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I'm really dissatisfied with the way Intec college has been running things when it comes to two core subjects. This college has really made things difficult for me to finish this course with their incompetence. I tried every resource made available by the college to me but still got no help, thus making me stress and not be in good health. Intec college has failed to live up to their word. My name is itumlemg dipheko Student number :[protected] Course name: computer graphic artist Professional certificate
• Intec gave me a photoshop cs6 book which indicated that I had assignment in the disk provided, the same disk has my study material only to find that there is no assignment and was told I had to book an exam instead, I was told this when I went to student services and asked were the assignment is on the disk was.
• When I checked the exam on Pearson view, the exam I had to write was for a different manual it wasn't for photoshop cs6 which had been given to me by Intec, it was a photoshop cc exam which I had no access to or had being studying with Intec college.
• I reported these two matters and even now I have not received any assistances from Intec.
• I was assigned a student adviser who has not called me since 2016, no e-mail not even guidance on how to go about resolving these issues with intec.
• Intec Gave me an illustrator study material disk which does not work . I can't study or finish illustrator because the disk contains my study material. I logged a complaint and was still not attended even now .im really not happy with the college and it's in competence
• I tried to download the study material on their site [email protected] but its malfunctioning and I tried several times.

Because of the colleges incompetence I have no choice but to take take this matter further

Yours sincerely
Student number: [protected]

Nov 07, 2017

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