Ideal Image/Laser Hair Removaldoes not work

My husband has been going to Ideal Image for over 2 years. He paid over $6000 for laser hair removal on his back. He said it is very painful. Ideal Image suggested some numbing cream that he could order and put on before his treatments. He has to order it from Florida for $40. There is only enough for 1 treatment. So he has paid over $6000 plus $40 each visit for the cream. He has not been allowed to take his shirt off when he is outside for the 2 years either. They told him if they see any tan at all on his back or neck they can not do the treatment because it will not work. The whole reason for the hair removal was so that he would be able to take his shirt off in the summertime and not be embarrassed about the hair on his back. He had his last treatment a few months ago and already all of the hair is back. ALL OF IT!!! He went to them for another visit to show him his back and they said he will have to have more treatments. That means more PAIN & NO SHIRT OFF AGIAN THIS SUMMER. IDEAL IMAGE IS A HUGE RIPOFF. They should not be in business!!! I wish they would just give us our money back. They advertise that there hair removal is guaranteed. Everyone needs to get together and sue these people for false advertisement and pain and suffering!!!

Feb 04, 2015

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