IntelNo Display with processor


This is in regards with the issue which i was facing with Intel Processor ( Also Read the Note at the Bottom ) it worked for 2 years as it had 3 years warranty and as i was facing a problem with the processor i send it for replacement because when connected another processor the system works fine hence log a complaint registered with inter, packed the processor properly and personally handed over the box to the consigner the processor also reached to Intel it was under observation for a weak after a weak when i call i was informed that a Capacitor is missing, I also work in computer firm and am aware that if there is a physical damage it would not be replace and when I received the processor I could easily see the capacitor missing which is am sure this happened during the observation or while testing because the processor was absolute fine when I has sent to Intel besides this the Fan which I received was also not of the Right Make and the locking system was broken although I received the shipment late but the box was in good condition but the fan in the box was not right and the processor was having a broken capacitor. When I called Intel they informed sorry we cannot replace the processor as there is a physical damage and also no response for the fan which I had send this is not a good service

Moral of the Note is

*** Pls Click a picture of the processor if any one sends for replacement under Warranty as u never know when u receive the processor in what condition it will be as I forgot to click a picture of the processor before sending no help from Intel hence info mining all to pls take a picture of Processor or Motherboard any parts before sending it for replacement ****

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