iOffer.commy account was hacked. company won't help with my account.

My name : George Zacharias

email: [protected]

For the last 2 1/2 weeks i have been consistently trying to log into my active " ioffer account using my email address and password: birdroko1.

message appears invalid . When prompted to enter my email; message appears" A password reset link has been sent to your email address "

After dozens of attempts. I have not recieved a single message sent to my email.
On November 13 2016
I sent a payment to :
li yafeng
paid through payPal/

item was sent to wrong address( fraud tracking number ) never received my purchase item.

I have asked so many times for someone to help. Customer service in ioffer just seems to not care. that's if you get a " copy and paste " responce that proved continuously unhelpful.

I do not know if my account is further hacked by that individual. i want to be able to log into ioffer. Nobody cares .

I kindly ask after ( so many attempts ) for someone to help me with the account i have with

Sinceely, thankful for any help.

George Zacharias

Jan 21, 2017

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