Intercape / rude, incompetent staff with bad attitudes

United States

On the Sat morning 06th March 2010, I had to collect my fiancé at JHB Park station, upon arrival at park station we waited for the luggage, her suitcase ended up in PTA luggage, when we asked the guy that he must look at the PTA luggage he refused. Then he shouted at me that I am stupid why I put it at the PTA destined luggage. I was not in the bus, Even if I was in the bus who packs the luggage in the compartment, the was no need for insults. He was not planning to stop his insults I then apologized for “incorrectly” placing the suitcase, I then asked him to look for it he refused & told me he’s not going through that entire luggage for one suitcase. He then said I must enter the luggage compartment & search for it since it was my fault, to avoid further confrontation with him I elected to enter the compartment there were not even ten bags remaining. Worst case scenario if it was my fiancé’s fault, no paying customer deserve such treatment, what if I refused to go into the compartment. To think that I was not even in the bus and that the attitude I got, I pity the people who are stuck with such crews for such long hours. needless to say she had an encounter with hostess enroute.

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