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International Oddities / charged me twice

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I used to smoke allot of weed in the 80's (Showing my age right there) and I have always enjoyed it. I only ocaisonally am able to find some these days but when I do, I use it for medicinal purposes; I am Bi-Polar and it is known that pot is the best drug for Bi-polar people and there are many studies to have it legalized medcinaly for this purpose. Getting older, I was concerned with buying illegal drugs so I did some research online for legal alternative buds and came across International Oddities. I decided to place an order, which I really couldn't afford because I am on disability, but my current meds leave me feeling like something is missing so I justified spending $90.00 on legal buds at International Oddities.
I placed an online credit card order (Debit Card from SSD) and was told at the last stage that there was something wrong with my card, do not use your browsers back button but use this button below to go back and try again; so, I did, and reentered all my information...same problem at the end, so, like an idiot, I clicked their button and tried again and got the message that my card was declined. So I gave up, screw it. I decided to look at my SSD debit card online statement and holy crap, I got charged $90.00 TWICE for an order that never went through, I got no confirmation number on their site nor an email saying thank you for your order etc.
Come to find out, after doing research online, International Oddities does this ALLOT and screws people out of money. BEWARE PEOPLE! There are NO refunds at all, PERIOD...even if it is their screw up. There is an 800 number on their site so I called it and had to listen to a 10 minute babble of how wonderful their site is, etc. and finally got to choose 3 choices, how to order online, how to order by mail and press 3 for telephone I pressed #3. I explained my situation to the woman who was actually quite nice despite what I have heard about ### sales people on the phone from this company. She typed something into her computer...for all I know she was typing an email to her mom, and said that she would have them call me to correct the situation. I should have asked who "Them" was but forgot to I guess. So far after 3 days there is no return phone call. There is an email address on their website and I tried that but that is as useless as trying to email the pope.
My SSD debit card statement still shows 2 $90.00 pending cash online payments and the $180 is in cyber limbo and I'll probably never see it again. I did call my debit card company and the only thing they told me was to contact the company and cancel your order...HA, International Oddities could give a CRAP about their customers.
For some reason, like an idiot, I did a ton of research online on International Oddities only after my issue and found that this is common practice for the company because they stand behind their no refund basically they screw you and tuff crap for you. I personally cannot comment on their product seeing as though I never even got to really place my order, but after my online research I have found that their stuff is crap and you might as well open up a tea bag and smoke that because you'll get the same effect...ZILTCH!
There are reputable companies out there that sell great products like where you can buy wild dagga that actually works and costs WAY less, but be careful, MOST of the companies that sell this sort of stuff are fake and sell crap pressed with sugar and water and colored with dye.
So, stay AWAY from International Oddities unless you want to take the chance of getting ripped off of your money with no hopes of getting it back. Sometimes it takes a bite in the butt to learn a lesson!

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  • Lu
      10th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    What I think is funny is that you never even bothered to call back. If that was me I would have called and told them the problem. It baffles me that you wouldn't even raise an issue with them about it. you only called once and that was the end, so if anyhing your dumb fr not even trying to get a solution out of the money you lost...From what I've researched on the internet the competitors company does that a lot. So if anything I don't believe you either you sound just like one of the competitors puppets. Good luck not getting your 180 back. You probably wont since you didn't give an effort. ### I've been on disability and 180 was a lot for me to loose. Not just that I would have been calling them off the hook.

  • My
      5th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Actually I did but forgot to mention it in my complaint. I was never charged for any product in the end and did get ALL my money back credited to my account. Their products are crap and do not work so I am very happy that I was never charged nor received my order. Anyone who wants a legal alternative should try either Red Dragon, Black Dragon or K2 Blonde, that stuff actually works and is amazingly VERY effective.

  • Be
      2nd of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    this company is a rip off and all the comments about them being anything but are from the company itslef read all the other complaints and all the possitive comments are the same. i was STUPID enought to purchase some of thier dro it smelled like chewing tabacco and smoking it was horrible but i didnt stop because i wanted to share with eveyone out there what would happen if you did smoke the stuff for a long period of time. it made me extremely ill and i ended up going to the doctor with complaints of chest pains told him what i was trying and gave him a sample. my doc had it anilized and come to find out there are extremely harmfull chemicals in this [censor] that proplonged use can cause cancer, not reffering to the fact that it is a tabacco based product but the other [censor] they put in it so all in a nut shell if you smoke it you will die!!!

  • Ug
      17th of Dec, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Damn like an idot. I ordered it online and the same ### happened too me. It kept saying oops! that something was incorrect on my debit card. Hopefully they don't ###ing charge me or i'll be ###ing pissed. International Oddities is a complete SCAM!!! I can't believe their actually in High Times Magazines. WT[censored]

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