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Many of us have ordered Shroom Talk Magazine from Innersight Trading and they charge the credit card and do not send the magazine. Later they will charge you again without your authorization. If they try to reply and deny this, they are lying.

Go ahead and order from Innersight and see for yourself. You'll get ripped off!! Straight up. Protect yourself and do not order anything from them.


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  • Sh
      Feb 09, 2010 did create a magazine for 3 years but due to several reasons the magazine was cancelled.

    EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER who paid and did not get the magazine was refunded 100%.

    I apologize if you are not happy about Shroomtalk being cancelled and again I apologize if you paid for something and did not get it... but to claim they are making charges without authorization is totally false and not reality.

    If you have a transaction that was not refunded please email [protected] with your information and I will personally make sure it is refunded 100% .

    Shroomtalk is a legit business that had some problems.. it happens.. but NOBODY was ripped off or charged without authorization... if you think this happened to you I am here to fix the problem, just like any reputable and responsible business.

    If Shroomtalk was out to scam you you really think I would be here replying and asking to fix the problem your claiming to have?

    Please prove me wrong!!! send me an order number that is from the transaction!

    I will verify it has been refunded and you are the liar... and if it hasn't been refunded I will initiate the refund immediatly and apologize for the hassle.

    Would a scammer business do this? I don't think so.

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  • Sl
      Aug 05, 2015

    Hmmm...not too sure about this co. When I conducted a simple search for "Innersight Trading" using the DuckDuckGo search engine, it was a glaring SEA of red flags starting at the top result and flowing with negative links one after the other regarding their sites. Almost every link on the (1st) page was referencing ripoffs, scams, fraud, unauthorized charges to credit cards and just about anything else one could imagine; all of these calling shenanigans.

    Having said all this now and just seeing what I've typed out above, I would say that I was initially displaying breathtaking naivety by using the term "not sure". HA! Only a Brobdingnagian dickwagon with stupid shoes and a bad haircut would take this outfit seriously! Keep out! I will whether or not you follow suit, but I WANT you to as well because we have a perfectly clean slate thus far, you and I.

    So I want to do right by you and prevent any harm that may be doled out upon you by such a company that seems for all intents and purposes to be nothing more than a stinking, rotten, greasy mound of maggot-filled, curdled afterbirth in the summer's hot, midday sun, yet on the other hand has been fashioned into the shape of the most beautiful and scantily clothed woman - or man - about whom you've only had the tremendously good fortune to see in your best of dreams, and even then have had the luck to have even caught a glimpse of such a beautiful sight.

    I have to admit that's kinda nice & all, but the stink of this rotten stack would cause me have-heaves & would be SO horrendous I'd likely stay a good 500 yards or more away (or meters if you're into that stuff). And that's IF, and ONLY IF I'm UPwind (I don't say "clad" because it's far too cliche and I'm the first to EVER use any word other than that one following "scantily"). Wait. What? I forgot what I was talking about, but that's one square turd on a Tuesday morn I do not give forth

    Welp, I'm sufficiently beat. War In! ...Oops, I mean Peace Out! (bruh)

    James Olson, King of the Land Where I Stand with a banana in hand...ALWAYS!

    P.S. Seriously though, they do sound really shady and it reeks of fowl play everywhere I turn looking into them. I could have just said that I guess.

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