IFB Washing Machine / IFB Washing Machine Pathetic Service

Bangalore, India

I have filed the complaint of Line tripping while I turn on my Washing Machine, back in October.

The Service person on the first visit itself, made me buy an AMC of 2697/-.

Even though, he said he will come back in 2 weeks time with the spare, I had to wait and make repeated phone calls for him to finally appear again. It was a fun ride since then, because the different technicians will appear, and they wouldn't know what the problem was, and made me replace pretty much everything from the Motor to the Rubber band and various other things.

Finally, it was apparently a wiring problem that caused the wire to trip. But, 5 days after him fixing the problem, it started tripping again, and since then I am making so many unsuccessful attempts at reaching IFB Service persons, from Mr. Rao in their customer service center to Area manager Mr. Sooraj. They all turned out to be incompetent to fix the issue, because while on call they will give various commitments of calling me back in 1 hr to technician visiting same day. But, none of it has happened so far, and my painful wait has been continuing for the past 2 months.

Complaints history:
No. [protected] registered on 29/10/2014
No. [protected] registered on 11/11/2014 (Finally attended on 27/11/2014)
No. [protected] registered on 11/12/2014

Currently, I am looking to buy another Washing Machine, but that is definitely not IFB. This is also my humble request to all customers to shun IFB products, because their Service and Support is non-existing.

I am placing a request for them to return my AMC, and refund my amount, because they failed to honour the conditions in AMC.

Dec 15, 2014

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