International Oddities Inc. Krypto / international oddities is a fluke

LA, United States Review updated:

International Oddities Inc. posted on there web site that the legal herb, 'KRYPTO', Was rated nine out of ten as the best legal herb there is. They also have comments poasted on there web site from people who supposedly used the product and rated it to the highest level, saying, "Between six people, 3 bowls were burned and it made them incapable of driving. I orderd a half for myself based on the 5 star raitings and the excelent comments from people who supposedly used the product. I am half way through the bag and "ABSOLUTLLY" nothing happens. This product is 0% of what they make it seem to be. They dont even come close to distrubiting the product that they clame and something should be done. My comment: DONT BUY FROM INTERNATIONAL ODDITIES Inc. THE COMPANY IS A FLUKE!!!

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  • Pi
      17th of Jul, 2010

    OK, I just received my 3+1 more can special (Krypto, Stunk, A'hia & Skyscraper). In keeping this one short, here's my analogy. This is only the cream or cherry part to the sundae. You need to add "you're own ice cream to it. I'd say 50/50 ratio has been successful for me. Each one is very similar except the A'hia which is not clumped and formed together (an actual plant budding). Only problem is the A'hia gave me nothing as far as an effect. Krypto & Stunk smelled very similar (yes, like potpourri) and after much vaporizing (approx. 15-20 min.) it did bring some relaxation. But mixed w/ the real deal, it was just right. Think of it as sort of an enhancer.

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  • Th
      28th of Nov, 2015

    I ordered a can of Krypto of the International Oddities website well over a month ago and I have yet to even receive a shipping notice. I've looked all over the internet for a number to call and none work. Don't give me the bull**** about how the number is on the site, Let me tell you, it's just an automated recording. They took my money and I didn't et my product

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