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Invicta does a massive amount of business on ShopNBC. I am a new comer to the watch scene and purchased two Invicta watches during the television shows. After less than three months wear on both watches, one fails to keep time and looses hours a day, while the other one is defective due to a very large piece of glue or adhesive that has broken off the watch dial.

Each watch costs $25 to send in for warranty. So the total would be $50 for both watches...which basically adds up to almost the price of another watch.

Two watches should not fail in less than 3 months. I have emailed Invicta to ask for either a discount or waiver of the warranty fees since both watches failed in such a short time. That was three weeks response whatsoever.

Next, I called "customer service" and I use this term very loosely. I was put on hold for over 30 minutes. When I finally was able to get someone online, all I got for my troubles was to have my call transferred to another person who was not there.

I left a detailed voice message and a contact number. Guess what? No one has returned my calls.

I feel that Invicta does not stand behind its products, rather, they hide behind a wall of phone reps and a horrendous call waiting period probably in hopes of the customer giving up and going away. I was not one of them.

It is evident that although Invicta has a large market for its watches through television and ShopNBC, it has no intention of providing any resemblance of customer service or quality control in its products.

I would appreciate it if everyone would post this up in as many watch sites as possible to put pressure on Invicta to not only address this severe problem of ignoring its customers, but to also have better quality control on its products.

I am totally dissatisfied with Invicta's lack of customer service, and even more appalled at the shoddy products I received in my purchases from them.

Not everyone buys its high end watches that cost upwards of $500 or more. But Invicta's lack of care for its low end line speaks volumes about just what sort of company it is.

Eyal Lalo, the CEO of Invicta boasts proudly whenever he is on ShopNBC that Invicta is unsurpassed in price point and quality. I would respectfully disagree from personal experience on this.

Mr. Lalo, just what sort of an operation are you running when you cannot even stand behind your own products? I'll tell you what sort of company, its a company that neither my friends or myself will promote or buy from again.

I am not disputing that things sometimes happen in production. What I am concerned about and frustrated about is the seemingly lack of response and care for a legitimate problem that I have encountered with its watches.

Ignoring your consumer base is the first step in getting a bad reputation and the resulting effect of bad publicity and eventual slowing of sales.

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  • Ke
      Jul 17, 2009

    I got to tell you Invicta quality is questionable. Contacted company via email about replacement parts crystals, watch back and water seals. No response !!

    What the public doesn't know.
    There are several different common alloys called stainless steel.
    Seiko high end stainless steel watches are made of quality hard stainless steel
    which is difficult to machine and average in luster but extremely durable.
    High end equivalent Invicta watches are made out of cheap soft alloy of stainless easy to machine with high luster. Not very durable and case and bezel scratch very easily.
    Look up stainless steel - you will see there are several alloy types. 300 - 400 series formulas.

    Seiko uses Japanese movements which are in fact superior to many Swiss movements in terms of durability. Superior metallurgy and machining tolerances make the difference. Sorry Swiss. But Japanese quality is now a reality as American car companies are keenly aware of.
    It gets worse. Many people who opened up their invicta watches found the guts were not Swiss made but swiss design rip off made in China stamped inside. Outside the watch says swiss made inside dial and back case. Not so

    Either Invicta is being ripped off by fakes from china or their ripping us off. I personally do not trust Invicta.

    A watch is a precision machine. The smaller the mechanism the harder it is to design and built. Invicta watch are very large. Not what you would expect from a high quality time piece from the Swiss. I call them Rapper B watches LOL.

    I was in the United States Air Force for 12 years. Seiko high end Automatic watches became the choice watch of military people. On the flight line many of watches were quickly destroyed. They became magnetized . Electronic watches failed when hit with low power radar and radio. Seiko watches were hard to damage and scratch. Their automatic watches never magnetize or were damaged from exposure to strong radio or low power radar. They withstood regular exposure to high desert temperatures or very cold mountain weather. Excellent machine tolerances for operation over temperature extremes. I believe this is because they built slightly larger movement wider tolerances than the Swiss and use superior metal alloys that maintain little variation in expansion and contraction with temperature. Somebody was thinking.
    The big plus - Seiko watches use superior seals. They stood up to Jet Fuel, Grease, Hydraulic Fluid, and amazingly stood up to Trichloralfloralethelene vapor exposure. My Seiko Diver watch was purchased in Thialand in 1973. Has been serviced twice. Once for crystal replacement and last time had another crystal replaced cleaned and new date dial which was still available from Seiko. It is now [protected] and running quit well. Nice white and red phosphor detailing for low light viewing.

    Seiko automatics are self winding none electronic so do not keep perfect time. Should be reset once a month or so. Mine goes off 5 min a month. But no batteries required. Their newer ones are more accurate. I set mine every Monday morning an old habit. I could probably make mine more accurate by taking the back off and adjusting the speed dial inside (+/- adjustment).
    i've done this in the past.
    I received an Invicta model 3460 chronograph as a gift last Christmas . Not impressed. Bezel scratched when I grazed plastic corner molding in my house. I have wood paneling in my house.
    I could believe it. I looked for a nail or something but the molding is glued on nail free. Hard Plastic scratched it. I put it away after Christmas break 2weeks and took it out last week. Battery was dead.
    Went to local jewel for new battery $10. Lucky if it last a year. He scratched the back case and he used spanner tool. Was very soft metal.
    Yikes I've taken the back of my Seiko off with needle nose pliers several times and never scratched even when slipping off spanner grove cut outs . This is one tough watch compared to Invicta.

    My wife paid $259 for the Invicta. Appeals to the bird brain in all of us that likes shiny things. Not worth it. Too Big for comfort and I'm a big guy. Tiny 395 battery inside. Would trade it for a 30 yrs old Automatic Seiko or Citizen in a minute.

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  • As
      Oct 15, 2009

    I have had similar experiences with Invicta as West: No Care, with watches I purchased from Shop NBC. Invicta’s “QC” and “customer service” is—I put each term in quotations because both are equally—horrific.

    I received a Corduba “Swiss Made” Retrograde Chronograph a couple weeks ago. I was impressed with the watch out of the box, it looked really good, I thought the retrograde chrono was unique and at $91 and some change that the watch was a good value.

    Two days after I had the watch I noticed that 1 of the 8 screws that hold down the case back was missing. How can something that basic get past QC; this screw was either never put in or it was so loose that it fell out??? Over the span of a week I attempted to contact Invicta, through various mediums, about having them send me a screw. I registered the warranty with Invicta the day I received the watch, so first off I opened an “eService” case on Invicta’s website, on which I noted that “I do not wish to send in the watch for service, I just need a case back screw for model #4506, please send me a screw.” They auto-response, emailed me a shipping label to send them the watch—NO ONE at Invicta would actually read an “eService” request, that would be ridiculous. Six separate emails—NO RESPONSE, 6 phone calls—I too was put on hold for a LONG TIME, twice I gave up and hung up the phone, once I was transferred to the “service department” right away—on hold for 10 minutes then disconnected, once I was transferred to the “service department” and spoke to a man, to whom I explained what I needed, to which he said “oh, you need the “parts department”, ” he transferred me—on hold for 10 minutes then disconnected, I called back and asked to be transferred to the “parts department, ” I was transferred—on hold for 10 minutes then disconnected, finally I called back and asked if the “parts department” had a direct email address, I was told no and offered a voicemail, I accepted the voicemail option and left a detailed message—NO RESPONSE. All I wanted was 1 FRICKEN SCREW, the price list for non-warranty service on Invicta’s own website states that up to 4 screws can be replaced for FREE, my watch was still under warranty. FREE?? Oh wait…that’s after you pay $25 plus the cost of shipping and insuring the watch…I guess even warranty service on their shoddy products isn’t free…what a crock. After this frustrating experience I took the watch to a local jewelry repair shop that replaced the screw for me…FOR FREE!!!

    The icing on the cake with this watch that I was impressed with, once upon a time: when I was looking at from a certain angle the other day, I noticed a little white/gray piece of hair or thread or something stuck in between the dial and the crystal. UNBELEIVABLE!!!

    But wait…the absence of any real quality control isn’t a reality for only Invicta’s low-cost watches; Invicta is equally neglectful on QC with their “high-end” watches. In June ’09 I purchased a Reserve Speedway XL Chronograph, according to the watch retails for $1, 595—YEAH RIGHT!! Anyone that would pay that for this watch would have to be blind, stupid, or both. I paid $365. Again, I was impressed with the watch out of the box, but after close inspection I found: the 12 hour marker is slightly crooked, the 3 hour marker is not fully glued down to the dial—it’s sticking up a bit, the chrono hand is very “floppy, ” it moves freely between the 59 and 2 second markers when the watch is moved back and forth, and the bezel is hard to rotate and sounds gritty when it is rotated. Now these are fairly minor issues that are barely noticeable, and that, in my opinion, didn’t warrant spending $50+ for Invicta’s “service charge, ” shipping, and insuring the watch in order to get them corrected. But, after my experiences with the Corduba, I had to bring it up. The Reserve Line is supposed to be Invicta’s crème de la crème—they are “All Swiss Made, ” (although it doesn’t say “Swiss Made” on my Speedway’s case back, only on the dial) “Hand Assembled, ” “Hand Inspected, ” watches. My Reserve Speedway even came with an inspection checklist that was filled out by hand by one of Invicta’s “watchmakers” (he must be one of those people that would pay $1, 595 for this watch!!).

    No matter how much Invicta boosts: “Quality and innovation define every Invicta watch. With meticulous attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and design, and affordable prices, Invicta luxury watches are within reach for every consumer, ” it’s all a line of CRAP—you get what you pay for. If you are considering buying an Invicta watch—DON’T, save your money. There’s a reason why real “high-end” timepieces are so expensive.

    P.S. All the same from the last paragraph can be said about Swiss Legend watches!!

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  • Jo
      Feb 22, 2010

    I am having a similar experience with Invicta. The bezel insert with the numbers on it fell off of my Pro Diver 6015. I've only had it for 2 months.

    I've been calling the company in Florida for the past 3 days, and have waited on hold for a total of an hour. I've also sent two emails, and left 2 voicemails.

    It would be laughable how apathetic they are towards customer service if I didn't really need the part, which makes it just plain trifling and frustrating.

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  • Tc
      Mar 17, 2010

    I purchased 4 Invicta watches in the last couple of months. My favorite, a LUPAH looked and felt great out of the box. I especially liked the manner in which the leather band attached to the watch. With 2 days I noticed one of the "pins' (I think they're called) must hacve fallen out aftesometime shortly after I received it. Anyway, although disappointed, I thought it waouldn't be much trouble to contact customer service to have them send another pin. WRONG. Emails didn't work - No respones. had to wait almost 30 minutes for customer service only to have the "representative" tell me the part was on "backorder". It was evident she didn't want to deal with me or my problem. Finally, seemingly in desperation she muttered something about contacting me when the part came in. When she was about to hang up I asked her if she woyuld like to have my phone number, email address, or any other way to contact me...Amazing. She had, and has no intention of contacting me if, and when the part comes in. It was almost comical. So next day I noticed the inside of the bezel was cloudy. Of course!! Moisture had seeped in. So I took my wife's hair dryer and used it to dry out the inside dial. When it was finally dry I burned a candle and took some of the candle's hot wax drippings and molded it to cover the hole in my watch. At least for now it seems to be working. Of course the dials manipulated by the pin are useless..

    Why I ordered another watch after that can probably be attributed to my being obsessive compulsive, but I purchased and received the massive Corduba with 18K gold plating interlaced among a blue plastic material . Looks very nice far. I am a big athletic guy with large hands and wrists as well. The watch had way too many links for me. I tried to take a couple of the links out but was unsuccessful. Tomorrow to the jeweler.

    The the instructions in the box were for another watch, and I have still not figured out a way to change the date and the time. I'll admit being an attorney doesn't qualify me as one of the brighter of the species, but after over an hour I still can't figure out how to change the date or time. When I unscrew the crown all that is left is a small bolt with grooves on it. It is immovable. Anyway, the old expression "if its to good to be true..." well it was. I have now learned my lesson. No more Invictas!! I wonder how long the company will be able to push out more junk before the public catches on...We'll see...TC Dallas, TX

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  • Da
      Apr 09, 2010

    I have bought several Invicta watches over the past three years and non of the watches held up and the customer service (What customer service!) they do not stand up to their product. All of the watches have issues and I havn't been able to get in contact with anyone from Invicta. My first purchase was a Potger Pietri by Invicta, I had it sized by a professional jewler and he was amazed at the quality for the price but shortly after being sized the watch band fell apart (Polly and steel) THE SCREWS JUST FELL OUT!!! I'm not happy. I also purchased two S.U.G watches from ShopNBC and they too have issues. [protected]

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  • In
      May 10, 2010

    I have not had to open one of my Invicta's yet but if they are saying they are Swiss and are if not sounds like a damn good class action lawsuit to me . If anyone has plans of this please do contact me because right now I am so pissed at Invicta about having a watch repaired I will gladly jump on the ole band wagon . I have to have a battery replaced on one of my Russion Divers and I will have my jeweler have a look at the inside of the watch to making sure that it is Swiss . Can E~Mail me at [protected] .

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  • Wa
      Jun 18, 2010


    I bought J1709202 Men’s Watch and it broke within a week. It just would stop and the hour hand did not match up with the hours. It had a diamond bezel. I do believe Invcita must have stock of the smallest diamonds in the world. You can hardly see them with the naked eye.

    The quality of Invicta watches are POOR by my experience I wouldn’t buy this watch and I am definitely considering not buying another Invicta watch.

    I bought Invicta watches because I liked their styles and they bragged about the QUALITY!

    If you have to send it to Invicta they make you pay for the shipping to them then they will charge you and outrageous 28 dollars to send it back to you. It will take 8 weeks MINIMUM for them to get it back to you. My second watch took 6 months to get back and was sent back to me still broken. It would be cheaper just to bring it to a local watch repair shop and you’ll get back in a day or two.

    They do not status or correspond with you AT ALL! You have to pull teeth just to find the status of your repair and they always have no idea. If I did not constantly call about my second watch I do not believe they would just have forgotten about it.

    With the amount of Invicta watches I purchased there batting average is 40% defective

    1. My first Invicta watch had to be sent to Inicvta in for repair within 6 mos because the internal bezel fell off..
    2. My second Invicta watch had to return within 6 months because the push pin fell out.
    3. My reserve edition the pin for the strap broke within 5 days and the second hand fell off within 8 mos
    4. My last purchase J1709202 broke within a week. I just would stop running and the hour hand did not match up with the hours it kept on slipping.

    I make sure when I buy an Invicta watch to wear it every day for months because they usually break within a couple months and they only have 1 year warranty.


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  • Di
      Aug 19, 2010

    Invicta watches are a piece of junk have purchased two prodivers and assorted others as cheap gifts.
    Oops what a mistake.
    The prodiver's bezels both fell off within 3 months..
    Found one glued it on. prob solved but cannot find a replacement for the other.

    Invicta is just a scam who imports the watches from china
    whil elo sits on a beach playing wiht himself earning 20%.

    Dont waste your money on these disposable watches
    Wallmart sells a bettter quality of cheaper watch.
    So go look and save yourself a bunch of money$$$

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  • Ku
      Aug 19, 2010

    This is my email after the second hand fell off my 6024 I have had for only 8 mos.

    This is the first time in my life I have paid this much money for something and CHARGED TO SHIP IT BACK TO ME ????????

    Kind of a Company that Offers a Product they say is the best in the
    world, Then it falls apart 8 mos later and will cost me more money to
    have it fixed with the return shipping while it's under warranty.
    is the most disgusting business practice I have ever encountered. I
    will never buy another one of these garbage watches again, I would buy a
    Timex or Casio long long before I ever pay for one of these again. They
    don't charge me to send a broken watch back to me after they fix it.

    now on it's Omega and Luminox only they never break but when they do
    they don't even let me pay to send it, Either one. They send you all you
    need to ship it back to them and then WOW like a Christmas miracle it
    comes back to you just about the time you start to wonder whats going on
    with it.
    You know I loved this watch until I spoke with the first
    rude person in customer service today... You should call it Customer
    Extortion. I find it hard to believe a company that says they have such
    Family value's treating Customers who Pay such amounts of for a
    precision time piece should be treated with more respect and not made to
    pay for what is so obviously the company's fault, Charging $28 to ship
    it back to me because you have to send it over seas because it wasn't
    built properly in the first place sounds a lot like Extortion to me.

    In Closing I will be shipping this watch back to have it fixed and will
    pay only one time because this watch was a gift from my mother before
    she passed away, But I will NEVER buy an Invicta Product for the Rest of
    my life, I will gladly Pay $2, 200 For another Omega to wear but this
    Invicta will be put in the closet until I am over her Death and feel OK
    about selling it because I know she would want me to take it out and
    smash it if she were here but I have to recoup my money for shipping it
    back to me.

    Now It seems to me the company emails are the first letter in their name with the full last name, I haven't gotten any returned mail yet so I think my 100 email a day campaign starts tomorrow and will hit everyone in the company. I'm done being pissed on for a $500 watch. Oh and now they have a BBB rating of ...guess ... F

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  • Om
      Nov 01, 2010

    I have two invicta Pro Divers. One seems to work well after two years (8926). The band is a little on the soft side and scratches to easily. My other watch is a (4508). It has always lost time (2-3 mim a day). I have tried the email route with Invicta but I don't think they ever read them. I have not been able to reach them by phone either. I will not stay on hold for over 10 min. My advice. If you buy Invicta disregard the warranty because their customer service sucks.

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  • Mo
      Nov 12, 2010

    I have had the same experience with Invicta. The new watch I purchased had a screw missing from the bezel. It took 90 days to get a new one. In the interim, after owning the watch for 60 days it stopped working. It got sent in for "service" and returned to me 90 days later. Unfortunately the crystal was cracked. Invicta sent me to FedEx to file a claim. Unfortunately the claim was denied as I was not the shipper. So I called Invicta back and they are now filing a claim. But they refuse to do anything until the claim is decided. In the interim the watch again stopped working.

    Avoid purchasing a watch from these people. The good value comes at a price - poor reliability, abysmal customer service and a total lack of honoring their warranty.

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  • Va
      Dec 16, 2010

    I have been reading all these comments. I am a watch collector and have purchased many Invictas over the years from Shop NBC. My first watch was a chronograph..and I was thrilled with it. Made from high quality stainless steel..kept great time and swiss made. So I bought many others..the original Lupahs..a Speedway..I only buy swiss movements. I bought the original Sub aqua noma ll and pais about $1000.00 for it on Shop NBC. I bought a reserve collection watch that was swiss made and a certified chonometer for more than $900.00 The watch arrived with no paper work. I emailed Jim Skelton the watch host and he put me in touch with Eyal Lalo who put me in touch with another person to give me a new watch. THey were waiting for a shipment from their swiss factory.and took many weeks. For my trouble I was given lots of free Invicta stuff..sunglasses, signed hat, a jacket etc. I finally got my watch and all was fine BACK WHEN INVICTA WAS GOOD!!!. I then got into rolexes and have not watched the watch shows on shop nbc for many years. Now I startd watching again...and I cant believe what I see. The Subaquas are now all quartz and priced in the low hundreds. The reserve collection..which back when did not have a watch that was not automatic nor less than $800.00 are also quartz and cheap. Invicta definatley has cheapened the brand over the years. I emailed the watch host to ask him about it..and of course he did not respond. Invicta no longer has a factory in switzerland..and has their watches assembld where ever. My source is Wikapedia. The Invicta brand I see today is not the brand it used to be. I would NEVER buy another Invicta watch.

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  • Ph
      Feb 14, 2011

    My invicta situation is the same as others. This is the third invicta watch that has to be sent back for repairs. I purchased a subaque chronograph from world of watches/e watches in oct of 2010, one month later had to send it back to them to replace a pin in the bracelet. Wore the watch two times since it was returned to me, guess what looked at the watch the minute and the second hand fell off of the watch . Contacted e watches customer service because I have come to the conclusion the watch is a lemon. They told me to send it to invicta . While placing the watch in the shipping box the bracelet pin falls out .wow. Sent the watch to invicta they sent me a letter stating I have to send them 140.00 dollars for repair or it will be retuned, are you flipping kidding me I am contacting costomer service in the morning and telling them to send me my flipping watch and they can kiss my azz and truthfuly they pull these stunts on the customers because they are not on a face to face basis ... heads up invicta your time is running out.. people are getting tired of the disrespect... you are put on notice... also ewatches /and world of watches keep the shady practice going and you to will run out of time...

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  • P1
      Mar 23, 2011

    I received 4 Invicta watches for various gifts. I must be honest. I really like the watches. I had trouble with one within a month after receiving it and thought it would be no problem to send it in and get it fixed. Therein lies the problem. Customer Service is not only non-exestent, but it is an aggressive, demeaning, insulting, aggrevating experience that is obviously supported by the competition. I am convinced that the employees of the Customer Service department are primarily paid by other watch companies because they effectively make sure the customer has extreme disdain for Invicta by the time they are through. Service charges for a failure in production is outrageous and irresponsible. There also needs to be a notice to customers to insist on a copy of the invoice when receiving a gift from Invicta because you will not have a warranty unless that is provided to the company. Also, the company needs to notify customers that the warranty papers in the case are not to register the warranty and the online registration is a secret unless you look it up and know that it exists from a paranormal experience. It is obvious that the service department is outsourced to another country, thus the service charge and extreme time delay, and they do not speak the English language clearly, nor do they particularly like you and relish your business. I would hope that a company with so much to offer would pay attention to detail that would change extreme disgust in customers to one of loyalty and appreciation for the product.

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  • Jh
      May 17, 2011

    A once very good watch company that has fallen by the wayside of temporary greed. Their practices must be stopped by the consumers, because it would take too long for the government to padlock their doors. I have a total of three watches that I purchased from ShopNBC, that were placed back inside the "signal eye-aching yellow" boxes. I saw a recent show with the Invicta president; such a charletan. By the way, let us not forget the grisly hype-man Mike. Is there some type of international corruption charge{s} that can be brought against these shisters for impersonating good products and business pratices? Whatever happened to the ShopNBC in-house Invicta lapdog Jim? I hope the guy's {president} boat doesn't sink too far from shore or the S1 racer doesn't plow into a crowd of onlookers. The company has to be stopped, the sooner, the better. Alas, I have no intention of trying to make contact with their non-service department again, my loss on the three watches. Word of mouth will never go away.

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  • Bi
      Jun 09, 2011

    well to date I have bought around 35 invicta's of different types and I have not had a problem with any of them...I did get an SAS and lug screw was stripped so I email millie at invicta and the very next day she called me and said they would send me out a new set of lug screws and 1 week later they came in the I dont understand all this bad press that they are getting here...

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  • Mr
      Jul 04, 2011

    Ok I have been reading most of the comments about Invicta service or lack of.
    My Invicta 6930 automatic divers watch( I don't dive) keeps great time while I wear it during the day. As I never take the watch off, my problem is that the watch stops during the night while I sleep. I would assume that enough energy would have been stored up so that the watch would run during the night time.
    I also own a Seiko automatic and a Rolex Automatic with no running problems with those two watches.

    Whats the solution, send it back to Invicta and wait and wait and wait only to be told that "that's the nature of the watch". Not an acceptable answer.

    Any suggestions??? I don't want to spend alot of money getting this watch fixed.

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  • Wa
      Jul 19, 2012

    check out this site. it is new, but guy seems to be really passionate about watches.

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  • Dj
      Mar 29, 2013

    I have a defective Invicta $70 watch from World of Watches that leaked the first time it saw water. Invicta required that I not only pay to return the watch to them at the US address, but they also required that I pay a $28 fee to send the defective $70 watch overseas to be repaired. So now I'm $35 into a repair on a $70 watch. It's been 4 months now since I sent the watch and I still haven't received it back. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE! I discourage everyone from ever buying an Invicta watch.

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  • Fr
      Jun 17, 2013

    I recently purchased an Invicta Minute Repeater. After about 3 weeks one of the function pushers fell off. Luckily I found it. It cost $25 for me to have my watch sent. They state on their website that "Please allow 90 days" for return. They received my watch on 3/13/13. Here it is 6/17/13 and I just received an email that said they shipped my watch today. Does that calculate to 90 DAYS!? This is the second BAD EXPERIENCE I've had with Invicta. I'm done with them. They're not the only inexpensive, high quality watch company. They need to be taught a lesson just like you would teach a CHILD! I'm TAKING MY $watch somewhere else. :)

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  • Ma
      Oct 30, 2013

    I got a 9938, worked great for a few months and the bezel insert fell out. Sent the watch back only to be told after they got it, that it would be gone for three months, cost me 81.00 for something that was their defect- they tried to tell me that bezels were not covered. The warranty doesn't say this, and once I pointed this out, they dropped the price to 30.00. I think waiting three months is excessive and unnecessary to fix a watch, and I asked them to replace it instead. I let them know their policy is problematic, and they were most unhelpful. Even the threat of legal action didn't budge them. I don't get how they stay in business as they just don't care about the customer's time and money. I know the watch was only 350.00, but I think it's appropriate to cost them far more. Papers filed today.

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  • Ri
      Sep 30, 2014

    I bought the Invicta Reserve and within 6 months the band broke and it costs more to fix than I paid for the watch. All the replacement bands online are generic and don't really seem to fit. Customer service? That's a joke, if and when you manage to get thru to them they let you know real quick by their attitude that they don't want to fix anything. You have to pay to ship it back and a charge to 'fix' it but they don't promise to fix it, that's an estimate only. Then they tell you it will be 6 months before they get to it. I may like the looks but I will never buy another Invicta product.

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  • 21
      Nov 14, 2014

    I'm using 8932 model of Invicta, and I am really too happy with it... you can also check my review here Invicta Watches

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  • Gj
      Nov 11, 2015

    I too have had or more precisely having a similar experience with Invicta, I am, actually as I write this on hold attempting for the third time to get them to send back my watch that they refused to cover under warranty when, now get this, the stem fell off. Setting the time and the stem came off in my hand. I was told several times that it was not covered although a technician told me it was incorrect to charge me because the failure is a warranty covered item. I am just trying to get them to return my watch. I refused to pay and have been for the last two months trying to get them to return the watch as is. It was a good thing that I purchased the watch through Amazon. Amazon gave me a credit for the price of the watch and informed me to do whatever I pleased once I got the watch returned. I am not giving up on getting the watch back because I do not want the shoddy business that is Invicta to get away with perhaps reselling the watch as refurbished or some other nonsense. Needless to say I tell ANY and EVERYONE my story and recommend they do not purchase anything from Invicta!

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  • Gu
      Aug 21, 2018
    Invicta - Watch problem
    United States

    Purchase new wacth at inivcta watch mall of georgia in buford georgia brand new watch ask for resize they broke my watch send to warranty same day and after 1 month and half no answer no solution .

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