Intex Queen Airmattressfaulty mattress and defective

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i have had this airbed for about two 12 weeks and while i was asleep the seems ripped and made a big bubble in it and then i was wondering why the air was not holding and there is a rip in the seem in a whole diffrent partof the bed where i bought this bed there is a no return policy so i am loosing out on a nice comfortable bed and and the money i am out on it i would appriciate a response soon abought this so it can not happen to other people and hope fully as a costumer i can please get this problem fixed. i have not slept this well in seven years and i got this bed aired up it was the best sleep i would really like keep using this product

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  • Re
      Sep 17, 2016

    Intex Air Mattress
    Size: Queen
    Style: Delux Pillow Rest Raised w Built-in electric pump

    Product should be investigated for recall.
    While inflating the mattress I heard a loud rip sound on the inside of the mattress than a bubble developed on the right side of the mattress. The mattress was not fully inflated but this area popped out. after deflating and reinflating the mattress the right side raised quickly while the rest of the mattress was still not firm enough to sit in.

    The mattress is about 12 weeks old.

    Both that top and under right side of the mattress extended too quick and the seam had released in that area making the area round leaving less than 50% of the mattress space, which can not be filled to a comfortable firmness.

    Below are pictures taken while the bed was inflating to show the difference in size and firmness

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  • Sh
      Nov 07, 2016

    I also recently experienced the same problem and the number they give to call just has an answering machine. I paid 60 dollars for this mattress and for me thats a lot of money to just dismiss. Intex should be sued.

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  • Ed
      Jan 20, 2017

    i have the same problem the mattress looks like a hot air balloon Intex queen bought 9/10/16

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  • Yo
      Jul 26, 2017

    Intex is a [censor] company I have bought aleast 6 mattresses for the cost of 49$ and tax making it around 55$ by now I could of bought a damn bed but everyone that I have bought a month or two later have been either leaking air or the Seam have popped and I tried to return it but they wouldn't let me I thought it was me messing them up but since I had them mattresses they always [censor] up on me when i only weigh 126

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