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I already complained about Intec not keeping to their promises and giving 10% discount where it is due. Even Karen does not answer my e-mails or calls. She does not even call back on messages that I have left her.

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  • Sh
      Nov 16, 2010

    Intec are just laughing in our faces I've been miss informed, lied to and have had my contract breached by Intec and 1 man alone can't touch intec what suggestions could we come up with in order to make Intec fall or to give them a Bad name. they have not contacted me to date regarding the issues i'm having I've posted on Hello Peter as well as this consumer website but the problem is this is just a complaints website the responses we receive will all be the same as they have an automated system that replies to these types of consumer complaints so we oculd post a million complaints and only get 1 answer we need someone who could lead us in the right direction on how to hit INTEC with a devastating blow that they will battle to recover from basically they are robbing us and we have no feet to stand on a saw another complaint from some poor guy in JHB intec are clever they make sure the study materiel is late cause if you read the claws in the contract cancel with in 14days but it takes the book a month if not a month and a half to come by the time they start stuffing you around and stealing money for a service they not giving its to late these people are clever and have set up the system so you get roped into the contract with no way out.

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  • Sh
      Nov 16, 2010

    Please could somebody Respond to the complaints This type of company cannot continue to operate legally in South Africa they have made jokes of the thousands of people that have waisted money and are still being robbed by Intec this has to stop where are the advisers.

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  • Sh
      Nov 16, 2010

    Intec College - I will not put up with this
    Intec College - BAD SERVICE
    Intec College - Wrong information received by student advisors
    Intec College - Poor service and zero response to queries
    Intec College - This is my third request and no process
    Intec College - Service is non existent and response feedback is nothing short of shocking
    Intec College - Pathetic feedback & no study material

    This Is Just 1 consumer website and look at the complaints do you see a pattern. Intec are known for bad service, lies, miss information, and famous for BREACHING CONTRACTS. Please help.

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  • Ve
      Feb 11, 2019
    INTEC College - No certification for course completed
    South Africa

    I completed my course with Intec college in March 2008, I paid in full at the start of my course, passed all my module and I still did not receive my certification but every month when I call in they promise that my certification will be delivered by end of month and I still have not receive it
    Venisha Maistry

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