Intercape / bad service from employees & manager

Pretoria & Johannesburg, South Africa

I had a horrific experience with intercape, I booked a bus for 13th sept 2018 of which i arrived at the pretoria bus station by 13:15 but i was told the bus had already left a while ago, we were advised to wait for the 4pm bus and check if there will be space for me and my boyfriend. We waited and the bus got there and departed at 16:30 and the told us it was wrong for the sales assistants to keep us waiting until that time, we arrived at johannesburg station at 17:30 there were 4 seats available of which 1 had cancelled and 2 missed the bus and the other 1 to check in at bloem, So the guy who was in charge at Jnb said he had no problem to authorise our travel only needed to speak to the drivers and left us by the laggage, the next thing we see the bus departing without any explanation and he Frans came back and said theres nothing he can do, Just imagine waiting for more than 6hrs thinking you will be help. Ticket number 1309180154WG298
1309180154LE419 service number IM0154 contact number [protected].

Sep 14, 2018

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