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I have purchased 3 products from iRobot over the past 2 years - 2 Roomba and 1 Scooba. All 3 died while out of warranty. In all 3 cases, I called iRobot customer service and got the same answers, which reduce to this sequence: Clean it. Bang on it. Clean it again. Bang on it harder. Buy parts if you want to fix it yourself (assuming you know what parts to replace). Otherwise, throw it away. Buy a newer model. iRobot does NOT service / repair ANY of their consumer products.

My latest (and LAST) call to their customer "no" service connected me to someone who obviously is tired of having to tell customers to clean/bang/self-service/dispose/buy replacement. The customer service rep sounded like a robot as though they were embarrassed having to tell yet another customer the same story.

I was seriously thinking about buying one of their new Braava mopping robots. After this latest call to iRobot it is clear to me that iRobot does not produce products that last. They work great until they malfunction. Once they do, you can try to fix it yourself, and eventually have an expensive piece of worthless junk that you have to dispose of.

I believe it is enlightening to look at how many different models of cleaning robots they no longer make in the Roomba, Scooba, Braava, Mirra, Looj, DirtDog, etc. product lines. I believe this indicates they have problems and are constantly trying to come up with a newer model that fixes them.

To anyone who is considering purchasing one of iRobot's products, before you do, call them up and ask them what happens if the product malfunctions / breaks outside of the warranty period.

Personally I will NEVER purchase another product from iRobot.

Apr 26, 2016
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  • Da
      11th of May, 2016

    Sad that they don't offer any maintenance ... shows that they have little faith in their product. I was considering getting one of these but I will think twice about it now. Good review.

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