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I recently bought the mushbox online. This went through Innersight Trading. Funny thing is soon after Fradulent charges started to hit my account. About 180 total consisting of world of warcraft charges, some stupid guild game charges, and an online ewallet service. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!


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  • Sh
      9th of Feb, 2010

    Excuse me but your statement is totally false and makes no sense.

    Mushbox has been around for over 10 years now and has thousands of satisfied customers. Just because you experienced some fraudulent charges does not mean it has anything to do with Innersight Trading or and the fact that your making this slanderous statement without any real evidence or proof makes it very difficult to believe you.

    If you actually had this happen why didn't you contact Innersight Trading / ? And you can also easily contact your credit card company and report the fraudulent activity and they will immediatly launch an investigation.

    Do you really think Visa and Mastercard would allow a business to use there services and process transactions if they had anything to do with fraudlent situations like the one you describe? Sorry but that is simply not reality. For business to have a valid merchant account and process transactions online they have to be a legitimate business and go through a very strict application process, also every single charegeback and transaction is monitered for fraud so if Innersight Trading / Mushbox actually had anything to do with the fraud they would be shut down and offline.

    So what probably happened is you are either a competitor trying to make Mushbox look bad, or a disgruntled customer who can't put the minium effort in to contact the Mushbox support team to discuss the problem.

    Instead you come online making false accusations that make no sense with no evidence to back it...pathetic.

    If you really want to learn about mycology and growing mushrooms you should checkout forums and you will see THOUSANDS of testimonials from real customers who have had nothing but a positive experience with

    It is truly sad how some people will abuse the internet like this making false accusations... I mean there is nothing wrong with sharing your opinion but you should at least have the common sense to back it up with some facts and evidence.

    I mean seriously!!! do you really think is in cahoots with World of Warcraft? lol.. that is way out there, I wish people like this would be held accountable for there words.

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  • 4m
      24th of Aug, 2018

    @Shroomtalker I Agree with Shroomtalker here. I have had nothing but good experiences and excellent products from them. This complaint and post was a knee jerk reaction which does not reflect well on the poster and damages others. View my comment below as to my two cents worth and experience/recommendations under poster '4myjunk'.

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  • No
      4th of Jul, 2010

    Mushbox has been screwing me around for weeks. Says sent my order...even gave me a tracking #. After 2 weeks the tracking # still shows as billing info received only...Contacted them and they say it was sent out but damaged by UPS. UPS says it was never sent. Tried to cancel the order, they say it was already sent and again gave me a tracking #... A week later the new UPS tracking # still says billing info received and nothing else. They are not a good company and I urge anyone thinking of using them to go elsewhere.

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  • An
      26th of Mar, 2011

    i just got my order after waiting a month for them to ship it then they told me they would give me a free gift i never got 1 plus the mushbox had hair all over it thats nasty there stuff is way over priced crappy and they told me they where waiting on parts yeah right this stuff looks like they went to walmart and got i can't believe they have been in business 10 years. there so slow on shipping and almost stole my money till my lawyer called them. word of advice DO NOT ORDER FROM MUSHBOX.COM/INNERSIGHT TRADING THEY WILL TRY THERE BEST TO STEAL YOUR MONEY and i bet the comment about them being a good web site was from one of there employees getting paid to wright good reviews on sites like this

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  • Sl
      5th of Aug, 2015

    Wow! That was some super seriously bad grammar, man! Nise werk broh!

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  • 4m
      24th of Aug, 2018

    I was looking to contact innersight-trading again as I wanted to do more business, it's been a few years so searching for them on the net I came across this complaint which doesn't resonate.

    I have had nothing but excellent service and products to examine and research from them.

    As far as this fraud report, my 2 cents:

    I have working knowledge of the internet and also Offensive Security ( a more professional name for hacking ), since the early 80's, it's been my business.

    I would have to say that the innersight-trading server(s) that held there critical data such as customers and credit card numbers was compromised by black hackers and the card numbers sold off to someone else who used them.

    I sent CASH and had no problem and was very pleased.

    This may seem risky to some, but it is a far greater risk to send your real information and a credit card number. ALL SYSTEMS CAN BE COMPROMISED not mater if they claim them to be the most secure or not.


    Send Cash:
    If you believe this to be to much of a risk, just don't do it. Have a little faith and trust in people, it works!
    This eliminates the risk of your information being stolen by unorthodox black hackers.

    Never send your real name or credit card information to anyone/company over the net or even over the phone if they put it in a computer and that system is anyway tied into the NET: It CAN be compromised.

    Set up an anonymous email account NOT linked to you for your communications OR just use snail mail

    And PLEASE consider all things and do take all other actions to rectify such as what 'Shroomtalker' above reflects on before posting damaging words on the Internet that can't be taken back.

    They are a good company

    Take care

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