IERFVery unprofessional service

N Review updated:

Do not sent your documents for evaluation to IER[censored] You will waste your money and time.

This company evaluated my Diploma. They do not have any guidelines and no policy and have no idea about the education system in different contries. The evaluation was done by only one person, who had no idea about the education system in my country. The evaluation report was done very unprofessionally and has incorrect and inaccurate information. On my request to reevaluate my Diploma again the same person who evaluated the Diploma sent me a letter that Review Committee decided that the evaluation was right. So, the only one person evaluated the diploma and then the same person was a "review committee". I was trying to call them and the answer was that they do not care about any education systems and it is only their own judgement how they evaluate which is not based on anything and if I do not like it is my problem.
So, I wasted 185$ and now will have to find another agency.


  • J
      Aug 25, 2009

    Absoluiely accurate! Same thing happened to us. This place is scam city.

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  • R
      Sep 10, 2010

    Their "certification" is only good for two years, after that you have to pay again, like your degree melted away just because is summertime.
    This is akind an extortion, those guys should be put out of business just to protect the public. Crooks!!!

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