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Imagine Credit Card / Unauthorized billing

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I've been dealing with this company for well over a year and about 4 months into it I keep having problems with this charging me ridiculous late fees due to a bogus claim by them that I gave them the wrong checking account number.

The latest claim from them was once again they claim I gave them the wrong account # over the phone and they refuse to waive the late fee, I told them I wanted to speak to a supervisor and they finally did and the supervisor basically said I lied and gave them the wrong account # even though they have been withdrawing my monthly payment from the account # I have given them for months now, and all of a sudden they claim it's wrong? The customer service people for this company like a lot of these ### have been outsourced to India and I can barely understand a word they are saying.

I told them I will be transferring my balance to a better company and they closed my account and reported to the credit bureau that I was late when I have NEVER been late one time with this card.


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  • Si
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    I am Clare Casuto. I too was screwed over by my Imagine. However, I am an IT professional with a 170 IQ. I spent the entire weekend gathering this information. This is the only mission I have in life and that is to help all of you get some satisfaction. You might not get money, but you will have a chance. If enough of us go after them, maybe they will change their evil ways. I am a decorated military officer with a heart condition. They did their bit to me one day after I was home from cardiac surgery, so I am happy to do the work.
    They told me too bad about your heart. Nice.

    Call and work fast, because they might change things. If they do, email me and I will do the work again, but they will have to change their whole business to stop us. Just do me the favor of telling them Ms. Casuto sent me somewhere in the mail. Sometimes you are put in a position to help others and this is my chance. So, here you go:

    Here are all the email addressses. Some of them will bounch back, but the majority 85% will get through:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    The CEO is Alonzo Primus. His number is 215-735-4442. Use 9 to get the company directory and enter ALON #. You will have the option for "Alonzo Primus, press 1. Wait for his email to come on. If you go to the end, you have the option to reach him by cell phone.

    You can also dial the same number and hit ext 5975 for his admin.

    You can dial 770-828-2190 for Mr. Ryan their lead customer service person.

    If enough of us call and write, maybe they will change. At least they will know what they have done to us.

    I will do the work on this. You just protect yourself. This is wrong, and maybe they finally messed with the wrong person.

    Work fast, call each extension. Use email too. Tell your story. Don't quit. I found all of this information publically. It took a while, but it is all legal. So, you have a route now.

    If they block your email, post it here. I will instruct on how to get around that. Again, it is legal.

    You can also reach Paul Frenkiel at the number above. Just spell the name. Some names are enter the first name. Some are enter the last name. Just listen and follow the instructions.

  • Ka
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    I've been with Imagine for over a year now and I called in April to stop all further debits from my checking account and the guy I talked to said that it was taken care of and that I had nothing to worry about. Then today I check my account and they took out another payment! I called them and tried to dipute it and let them know that I had already called in April and the guy "Frank' said they had no record of me calling and stopping the further payments, just that April was stopped. I got soo pissed. He pretty much told me I was screwed and that he couldn't do anything. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me that there wasn't anyone around that could do anything for me. I asked if he was kidding and he said no. I couldn't believe it! He told me that he had stopped any further transactions from my bank account. I told him I hope so because if he thinks I was mad now... So I'm done with this company and I advise ANYONE that is thinking about getting a credit card with this company DON'T DO IT. You'll get screwed!

  • Ja
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Thank you for the phone number's above. I have tried to call them but the first one provided ( 215) 735-4442 is a residence. I have left a message for Mr. Ryan to call me back on the other number.

    I can't get anywhere with Imagine. I have been a cardholder since 2007 and always been on time. When I recently changed my draft date for Aug 2009, they got me for a late charge and nsf funds??? They cancelled my card? I'm sooo mad about this and every time I call they are scripted and don't transfer me to anyone in the u.s. I'm scared for my credit!!! I had bearly got it to got up a bit and by defaulting on this card is just going to bring me back to square one!!! I DON'T WANT TO DEFAUT!! I have good intentions to pay, it's just that they raised my min. payment triple and is completely out of my budget. What can I do??? Someone please help!!! Does anyone have any contacts that I can call directly and get this straighten out????

  • El
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    I just called Imagine to ask why my card was declined. I had just paid the card in full 2weeket a s ago for $437.00. They just told me that there is no more Imagine and everybody's account is closed. I could kick myself for paying everything in full. If I had only sent the minuim I guess I would have been safe since they are not accepting anymore payments. Obviously they knew they were closing but never gave any notice and took my money easily. They have always had the worst site which was always a problem to send a payment. I could never read the back of the card. When I would use the site to pay most of the time it would never go through and they would never comtact me and say there was a problem. I would find out myself when I checked my bank account. I realized early on that this place was hookey, but having gone trhough a financial disaster this was the only way I could get a card even though it was secured and biold up my credit. I always paid on time and gave them $250 in the begining and now had a $700 line of credit. Obviously they are a screwed up company but I am sure they made a lot of money off of people who were trying to straightne out there credit. The worse part was when you called and tried to speak to someone. Nobody had a grasp of the English language. That was always horrible. I know everyone was from India. Some of my closest friends are from India. When your doing business in America I think you have to have people who can slearly speak the language, whether ist's English, Spanish, French, or Swaihelli.. This is disgusting.

  • Se
      5th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've been an imagine cold holder since May of 2007 and I had the misfortune of using the card for the very first time in the winter of 08'. An emergency arose and I decided to unfortunately max out my credit limit ($1000), thinking that I'd just pay down the debt quickly by doubling the monthly payment. Since December 08 to the present, I've consistently paid $50 on the card each month.

    I am currently trying to purchase a home and assumed I'd just pay of the debt in it's entirety, when I discovered that as of today my current balance is " $ 8 6 5 " ????? I discovered that there was a monthly maintenance fee of $15; but that still doesn't justify the current balance, when I should only owe ($ 6 8 5 - taking the maintenance fee into consideration)

    I Also discovered today, like so many others, that my account has been closed w/out notification??? WTF -

    I called the customer service department ( based in India ) and they don't even have access to my accounts payment / transaction history) and when I got transferred stateside, after being on hold for over two hours, I eventually gave up.



  • Sm
      4th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Imagine Credit Cards has charged my bank account with an automatic debit and I don't even have an account with them. $75.00! There are ways to dispute this charge with my bank, but I think it is very bad business to charge people fradulently like this. Mistake or not, I shouldn't have to go through the stress and time to repair the damages they have done to my bank account. This seems like a very shady company and it is true that their customer service has been outsourced to India (this is an assumption I made based on the accents of both the customer service rep and his supervisor, but come on...isn't it obvious?). I hope that people do their research before subscribing to this credit card because this company's practices ought to be illegal.

  • Tj
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    I have had a huge balance with Imagine for several yrs.I only pay whn i want to as my Bal. to begin with was 92.00 and it went up to almost 900.00 sio i quit paying... been making payments off and on...So today they called and told me that they were going to take 32.00 from my account and charge me 9 more dollars .. I told them not to do that and i would mail payment in... They are a rip off and my son is going thru the same thing...started with 92 and end up almost 900 if not more...someone needs to stop them.

  • Ed
      7th of Jan, 2012
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    i too have a problem with image. however i do own them 300.00 it has been reported on my credit for at least 1 year but there is no contact number not on the credit report or on the website. i disputed it and i'm wayting to get an answer i'm willing to pay what i own but to who?????????????

  • Je
      2nd of Dec, 2014
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    My husband starting receiving phone calls from Imagine this week at work. We have never had an Imagine credit card. The company claims they will be serving papers to summon my husband to court. How can we prove that we never had this card?

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