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Infinity Dish


false advertisement

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United States
Infinity Dish advertises the following for Dish Network:
“Free Activation ($99 Value)”
“Free up to 6 Room Installation”
“Free HD for Life”
“Free Room 2 Room HD-DVR Upgrade ($6/mo DVR service fee applies)”

We called and asked very specific questions because we have 2 HD televisions. We wanted the “whole house” DVR service as advertised by their competition, and we made it very clear that that is what we wanted or the equivalent. We asked very specifically to verify free activation, if that was for 1 or for both televisions. We asked very specifically to very installation, if that was for 1 or for both televisions. We asked very specifically about the HD-DVR and if the $6 DVR service was total or for each television. We were told that the activiation, installation, and service fee would be for both televisions, with $3/month for the DVR service for 12 months, with the cost going to $7 per DVR per month after one year.

It was a different story when the installers arrived. The installation order was only for one HD DVR and for one standard television. There were 3 separate calls to Dish Network and Infinity Dish. The “best” offer to get what we thought we were already getting was to pay an additional $99 for activation and an additional $17 per month for the 2nd HD DVR. I consider this a serious breach in “truth in advertising”, and I can’t imagine how $17 additional per month translates to “Free HD for life”. I currently pay only $10.95 for HD DVR service with cable, and certainly do not intent to pay more when all of the Dish Network advertising claims state that they save you money over cable television. They are guilty of false advertising, and we were almost pressured into paying more.

Watch out for these people. DO NOT trust Infinity Dish or Dish Network.
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N  14th of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Yes, same thing happened to me with Infinity Dish!!! Very specifically says "2 Room HD DVR Upgrade", "FREE service on second TV", "Free Activation ($99.99 Value)", "The most HD channels in the business", "Highest quality picture in the business", "Rated #1 in Customer Service"... In fact no where on this page does it say anything about only one TV being HD and one being just standard. In fact no where does it even say the word "standard" anywhere on the page!! But when the technician came to install that was the first and only time ever that I was told that only ONE of the two TVs is HD! THIS IS BLATANT BAIT & SWITCH ADVERTISING!!! And when I talked to several different tiers of customer service, the best I could get was, "Well if you want HD in two rooms then you need to pay an additional $99 up front cost and then an additional $10 per month rental fee for the additional box". QUITE SIMPLY I ORDERED 2 ROOM HD DVR UPGRADE AS A PART OF THEIR CURRENT PROMO PACKAGE BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU GET!!! BEWARE... I cancelled the service while the technician was there out of principle alone, that is simple wrong and pisses me off... beware of Infinity Dish and Dish Network... slimey business practices folks!
N  23rd of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have a complaint about you wanting to charge for moving the dish when it is on the ground and needs to be moved to the roof. The people next door park beside it and blocks the signal. When the signal is blocked we can't watch tv. We are paying for something that we can't use. Please get this fixed asap without a charge.
N  5th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am responding on behalf of Infinity DISH. We experience some of the highest customer service ratings amongst all DISH Network service providers. We are sorry to hear that your experience has been less than ideal and would like to talk with you to see how we can help you out. Please call us at 1-877-382-1302.
A  8th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Infinity dish perform the same rip off tricks that the bank do on a everyday bases.Infinity dish charges you for a Finder fee. For all that I would have gone directly to dish network for free. Any way to make some money. If you are sell dish products use dish policies.
A  21st of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
dish network doesnt charge anything for installations. and reps for infinity does not inform customers that they have to pay an activation fee when they sign up. causing upset customers and havong dish netwrok pick up their trash, !!!
A  9th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
Infinitydish is a scam. The owners know the ads are misleading, but still allow them to be published. Their agents work off of commission so they will say and do anything to make the sale. Be very careful giving your credit card information, as the agents will charge your card on another customers account because they copy and paste the credit card information as well as write the info down which is a violation of PCI compliance. Go thru DISH directly it will save you money
A  6th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
We were also scammed by this company. After setting up work order with Infinity, I was little curious about the $49.95 fee and did some research online. There were so many complaints about this company and we also came to find out that if you sign up directly through Dish Network you don't have to pay that processing fee.

So, we called Dish network immediately (within 24 hrs after setting up the work order with Infinity ) and cancelled the work order and got the refund for the programming charge that was charged by Dish Network. But they sad they couldn’t refund the processing fee since it was charged by their third party retailer INFINITY DISH or INFINITY SALES GROUP. So, I called Infinity to ask for my refund and they kept transferring the call to the Dish Network customer Service and even hung up my call few times.

After, wasting about 100 minutes of our cell phone minutes going back and forth between Infinity and Dish customer service, I had had it. I was pissed…I mean really pissed. I was motivated to do anything possible to get my money back. To be honest, it wasn’t even about the money anymore, it was about what is right and what is wrong. So, if you really want your hard earned money back from these thieves, here is what you need to do.

a) Dispute the charge with the credit card company or the bank claiming it was a fraud charge since you can’t get hold of anyone at Infinity.

b) Filed complaint at Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org. Type in your zip code and then click on File a complaint. Then keep following the on screen steps. When asked about the company you want to file complaint against, Type: Infinity Sales Group, LLC, P.O. Box 810491, Boca Raton, FL 33481. Then, write briefly what happened. Make sure to ask for the refund and also write that you want Infinity to remove your name, address and credit number from their data base. Don't forget to submit your complaint.

c) Also, file complaint at (www.infsalesgroup.com/contact). This is Infinity (or Info Sales Groups) legal website. It took me a while to find this out. Briefly write down what happened and ask for your refund. Make sure to include your name, address and the dish acct number the sales guy gave to you through the phone.

D) Lastly, EDUCATE, EDUCATE! Tell everyone you know (friends, family, neighbor, blogs...etc) about your horrible experience with Dish Infinity so that you can save them from getting ripped off.

I hope this helps
A  21st of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Yes I agree, I was also ripped off by them, I was actually told there were no box rental fee's, and no mention of the $49.95 charge, but HELLO, they did, and there are rental fee's.. and spent hours as you said to get transfered everytime to Dish network, or hung up on...
N  2nd of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
We were charged two "processing" fees on the same day and when I tried to contact Infinity 4 diffrent times there was no answer after letting the phone actually ring on speaker phone for 5 minutes. No voice mail system - nothing. I carefully checked to see if I called the correct number - YES! I called customerservice for Dish Network only to find out that "Infinity Dish" is a 3rd-party installer and they have absolutely no way of reaching them. I did an online chat with "Michael" and he gave me the same number, assuring me that Dish Network only charges the monthly fee. I had been reassured by David emp# 6368 on 6/25 that the total charge for our first month would be $114.61 - 3 tv's all HD, etc., etc. I am very angry that noone at Dish can contact Infinity Dish - period! If they are contracted to Infinity and have to arrange with them to install, then why can they not contact them? We are now going to the bank to protest the second charge and contacting our attorney for breach of contract.
N  14th of Aug, 2015 by    0 Votes
I HATE to see this happen to people by a Company!! Go to RIPOFFREPORT.com and MAKE a COMPLAINT...Also, I FILED A COMPLAINT with my Banking Institution (Credit Union). They have a FRAUD DIVISION and WILL "go to BAT" for you too! I DID CHANGE my Debit Card # (at NO charge) as well so they could NOT withdraw any more MONEY !!!.
I used them about a month ago when a Skin Care Company was charging me for product I had NOT received. Well, "RipOff" got me my MONEY BACK as well as SHIPPING Charges and FREE PRODUCT too! :)

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