Infinity - Pinetown - CMH GroupBought an audi a4 on 9 december 2016

I bought a white Audi from Infiniti in Pinetown that broke down 3 times, 1st time in the day I purchased it. These breakdowns were major repairs and there is ongoing repairs which is not expected of a vehicle that went through the test and had a 101 or 80 point check. I repeatedly, from the first breakdown on 9.1.2016 requested the car be returned and to refund me. 10.12.2016 to 14 .1.2017 I did not have use of the Audi but paid due to repairs but paid installments. I telephoned and sent sms messages to Ashlin with regards to the side fender that was damaged and a noise we heard on the driver side but was ignored. Audi Margate was asked to check the noise during the service, but could not determine the origin.
Neither myself or my husband was given an opportunity to test drive the Audi prior to purchase. We took out an extended warranty, tyre insurance, dent and chip insurance and roadside assistance at the time of the purchase because we wanted to secure ourselves. During the course of signing the documents ( a process that lasted about 6 hours and we were exhausted) both my husband (67) and I (60) continually asked Melinda Kapp and Manny da Silva if the vehicle is sound and if the extended warranty will cover any repairs and breakdowns. Both Melinda and Manny assured us that we would be covered for all breakdowns and repairs.
We repeatedly emphasized that we needed a reliable vehicle due to our age and our needs. We were assured that the Audi passed with flying colors, that everything was checked and that there was no need for concern. The Audi had a 101 check done and the vehicle was sound.
We have not received a copy of the 101 or 80 point test in spite of numerous request (I am starting to wonder if this test ever took place) We are not covered for all events of repairs and were deceived in believing that we were. We have not received the spare key in spite of numerous requests for it. The COR test expired and we had to take the Audi back to Infiniti for a second COR test at our expense – waiting for more than 5 hours to have the COR done, the repair on the fender and the noise we were complaining about. Infiniti's workshop could not determine the noise as they "couldn't hear any noise". The number plates and license disc was only installed on the Audi on the 18th of April 2017 when Infinity removed the vehicle from us. (In spite of numerous requests) The break discs on the Audi are worn and would need replacement soon – this is not covered by the extended warranty. The Audi was in an accident – this was information I should have been given as it would have influence our decision to purchase this vehicle. Many kilometers were added to the vehicle due to repairs and up and down to Infinity. Rob Down of Infiniti, admitted during our meeting on 13 April 2017 in Pennington that he did not have a clear conscience regarding the white Audi and that because of that, he was willing to take the vehicle back and help us find a replacement vehicle. I did not want to purchase a vehicle through a back street car sales stand - that is why I approached and trusted Infinity and believed I that they are a reputable company. Infiniti (Jonathan Bisset) now want to "bully" me too accept an Offer to Purchase a Bronze Audi for R289, 990, use the white Audi as a trade in, which is financially not fair at all and an attempt to financially exploit us. The Bronze Audi was up for sale to the public by Pennylane Motors for R249, 990 - R25, 000 deposit and R5410 x 54 months. Infinity wants me to used the white Audi as trade in, plus I have to pay an additional R30, 000 deposit, R5258.96 x 60 months, plus a balloon amount of R84, 000. I objected to this offer during a phone call with Jonathan Bisset who became angry and upset because I did not want to accept this. He raised his voice and would not give me an opportunity to say anything. He told me that I either accept the deal (OTP on Bronze audi) or they will repair the white Audi and bring it back to me. The Audi is still under the seller's mandatory 6 months warranty as per the CPA Law. I do not want the white Audi back - it is a defect vehicle that was also involved in an accident (confirmed by Margate Panelbeaters). Infiniti did not inform me that the vehicle was in an accident. The noise we complained about, has now come full blow and Audi Margate diagnosed it as a suspension problem on the side front, where the accident took place. I would not have bought the vehicle if I know it was in an accident. We were also informed by Audi Margate that the break discs will soon have to be replaced. The suspension repairs were not covered by the extended warranty we took out by Infiniti. It is 29 March 2017 - 11 days since the white Audi was taken from us and leaving us without transport. (again)

Your urgent intervention will be appreciated.

Kind regards

Apr 28, 2017

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