Island Links Resort / Deceitful selling tactics

Hilton Head Island, SC, United States

My wife and I visited Island Links Resort in April 2011 and went through their presentation. We used our points from another company to book time in their resort. We were shown some options that looked better potentially than what we had. Our salesman went back to the rear of the office area and came out and said that they confirmed with our company that the original company would buy the points back and they would take care of the transfer. We stated that we did not want to keep our old ones and would not want to pay for two different properties. He assured us that as well as their "experienced" closer. What fools we were, now we pay their fees, a 16% loan now that we have too much going out and can't refinance it on top of the first timeshare payment and their maintenance fees. We have called and they are immediately defensive and accusatory at us that they told us everything as it is in the contract, WRONG. I am writing this because my experience is identical to others that have written on this site. I will visit my Hilton Head Island Links property and enjoy sitting back in their sales center warning every other sucker of what the truth really is, and as a property owner I doubt they can kick me out for trespassing.

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