Intercape / major time delay issue

South Africa

Good day
I would like to lodge a major complaint against intercape and I am very more angry than upset at their timing schedule that they arrive

If a bus is showing on computicket as a certain time then the bus should be there at arrival at that certain time not 2hours later...and this is not the first time this happened...its no use coming in late and saying sorry about it, that really doesn't help at all...people have to be at a certain place at a certain time...that is why they booked that available bus...different case if there was traffic maybe half hour delay maximum due to traffic..but if the office is trying to contact the bus driver or copilot they should answer their phone or check in with 24hour tracking system...not leave the customer in the dark...and secondly their check in system is all messed up...firstly they check that the lines are all in order then they check the tickets at the building door, then at the already delayed bus they check tickets at the bus door then they check the tickets inside the bus by 2 more people, I mean come on...firstly the lines should be arranged such that they be in order...check in should be done at the bus door...that should be it...nothing more...they should get their acts together and work systematically, that is really insane, this is the first time and last I'm taking intercape and I'm not the only 1 that's not taking this bus in future...this email should in fact go to the director or managers eyes for him to see what's really going with this service...url call urself a luxury liner...doesn't mean that that you have to take your own luxury time to arrive.please fix this issue of late arrivals or I will...


Mar 02, 2013

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