IFB / charged for free service of 1.5t dc inverter ac

kochi, IN
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This is the second time im registering a complaint as it wasnt resolved earlier. I had bought an IFB 1.5T DC inverter AC and I was supposed to get 3 free services. only one free service I got despite people in IFB assuring us to give 2 more free services, and told they would come by themselves we neednt call them. But none of them came. later there was a minor block in ac outlet pipe. The person who came to do free service charged 590 rupees. We had told him we didnt get free service. He told we will get it refunded by company if we give a complaint. He went off without even giving a bill. Later we complained. The lady in the customer care enquired to him about this and she told company wont refund, he will give that money back to us. he called us and told he would give us back the money. after 2 weeks he came with the bill, which is dated the day he came earlier for service. He told the amount (590 rupees) has been cut from his salary and told us to complain once more, the company would refund. when we called the customer care in this area the lady told company wont refund, he will have to give us the money. Such a shame on the way the workers in IFB try to fool people.. strict action must be taken against such frauds.
I require the amount I was charged for free service back ASAP, whether that person should give or company should give isnt my concern.
date he came for service:3rd november 2017
date he gave bill:23rd november 2017

Nov 23, 2017

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