iTravel2000 / no customer service at all, no response, left me with unresolved issue

My booking was poorly handled and more over I ended up with no solution to problem created by itravel employee. Every time I book my vacation with itravel2000 I expect all my booking to be handled in professional and competent manner. My last booking was quite opposite.
I was planning to go on vacation to Europe in summer for few weeks. I have booked my flight tickets with itravel2000, so next step was to book the car to travel from Spain to Italy. I called the agent and specifically asked her to make sure that my pick up and drop off locations were confirmed, so I could book all my hotels through Europe as my trip required 10 to 12 hotels to be booked at the different cities. We had discussed the car, the specifics of insurance, and even she called the supplier to confirm that my driver's license would be good enough for driving in Europe. We booked the car and I was charged for car rental, invoice was emailed to me. Once I got an invoice, I was under impression that I was good to book my hotels as the car at the rate in invoice was guaranteed for my vacation. I have booked all hotels and believed I was all set for my trip. I reviewed the invoice and found out that my pick up and drop off locations are not listed in the invoice (is it not agent's job to make sure invoice has correct data entry?), I immediately email the agent with questions why information was missing. She called me back after her weekend and advised me that I had to cancel my booking as there was a charge of 800 ERU she was not aware of (is it not her job to be aware and advise the customer? Why would itravel2000 offer car rental without knowing laws and policies at the countries it offers the service???). I ended up with booked flight tickets and hotels through whole Europe without the car due to unprofessional and incompetent agent. The amount of stress and time and money I spent after that trying to organize my trip is unforgettable. I have spent over $2000 CA after that to maintain my trip just because of itravel2000 agency. Since June I have sent 5 emails and got none response.
Car Rental - 836697
I can be contacted at iryna.[protected]
Thank you

Oct 28, 2017

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