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Pretoria, South Africa
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On the 29th of October 2018, I was booked for a bus from Cape Town to Ladybrand at 16:30. I got to the bus late but I managed to get it. I could not go to the office. The driver was kind enough to explain to me that I was suppose to check in and weigh my luggage but since I am late, he will let me check in at the next stop which is Bellville. When we got to Bellville, I got off the bus and went straight to check in and weigh my luggage. I asked the guy who was there if this is what checking in is. He said yes. I am not familiar with these checking in and signing in terms. That's why I asked him. So afterwards, I left the office without going to the front desk. Next thing, I'm sitfing on the bus and a lady comes and says that she has been assigned my seat. We don't argue, she says she will call the intercape lady to come and sort it out because we both do not know what is happening. The lady comes in and asks to cgeck our tickets. She finds that I did not sign in. Now I am even more confused. I let her know that I did check in because I thought they were the same thing. She raised her voice and told me that I did not sign in and it is not the same thing. She rudely told me not to ever just get on the bus. I felt so small. I felt so insignificant because of the way she spoke to me. I cried for most of the trip. I am hurt beyond words because I work in a customer service environment and I know how difficult customers can get, but I am by far one of the most humble people ever. I did not argue with her. I just shrunk in disbelief. I was wrong. I was not going to argue that. I was definately wrong to not sign in but I did not deserve to have someone speak to me that way to a point of crying on the bus.

Oct 28, 2018

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