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I have purchased indesit washing machine (iwb 6103 eu) from sri lankan duty free shop last year and kept under the packing till last month. When I started to use it worked fine for a month and suddenly stopped working.
I immediately called the authorized dealer in sri lanka ie. Huntere & co plc so they sent a technician to check the appliance. Once he checked he found out that the circuit board got short circuited due to one gecko gone inside, so the circuit board has to be replaced.
Been an owner of national panasonic fully automatic washing machine for last 12 years this time I went for indesit because of the brand name and the trust I had for the indesit about the quality, following are my question about my problem…
1. In this washing machine there is an opening at the bottom and there is no protective mesh or any thing comes with it, been a fact of tropical country sri lanka, there are lot of domestic pests/insects can be found which cannot be avoid, so I feel this is a major design fault for tropical country products of yours (national panasonic, sharp, whrilpool etc. They have plastic protective cover for their similar appliances).
2. When I asked about this from authorized dealer they said that they have already informed manufacturer about this design bug but seems they never looked in to it. They said that they are advising the customers who are buying from them to install metal mesh in to the bottom, for my bad they forgot to inform this while I was purchasing (but altering the original structure…. I feel this is a joke for brands like indesit)

Now I have to replace the circuit with my expenses due to design fault of a manufacturer hardly one month used appliance.
Seek your kind advice for may case.

Dec 15, 2014
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  •   Oct 29, 2008
    Indesit - Awful quality product
    United States

    Near enough the entire fridge freezer on this model has rusted from the inside out in under 5 years. It now looks 25 years old, and we have been forced to purchase another fridge freezer yesterday. Needless to say, it WASN'T an Indesit!

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