money back. He said he was a separate service and had nothing to do with my original contract (he started the call by saying he was my business coach). He told me to call the 800 number and gave me another extension that no one answers. Five days later a guy calls and says he is my "tax coach" and asks if I have set up my LLC and established corporate credit. Now I am at a point I want to see what he is up to so I tell him yes I am all set. He says "good I will be helping you keep the money you make by showing you how to avoid the taxes on your new business" then he asks "how much is your corporate credit line"? At this point I start asking him questions about why he is not taking advantage of this web business himself because it must make more than his Ivy Capital commissions. To that he replies, "Oh I don't work for them I am with The Tax Club". Bottom line is it is a band of thieves! Don't buy into any of it! You can make money with an online business, but most of the information is free and services that these guys trick you into for thousands are available for hundreds and should be pay as you go, not pay up front and run with the money!

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  • Mo
    mom looking for business May 05, 2009

    Thanks for everyone's comment, you have saved me thousands of dollars! I was talking to a "senior business director" with Ivy on the phone and was at the decision point. He's going to charge me $6, 880. I went through exactly what Teddy had, i.e. purchased a useless package from AWS, then getting a phone call later... I was lucky because I had this idea of doing a bit of search while talking to him over the phone, and found all of your comments. I quickly ended the conversation. My question is did anyone actually got the refund, even for the initial package?

    By the way, I want to add a funny detail to Teddy's experience. When I was at the AWS website, it makes it sound like this is one time offer, but when I clicked close, a second screen came up, with only half of the initial offer price (not remember exactly the $$), and again it's "your last chance". guess what, I clicked close again, the price dropped by 50% again! I bought it at the point. And this happened in a subsequent step where they asked me to upgrade it, the price went down 3 times before it finally ended.

    I feel stupid of spending time talking with them...

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  • Am
    Amy Jun 05, 2009

    Can anyone please comment whether they have had any success in getting a refund from this company, any recourses or is it a waste of time and we all need to kiss our money goodbye? it would be encouraging to hear if someone got their money back.

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  • Pz
    PZT Jun 21, 2009

    On /link removed/ they say Ivy Capital is legit, check it out:
    /URL removed/

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  • Th
    The Creekside Cottage Jul 06, 2009

    WE too (3 of us as a group for assets, and we are now told only get ONE package!) have been waiting for the return phone calls that never come. Of course if they actually answered the phone you wouldn't have that problem!
    The way they charge you is to take all of your available credit no matter what the dollar figure. I read one blog that said they would do the same for $1.00 ...that they claim they will do for us for $8, 000!! Oh and don't forget the $30.00 per month that they slid in.

    You go to meeting and take notes and wait for a coaching session. Then you do it all yourself apparently. They tell you that they will help you in every way possible to find your niche' and affiliates, etc. and take your money, but then webinar says they show you where and YOU do it!

    We are going to try to schedule a coaching session and see what happens. We have learned a few things possibly that we did not know but could have easily found on our own.

    If there is going to be a joint lawsuit we are all for it.
    There will be three more names in the pot. Keep us informed and we will also do the same.
    So far all I can see is that we have all fallen into the hands of incredibly well skilled and trained scam artist that prey on the people that are willing to work and pay for the help when they are out of other options to make a living in this steadily falling economy. We also will contact an attorney if, in fact, we can find the money to do so now that they have wiped out our credit lines! Hang in there. WE as a group have a chance to do the class action and recoup or losses.

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  • Ap
    A pissed off person Jul 10, 2009

    I was scammed as well...what you need to do is call your credit card companies immediately and let them know that they are fraudulent charges. I have one of my cards taken care of already...and am working on the second right now as I am typing this. This company is pathetic and rediculous and should be illegal...They should not be able to call anyone.

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  • Co
    complaintresolver Jul 11, 2009

    As a company we have always vigilantly worked to satisfy our customers and support the services that we provide. We stand by our committment to any new entrepenuers success and realize that with or with out help it can be a frustrating and tough process to start a new business. If you are our client and have an unresloved issue we are happy to speak with you and resolve it. Please contact us by sending an email to customer [email protected] Thank You.

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  • Do
    dodgemenow Jul 13, 2009

    as a company you stand by your bullshi*&(*&(&(. thats if we can get ing touch with aa live person...and if we we did you transfer the call to some phones that they don't aswer...yeah right speak to us alright. huh!

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  • Sh
    shoutout Jul 16, 2009

    well said dodgemenow. Out of my 15 phone calls to their company, I've gotten a live person only 3 times...and that was because they were expecting my call. Otherwise, good luck. :)

    If they really worked "vigilantly" to satisy their customers, we wouldn't be on this website complaining in the first place. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS DO NOT TALK SMACK! ;)

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  • Sh
    shoutout Jul 16, 2009

    And note to all, BBB had given Ivy Capital an "F" as of 2 days ago. I see from Teddy's story above that it used to be in the "C" range, and I read on another website that a girl stated they had a "D" rating. So it's falling and it has now hit rock bottom. Still, the only reason BBB listed for this rating was a lack of info about the company. Hmmm...seems like there is plenty of info about this company on the web.

    My story was pretty much the same thing as Teddy's - almost word for word...minus the tax coaches. That's an interesting twist that I hope I never have to go through personally. I'm still trying to get my money refunded, even though I cancelled within that 3 day period of time.''

    FYI - beware of believing [redacted]'s statements about this company. I have no doubt that they are making a fair profit to say positive things about this company, even at the expense of ignorant and trusting consumers.

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  • Sh
    shoutout Jul 18, 2009

    I just wanted to add some key words here, so that if anyone's researching these terms, they will find this page.

    Shawn Casey
    Brent Austin - Automated Wealth System
    Jennifer Baxter
    Angel Stevens
    Lauren Mitchell
    Angela Pembrook
    The Ultimate Fitness Package
    Triad Success Team
    Internet Wealth Training Institute


    I was actually speaking to icccoaching customer service just the other day and the person I spoke to informed me that the only people who complain about their services are the ones who either 1.) quit, or 2.) don't do the work. This person told me that people just want someone to blame. Is that the truth? I'm not sure. I just know that I don't want to risk thousands of dollars to find out if this is a legitimate business opportunity where there are so many signs of "danger, will robinson, danger"!

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  • Sh
    shoutout Jul 18, 2009

    I forgot the two biggest ones...IVY CAPITAL and E CAPITAL

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  • Ri
    rippedoffbyivy Jul 18, 2009

    i was also ripped off by Ivy Capital, success team ICI coaching Triad media ...it is a big scam and they prey on people who are unemployed and hurting...they convince you to use all your available credit on your card and guarantee you will make back your investment or refund you the money...i paid$8800 and recieved no coaching just a bunch of emails...i am 87 years old and live on social security...i have no way to [pay back the credit card so now have to file bankruptcy and ruin my credit...thanks Ivy for taking advantage of a senior citizen and putting me through this experience...i wish i had seen this before i signed up..http://southernnevada.bbb.org/bbb_rated_acc_rpt.asp?bbbid=73286&tr=rated&lg=C&ex=18

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  • Ri
    rippedoffbyivy Jul 18, 2009

    i read that the FTC has started a lawsuit against Mentoring of America that runs the exact same scam as Ivy...i will be going to the FTC website and urge them to ad Ivy to the lawsuit ...everyone else should as well

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  • Co
    concernedmom Jul 22, 2009

    I just typed a whole big response and I don't know where it went! So to make a long story short, I am in Michigan and got screwed too out of $8500. I will go to the FTC website too as we all should. If there is a lawsuit, I am there!!

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  • Co
    concernedmom Jul 22, 2009

    I wanted everyone to know that I did go to the FTC website and filed a claim. Takes about 5 minutes...it isn't going to hurt! If everyone does it, maybe we can get some of our hard earned money back! Please go out and do it !!

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  • Iv
    Ivycustomercare Jul 23, 2009

    I think that the training I have received thus far has been great! Not to fast, and not to slow, and definitely not to long. I also enjoy the fact that I can go back and view the training again on my own time and catch anything I may have missed the first time... - Melanie K.

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  • Iv
    Ivycustomercare Jul 23, 2009




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  • Iv
    Ivycustomercare Jul 23, 2009

    User Names: Concernedmom, Rippedoffbyivy, cindy noble and any others. We have sent you emails through this website and also provided you with an email that can be used to communicate with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Ru
    russell bloomfield Jul 26, 2009

    i agree with paul. they did the same to me too. maxed out my credit card and i still have to do all the work. they are scam artists and i am still trying to get my refund. the cost is always what they can charge on you credit card and that can be 8000 to 4000. no set fee.

    st. petersburg fl.

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  • Co
    concernedmom Jul 27, 2009

    Ivy customer care: I don't know where you are sending the emails, but I have not rec'd any. I also emailed the email that you tell us too and it fails each time. If you truly are trying to reach me, you can email me at [email protected]

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  • St
    stoton-zoo Jul 28, 2009

    I have been working with Vianet Webzone Training. The information is useful and the webinars are actually entertaining and informative. However, these are the same people as in all the previous posts. They use all the same tactics and even the same phone numbers. I started out trying to get a refund on their Business Credit program. They took a $2000 payment off my credit card and supposedly a loan for the same amount. I never got anything for the loan, and, on the positive side my "coach" told me after the fact that I didn't need it.
    However, in trying to get a refund to the credit card, I found this forum and realized that the only way to get any action out of them was to threaten the BBB, this site and report that they are not keeping up with their agreement at Rip-off. The e-mails and voice mails I left did nothing until I sent one to [email protected] asking if they were any or all of the entities I was dealing with. The only time I heard the name Ivy Capital was when one "associate" of my original coach called after I threatened to withdraw from their program as well (which is what he told me to use on the credit team). At this time, the 'Business Success Team' has sent me an e-mail on 7/28 stating that I was credited my refund on 7/24. However, no one bothered to let me know. I haven't seen the credit show up on the balance yet, either. "Normal processing is 2-7 business days. You should expect your refund shortly."
    I'll post any good news I get in that department when/if it happens.

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  • Wi
    winnietx Jul 31, 2009

    OK - I got a phone call several days ago on my cell phone but missed the call. When I tried to call back a recording said that it was not a working number. The next day I missed another call (different number) and tried to call it back - same thing. Well today I didn't miss the call (yet different number again!) and talked to a guy named "Kasey" (don't know if that was his first or last name). We talked for a while and then he gave me a list of 4 tasks to accomplish while I was waiting for his "director" to call me back. 1- Top 10 Personal Goals; 2- 3, 6, and 9 month financial goals; 3- Five reasons why I would be a good fit; and 4- DEBT Info including limits on any credit cards. About 5 minutes later Kasey calls me back informing me that his director was in a meeting with the VP of the company and would not be able to call me until tomorrow morning. Before hanging up I asked the name of the company again and what do you know - IVY CAPITAL. Kasey kept asking me if I was serious about making money. My response was that money doesn't grow on trees and that I would naturally be scepticle about a "make money overnight" scheme. I asked how much this was gong to cost me and he said "we don't charge anything at all, we just ask for a testimonial and your permission to publish this testimonial for advertising for the company". Now I'll admit that I began working on my 4 tasks as he requested and then decided to go online and check out this IVY CAPITAL. Well I'm so glad I did before I gave up any information to them. I thought it important to write my statement becuse I didn't see any others saying that it would cost nothing but a testimonial. I don't know if this is another one of their ways to trick you or not but I definitely will NOT join their program thanks to all of you!!! Good luck on getting your money back.

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  • Co
    concernedmom Aug 01, 2009


    That is exactly how it started with me!!! They say it doesn't cost anything because you are putting in on a credit card, so you are using "other people's" money to start...then by the time you need to make payments, you have made enough! Believe me, I am a major skeptic and my husband too, but I am ashamed to say, I got sucked in. They said, if I remained teachable and open and did my homework that I could achieve an on-line business success. They said they could not afford to let me fail because they want that great testimonial...well, not testimonial from me! And I haven't made one penny and I checked and I signed up 1-31-09...so sickening each and every day...great job and looking it up on the internet. Honestly, I used the computer for work here and there but never "googled" until this and boy do I wish I had!!!

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  • St
    stoton-zoo Aug 03, 2009

    Some good news, folks. I actually got a $2000 refund to my credit card. The wife checked on the balance and found our credit. Now, I'm waiting for a phone conference between 5 & 6 to get my original "investment" back. Supposedly, emailing them the with the statement that I want out and my money back isn't acceptable. They have to have it over the phone to make sure.
    I got an email from a Jessica Johnson ([email protected]) about contacting Ivy Capital Inc. Here's the whole thing.

    To contact Ivy directly, and speak to a live operator, please follow these directions. Dial 888-514-6020, hold through the prompts without responding to any of them, and you will connected with the operator for Ivy Capital Inc. Explain to the operator you situation, and she will transfer you to account resolution.

    Thank You,

    Jessica Johnson
    Vianet Webzone
    [email protected]

    It will take over 5 minutes to get through to someone, but wait it out. It should be worth it. I never actually got transferred, but I got an "appointment" that may actually be real.

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  • Co
    concernedmom Aug 09, 2009

    I emailed Jessica...no response!!! No surprise! Same with their customer service email...

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  • Ih
    I-HATE-SCAMS Aug 17, 2009

    When I enrolled I was sold on the idea that spending almost $8, 000 was going to make me money at the accelerated pace and that that money would be made back quickly. I feel like I have been doing alot of the research on my own. I do not understand what the heck I spent that much money on. I have a family to support and hospital bills to be coming. I have two small children and one on the way. I have not made any money yet and I have been spending numerous hours on line doing research and attending webinars. I have two websites and two blogs built. I have never spent that much money on anything and I lay in bed every night sick to my stomach that I have that kind of debt out there. I feel like I was totally scammed over. I feel like you people must be celebratng because you made some huge commission off of scamming an innocent person who was trying to get out of the rut we are already in. I am extremely determined to make money from home because I DO NOT want to have to go back to work after my baby is born but now I feel like I am in more debt than ever and will have too. I feel like I could have saved my money. I was sold on the idea of making it back quickly and that is what the accelerated sign up plan did. I do not see how anybody can feel good about themselves taking money from people like that. What kind of business does not even offer amoney back guarentee?
    Has anyone been able to get their money back on their credit cards?

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  • Pz
    PZT Aug 17, 2009

    My brother got $10, 000 back from his USBank credit card, but I think he quit early on. And he also froze the purchase, till IVY would give him a written guarrantee that he would have a money making blog, which of course they never provided. He is in the process of trying to get back another $7, 000 back which he used his Bank of America CC for.
    Good Luck

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  • Co
    concernedmom Aug 20, 2009

    I hate scams,

    I feel EXACTLY like you do! Completely SICK to my stomach daily. I have been in this since Feb. and haven't made ONE PENNY!!! I have one site but MANY blogs, have submitted many articles and email blasts!! Now, I am going to take on another job (direct sales) to try and pay off our debt for this entire mess and scam! I tried emaling their customer service...nothing. I also emailed the Jessica named above...nothing. I called Adam Huebner, the salesman that signed me up and told him exactly what you said in your paragraph! How do they sleep at night knowing what they are doing to innocent, honest, hard working people! It has been over six months...gee, wonder why he hasn't tracked me down for a success story! Because there never is one and it is a joke!

    I will tell you of a new company, Jewel Kade, that is just starting, it is a 7-week old company, the jewelry is beautiful, hand made and sells itself! I had a party this week for a friend, not thinking much of it and everyone went crazy! It literally is not even launching until Sept 1st! So, due to all of this debt, I am going to do this, make my own schedule and I WILL make my money back very easily and then some. So, I wanted to do this website to help my family (I do work 30 hours a week at a non-profit, so not much money!) So now on top of still trying to make money with this site, I am going to sell Jewel Kade to pay for this damn website!! Good luck to you...I feel the same way...sick every day due to this. I have two girls 10 and 7, so I know exactly where you are coming from! If you want, look at my paragraphs above!

    Sorry you got screwed in all of this too. When did you start this nightmare?

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  • Dr
    D-rock Aug 26, 2009

    Is there anyone that had a good experiance?

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  • St
    Starrider1 Aug 30, 2009

    I too was scammed by ICI Coaching/ Ivy Capital just a couple days ago. They made it sound all so legit telling me that it wasn't a get rich scheme and I'd have to work hard to learn all there was to starting a business online (blah blah blah).

    It was late and I had to work in the morning so I did not take the time to do a Google search on them until the next day after work . That's when I saw all the negative post's on them and started too feel ill.

    I called my credit card co. and told them that I had 3 days too cancel the agreement so PLEASE don't pay them. They told me that its not a check and I can't just issue a stop payment and then felt even more sick. But even if they don't pay them the $6880.00 the agreement states they still get a 15% restocking fee and that's over a grand.

    So at this point I don't know just what's going to happen. Thought I'm all for suing these scammers and filing a complaint with the attorney general of Nevada. I feel like such an ###.

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  • Ey
    eyrie88 Sep 14, 2009

    On 1 Sep 2009, I received a late evening phone call from a person who identified himself as "Tom" from Shawn Casey's organization regarding an Internet Marketing Course. This was not unusual, because I had purchased a Web marketing DVD from Shawn Casey's MiningGold website a number of weeks ago. This should have been the first red flag - an unsolicited phone call.

    Stage 1 - Basic Info Gathering - Find out how much credit they have available
    This first call is a qualifying call, to set the trap. It starts out innocently enough - how much free time you have available to work on your internet business, are you open-minded and teachable (this is important as we'll see later), how they will show you how to do this using "Other People's Money" (OPM), and whether you're a good decision maker if you have all the facts. And then he goes on about how they're about wanting to "help" people, to create a success story etc.

    "Tom" then proceeded to ask me a number of personal details - age, martial status, kids, kids ages, wife's name etc... including the types of credit cards I held and the dollar limit on those cards. Whoa! Wait a minute... why do they need to know this? As many will have later found out, it qualifies the amount of "investment" you can reasonably go up to.

    At this stage, "Tom" is all excited for me, because he thinks I'm a nice guy (sure, I just told you a bunch of really personal information), and that I'll make an excellent candidate for their "program". I am then referred to his "International Director for Marketing" for a "candidate interview" which would take about an hour. All this while, he's calling you "friend", and how you'll be a great asset to the "program".

    Stage 2 - Wear Em Down and Get the Card Details
    15 mins later, a person, identifying himself as "Nelson Taylor" then called me back, and for the next 2 hours and 30 mins, proceeded to further qualify me as a candidate. In that "interview", he showed me 3 websites that they "helped" the "owners" setup and hinted at what they would do to help me setup an internet business. A number of red flags went off here for me... there was no way you could know if these were real owners they helped, or just a couple of believable "profiles" they put together with some really basic research and creative spin doctoring.

    I was then presented 3 levels of "investment", ranging from "aggressive" (3 websites) US$14-15K, "moderate" (2 websites) $12-14K and "conservative" (1 website) $8-12K. They would build the website, do the graphics design, submit it to 220+ search directories, provide 1-on-1 coaching, 100K opt-in email blasts, a whole bunch of other stuff including a HTML editor and encrypter. (At this stage, I'm writing furiously and making copious notes). His words were "We'd do all the website, internet marketing and advertising for you, everything, we'll do it... you wouldn't have to do a thing, except make key decisions with the coach and development coordinator! You could be completely hands-off, or as involved as you like. It's your business". Huh? So, what happened to all this talk about using OPM to set up an internet marketing business where you help me and show me the methods you used to helped the owners of those 3 websites you showed me, to make the sort of money you say I could be making? And why would I need a HTML editor if you were developing the website for me? $8K for a website (selling what?), plus $29.95/month hosting seems kinda steep. Most of what was discussed in this stage was vaguely touched on, or quickly glossed over when I started asking some awkward questions.

    At this point, nearly 2hrs and 30min into the "interview", I was "provisionally accepted" as a candidate into their program, and for me to reserve a place on the program, I had to provide my credit card details in the form of a "hotel reservation" (his exact words). I still didn't know what I was supposed to be investing in, and exactly what would be provided. I asked to see some written document detailing what we discussed, before I agreed to anything, but I was assured several times that my card would not be charged, and that this was simply required to "reserve my place on the program". Why? And again, he takes pains to reinforce the fact that I've already admitted to be open-minded and teachable, and that it's not really MY money... it's OPM, implying it's the credit card company's money.

    Stage 3 - Federal Compliance (Record their verbal agreement)
    I was then asked to wait for a call from their "Federal Compliance Officer", who called me back 3 mins later, and identified himself as "Nick". I was asked repeatedly to agree to the condition that I if I cancelled the agreement after 3 days, that I would forfeit 15% of the fee for "merchant fee and processing". All this, without yet having seen any written documentation at this point.

    Stage 4 - Nearly There... Just need the signature
    Now, "Nick" was supposed have sent the agreement documentation at this point, when "Nelson Taylor" calls back again 5mins later, and supposedly "re-sends" the link to Yozons.com to electronically sign the agreement. I was not given an opportunity to read the agreement through thoroughly, as "Nelson" insisted that I could read it later and proceeded to hurriedly usher me through the steps to electronically sign and submit the document.

    The very next day when I had a chance to re-read the agreement, I found another person's name, credit card details and address, and the figure of US$5880, within the same agreement. I immediately sent an email to [email protected] and [email protected] requesting that the agreement be cancelled. It wasn't until 4 days later, after my cards were charged (wait, didn't they say it wouldn't be charged until after 3 days?), that I received an apologetic phone call from "Nelson", literally begging me to give them a chance to redeem themselves. He even offered to pay the first 3 credit card instalments. (How? How much? When? Details, details!!) To which, I refused to, and reiterated that I would still like to cancel the agreement - which I was entitled to within the 3 day stipulation. Haven't heard pipsqueak from them since.

    In all, I was charged US$6840, which he had bargained himself down from US$8880, (even though I was assured that I would not be charged!) which I'm presently trying to recover from my card provider. And I have not been able to successfully contact them either by email or phone. The phone number (1-888-514-6020) I was provided simply rings out. Where does OPM figure in all of this? It doesn't... it's MY money which I now have to pay back to the card company.

    Ivy Capital (aka The Success Team, aka Shawn Casey, aka ICI Success) is a bunch of con artists. The long "interview" process (nearly 4 hours into the evening) are designed to wear you down. They throw A LOT of information at you, which upon reflection, is a lot of padding words, and light on being actually informative. The reality is, they use OPM (i.e. YOUR money) to make their money, which they don't have to pay back. "Nelson" let slip that I could set up a Nevada LLC, and transfer the balance of my credit cards to a corporate account, and essentially implied that neither I nor the corporation would ever have to pay that money back. This very fact should be sufficient for the card companies to blacklist Ivy Capital (or whoever they call themselves), and warrant an investigation into Internet fraud by the FBI. Meanwhile, these people have YOUR detailed personal information (gathered in Stage 1), which now makes you a perfect candidate for identity theft.

    In short:
    1. NEVER provide detailed personal OR financial information to anyone.
    2. NEVER agree to anything without seeing it in writing.
    3. NEVER sign anything until you have read it thoroughly, or have your attorney read it thoroughly.
    4. Be prepared to say NO and stick to it.

    BTW, I still haven't received that DVD from Shawn Casey either.

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  • Ey
    eyrie88 Sep 14, 2009

    I got a reply back from [redacted].com, for the exact same report above that I filed on their website. Here's their response. Have a read of it, and tell me they're not paid to be Ivy Capital's PR mouthpiece.


    We've read your submission to us located below our email signature. We totally understand your frustration.. We know for a fact that Ivy Capital has made some drastic changes and will be making more as time goes on... They are participating in our CAP - Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. They have made many changes and making more as time goes on to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

    NO, they are not going to or can they sue anyone that was a real customer who are making a complaint. Top executives at the company are committed to getting to the bottom of these problems that their customers are making claims about so they can fix them internally so they do not happen again to their customers. Could we be wrong? We don’t think so because they committed themselves to this program, and it should made consumers feel confident when doing business with them.. Only time will tell, and we will look forward to your comments after they have contacted you..

    We've read what you said below and find it very hard to believe that Ivy Capital would ever approve of what you explained below, but, we may not totally understand your problem - -

    We don’t doubt you feel in your heart that what you are saying is true, but... this is NOT the Ivy Capital that we know today. Yes, we know they many have made mistakes in the past, like all other companies, they will from time to time.. that is why have joined our program here at Rip-off..

    We know they have thousands of success stories and the amount of companies on Rip-off are only a fraction of their business - we know that is no excuse, but, better than that, the company does not want anyone to be dissatisfied.. More than likely there are problems with some specific staff handling your specific account, but I could be wrong. Either way, we know they will want to make it right with you.

    We are taking the liberty of sending Ivy Capital your information so they can fix things to your satisfaction

    Please, between you and I ... I ask that you be nice and calm with them (not to say you would not) .. for the moment, give them the benefit of the doubt - - you must give them credit for wanting to make things right with anyone that has had issues in the past - you have nothing to lose.. It's not every day companies do this - they could have just changed their name like most other Rip-off companies do.

    They will be in contact with you in 3 to 5 business days more than likely much sooner.

    NOTE: Please know, it's complaints like yours that have made Ivy Capital better today and Ivy Capital said they are aware of this. You should also know they have made changes that Rip-off is very excited about, only because this service is so needed for people like you in your situation. Hopefully, this has not come too late for you. This is a difficult business and there are truly dishonest companies out there - - but, remember, no company or individual is perfect... all companies will make mistakes. It is how those companies rectify their mistakes that separate honest businesses from dishonest businesses.

    Thanks so much for contacting us - You will see that things will be made right for you..

    Please send this entire email back to me and let me know what happens - - please... and your comments about what we are doing are desperately needed, as we are still a new service to consumers and businesses, we are looking for comments from people like you, especially if you do not agree with us.

    Your ideas and criticisms are welcome. Any questions good or bad, please let us know.

    To understand more about this program - please go to this link. /URL removed/

    Amy... staff member for ..

    ED Magedson - Founder
    [email protected][redacted].com
    /link removed/

    PO Box 310, Tempe, Arizona 85280

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  • Co
    concernedmom Sep 15, 2009

    Oh my goodness! What a bunch of crap! Rip off didn't contact me and say all of that crap, but I had seen in the past where they defended Ivy League Capital. It all is who is in bed with who!! Have you gotten any results??? I hope so, I haven't and have been making payments on $8000 for 8 months now and have not MADE ONE PENNY!!! I email and email, I get nothing. I submit articles and nothing. I make changes and nothing. What a crock! What was the $8000 for?? Nothing but a down payment for someone there!

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  • Ca
    Capine Sep 22, 2009

    I agree with all these complaints! I am in the same boat! I am a member of Pre-Paid Legal Services and ask my lawyer to write them a letter on my behalf. I talked to a person on the resolution department and she scheduled me an apointment with her boss Melinda for Friday! She could not get me in sooner because they are too busy in that department, that is what she said :) No doubt, with their junk and all the scaming they do!!! So hopefully by that time they will have received the letter from the lawyer and hopefully that will help to get my money back! I have 4 kids the oldest is 4 and I am expecting #5, I can not afford to lose my money on a scam like this. I wished I would have been stronger and kept my mind and not fall into their garbage stuff! I'll keep you posted if I get a result

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