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Indymac Bank / mortgage

1 MI, United States Review updated:

We fell one month behind in our mortgage w/indymac. When my husband called to make payment arrangements, the nice young man on the phone told him that there was really nothing that they could do til we were 3 months behind. When a person is 3 months behind, then there are a bunch of things they can do, so just wait, don't pay and call back then. Little did we know that the bunch of things they could do would be - put your name in the paper under list of foreclosures. Then give you the option to walk away with no place to live and no credit or pay an extra $500 a month for the next year to catch up - oh and by the way, it would be best if you could wire the money (only $70 for that transaction) if you can't do that, make sure that it is certified funds because we won't take your personal check.
Talk about bad business practices, I sure want to know if their professionals did this to anybody else out there.

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  • Bi
      8th of Feb, 2009

    I agree the same thing happen to me.

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  • An
      7th of May, 2009

    Looks Indymac is up to its old tricks. Scandalous! Just plan scandalous! Something needs to be done!

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  • Da
      24th of Oct, 2009

    not exactly the same situation but the same tactics. what was the final outcome and how can this stop! All I want to do is payoff my entire loan and they are not allowing me to do so! They refuse to give me a payoff and I sold my home awhile ago now! [protected]

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  • Pa
      4th of Nov, 2010

    Here is the letter I sent to our friend IndyMac Bank today:

    Dear Ms. Huebner,

    Please forward this to your President and Vice President.

    I am complaining because IndyMac Bank gave me their attorney's telephone number on Thursday as their attorney's fees on my home's foreclosure for 10 days were $4, 500...I have called and recalled and all I get is an answering machine at the law office...I have now left 3 messages...Doesn't he need to be reported to a bar association?

    On Thursday 10-28-10 I could not access my online account, so I called your bank and was told that the reason was because my home had been placed into foreclosure. I have been working with IndyMac Bank's loan modification program since March 2010 as I have had a job loss with a reduction of income. I called the bank on 10-18-10 to be sure they had received my house payment. They said they had not, however my bank statement reflected it had come out...There is always a one day turn around time...They asked me to fax a copy of the bank statement to them. I did and recalled them to be sure they had it, and they acknowledged receipt of the payment. Today 10-28-10, they told me that they may still determine that I am unable to make my house payments and put me into whose authority? What's the rule? You received a payment ON OR BEFORE a 90 day cut off period. The first person I talked to on Thursday said I was behind $1, 799...That is 2 payments plus late fees.

    On Friday, I called back and asked for a repayment plan. Someone there gave me estimated numbers and told me a repayment agreement would be next day aired to me and that I should receive it on Monday.

    I called back on Monday and was told that this had not been done and that recalculation would need to be made...The guy gave me the numbers and promised to send the agreement out next day air AGAIN...Mind you, everyday the figures go up!

    Tuesday, I called back as I had not received any paperwork...Mind you, I don't even have anything saying the home is in foreclosure...I was told that both Friday and Monday two different people had made a mistake and NOT HIT THE CALCULATOR BUTTON...I asked to speak with a supervisor...The person on the phone told me that, "THIS IS NOT A SUPERVISOR ISSUE!"...I told her to let me speak to her supervisor and I finally got to a supervisor.

    His figures for a 1 day difference were $200 more a month...The other guy had told me that I had a reserve...and I think this supervisor did not calculate the reserve...

    Also, I have received a letter from a company stating that my loan may have been overcharged and miscalculated by several thousands of dollars...It may be a scam...I don't know...However, I would like to ask for an audit of this account.

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