Indian Army / crrouption in army

1 Nasirabad, India

Criminal Indian army officer
Complaint against corruption in Army saving tainted Lt Colonel Ramendra Dutt Sharma IC- 54524P posted in Firozpur cantonment Punjab- judicial court framed charges u/s 33, 341, 392 & 34 of IPC & Supreme Court of India confirmed the cognizance u/s 323, 341, 384 & 120IPC. High Court of Rajasthan Jodhpur confirmed that he conspired for extortion. The summery of the case is- The judicial court of Ajmer framed charges against this officer IC- 5452P u/s u/s 33, 341, 392 & 34 of IPC and bailed him out with heavy security. The district and session court confirmed the legality of charges on the revision of this accused (published in Hindustan Times Jaipur edition dates 9 August 2013) The accused IC – 5452P is also facing charges of extortion and criminal conspiracy in judicial court. The Rajasthan High Court Jaipur and then Supreme Court of India maintained the cognizance against the accused in 2009. The Rajasthan High Court of Jodhpur in 1019/ 2005 order dated 20 December 2011 clearly stated that he used the signed blank papers to file false complaints. the support of the army is- The accused IC 5452P use army organization for threatening witnesses who have filed affidavits in the concerned court. The accused recently threaten me- the victim for murder to withdraw the cases. The army organization also sending certificate of the accused IC- 5452P in courts and also stating that the accused is busy in operation to save the country and therefore unable to attend the dates. the question is- Whether an army officer charged by the court in such heinous crime could serve the nation perfectly? Whether the army cantonments are made for officers to conspire to temper the witnesses as the Ajmer and Nasirabad cantonments are used by the accused IC- 5452P ? Whether the Indian army does not initiate explanations from such tainted officer who influence civil authorities on behalf of martyrs? .Now army saving kin of this criminal on the money of Indian tax payers

May 9, 2014

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