iHerba full refund

I placed an order on the 13th of october 2018 on iherb website ordering a list of sublimations the order contain 8 items with a subtotal of 409.5 usd and shipping fees of 89.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in California City, CA5 usd and the order number is [protected] I provided the website with my full address and made sure is 100 % correct before I place my order around 2 weeks later my order has arrived but unfortunately to a different location that has nothing to do with the address I provided to the website so I contacted the customer service agents to tell them that they have sent my package to a wrong address and that im not contacting them for a refund all what I want is my package to be delivered to my correct address since the package is in the same country but in a wrong city which I cannot reach to due to a politics issues between my city and the other city that has my items they told me they will get back to me and made me wait for a week with no follow up then I contacted them again to follow up on my issue but they kept on procrastination with no updates at all I contacted them 14 times so far and they still giving me nothing at all in my last email I asked them for a full refund and that im no longer interested in this items anymore and I want my money back and them reply was I have to wait because they still working on my issue!! Its been one month and few weeks already and they still asking for more time to resolve a very silly issue /

Nov 27, 2018

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