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My name is Mr RG Raphunga, I have a Service plan with IUA.Today I took it for the 45000 kms Service ...I stay in Soweto however the only dealer that can service my Chery QQ3 is KIA Boksburg so I drove there this morning and arrived around 7pm as I was planning on waiting for it to serviced then go to work afterwards as I had only applied for a half days leave at work .
Next thing I know we call IUA around 8am for Authorization, only to be told they only pay claims after 3-5 days meaning I need to leave the car there and be without transport. I am very Disgusted and Disappointed with IUA's rip off of a service as the receptionist at KIA was also shocked and advised me she has never dealt or seen such before and said that with other companies they authorize and pay at very same time meaning I would have been able to leave with my car around 12pm.
as a result I had to leave my car there with even no guarantee of when I will be able to fetch it meaning I will have to drive all the way from Soweto to Boksburg again when they actually decide to pay at their own convenience ! I want my service to be authorized ASAP as I sit without transport now

  • Updated by Humbu, Nov 01, 2018

    Guess what, my car still remains at the Dealer since I dropped it off last week Wednesday !..All because the payment for the service is still not reflecting at the Dealer when we called IUA on Monday we were told the payment will reflect Tuesday after 12pm but it still has not ! When the Dealer called IUA again yesterday they claim payment has been made but failed to send proof of payment so as a result it has now been a week since the car was dropped at the garage for a mere 45kms service! I have no idea how things work at IUA but this can never be right, I think IUA also takes advantage of the fact that the plan is already included in the Instalment so when one cancels it you will now owe the Finance house... To add to the fuel the Service cover does not even pay for Brake pads and Wiper blades but I'm paying for this every single month since the inception of the contract .

Oct 24, 2018

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