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I had registered a complaint regarding the non-functioning of my oven (TKT number: [protected]) on 4th March 2017. From there since I have been following up with customer care team and must have made more than 12 calls but till now my issue has not been resolved.

In this period, customer care has given me the number of technician, service in charge, head of the service but either the phones are switched off or nobody is picking up the phone.

Even I spoke with two supervisors, Neva and Pooja, they both said, they will call me after 2 hrs but I never got a callback.

I never expected this kind of pathetic service from IFB. It's really shameful.

Disappointed Customer,
Swadesh Sharma

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • IFB Industries Customer Care's Response, Apr 03, 2017

    Dear Swadesh

    Thank you for sharing details with us. We will connect with you shortly to resolve the issue. Appreciate your patience


  • IFB Industries Customer Care's Response, Apr 04, 2017

    Dear Swadesh,

    Hope your issue has been resolved. Do write to us if you require further assistance.


Apr 01, 2017
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  • Ib
      Apr 03, 2017

    Hi swadesh

    There after sale service is pathetic. I have the similar experience with the service team, below is the details. Let every one know how IFB treat its customers once the product is sold by sharing the fb page


    Registered Mobile No.: [protected]
    Name: Amtul Quddos

    I would like to bring to your notice the harassment I am facing due to the negligence of IFB customer care and technical team.

    As I wouldn't be staying at home so I thought IFB would be a reliable brand for my parents and also I was assured service at door step for my location. My parents were noticing more than normal vibration in the washing machine. So I had raised this complaint many time but my parents always complaint, firstly as my location is in the rural area of Gurdaspur either the technician is not well trained or is not interested in serving in this area. Secondly they have always notice this thing your technician is more interested in selling the accessories like descaling power etc. I guess either there is margin for them to sell it or this is the only thing they know.

    Recently I was at home, and I also notice abnormal vibration and noise. I had raise complain for this, there was a technician visit. He didn't bother about the noise and vibration but was selling descaling powder. When I insisted He checked the machine again and told me as one of the machine feet is broken its due to this. He told me we will bring the machine feet next time and will fix it. I waited for 1 week but he didn't return. So I called the customer care on 9th March to my surprise they told me, my complaint was closed without confirming with me. The customer care guy assured me there will be an engineer visit within next 24 hrs and the broken feet will be replace without cost.

    From 9th March I keep calling customer care almost without missing any day but no one care. Finally engineer visited on 1st April (22 days come back time) then he told me it is not the feet which is broken but the screw in the cabinet is broken. ( I am not surprise that the dialogue by the first technician was wrong but it show how well trained are your so called technicians) Instant of fixing the real issue of cabinet He replace all the four foot of the Machine and handed me a bill of 1186. I told him the guy from your customer care has told me it wouldn't be charged on me. He told me to call customer care and to my surprise customer care guy told me they don't maintain any log.

    It really unprofessional and disappoint I can never trust IFB again for any product. Let me list down issue you need to fix in your support services:

    1) Complaint raise on 9th March but engineer visited on 1st April. How can 22 days be justified as the reliable customer support
    2) I didn't get this your customer care don't maintain a log of conversations or the person I was talking to fooled me.
    3) Your technician are not well trained. In the rural area they first send the untrained people to diagnose the problem then they wait so that there will be three or more complaint in the same area.
    4) How can you close a complaint ticket without confirming with the customer. My complaint was close without fixing the feet without checking with customer . Now they have changed all the 4 feet without solving the real issue

    On 1st April I have video graph the complete engineer visit. if you want I can share it with you. For the time been I am sharing the screen shot of bill and the some snapshot from video. Please look into this and try to close it asap.

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