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A few months ago a woman claiming she was from Konica Minolta called to tell me that our toner prices were going up, and that they failed to send a notice in the mail. She said she could supply me with toner to last into the new year at the same price we're paying now. I believed her, and she had some guy fax over a confirmation. I got the fax, and at the bottom of the sheet was IDCSERVCO. Konica Minolta was scrawled across the top of the sheet. It looked very suspicious. I googled IDCSERVCO, only to find countless complaints with the very same stories like mine. I also called Konica Minolta to confirm they don't do business with these guys. They, in fact, do not go through anyone else to sell toner. The guy who faxed me kept calling me to make sure I sign the sheet and fax back. I told them KM doesn't do business with them, and the Better Business Bureau has given them a rating of F. They guy sounded surprised and hung up on me. I also filed a complaint on the BBB, and got a phone call from some guy named Snodgrass. He kept me on the phone for a while trying to explain that what they do is not unethical. I obviously didn't buy it. Funny thing is, I told my boyfriend about this, and last week he got a very similar call! The rep claimed they were from Konica Minolta, and he told them they don't even have a KM at the office. They hung up on him. What a great way to do business, SERVCO! Beware of them. Always look into something like this before buying or signing anything!

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  • Da
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    Received the same call, they claimed they were with Tascosa Office Machines (our service co.) and got the make and model number of the copier. Then another person called a week later with the same story about how they were sorry they didn't get it to us but they will give us the toner at a discount. All they needed was an order acknowledgement. They faxed it, and were going to charge us $529 for a $100 cartridge (which we get free through our service co.). We caught it in time, luckily. The fax they sent was from a "Central Supply Warehouse" in Marina Del Rey, CA. The bottom of the form said "Your order will be shipped and billed by our service company: IDCSERVCO Culver City, CA." I'm sure they're operating out of the same room.

    So, we ran 10 copies with the lid open, making all black pages. We faxed the black pages to the number on the form 3 times. They called shortly after, AGAIN claiming to be with Tascosa! The guy, Jesse, asked if we could stop faxing black pages because it was wasting their toner! A toner supply warehouse was worried about toner! He said they "got the point" and they would take us off their list. He then had the gall to ask again if we were still interested in the toner! What a low-life piece of ###.

  • Gs
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I agree 100%, I went through the same thing back in 12/08. I received a call from a very nice gentleman who stated that he showed we never received our order, and he apologized for the inconvience. He stated that our Toner was on back order, and that because of the inconvience to our company he would lock us in for the price that we were previously paying. Which would be a good thing, since he would be saving us about $100.00. He then stated that he would be in touch with me that we would have the toner by the end of the week. Of course it still hadn't come he called to apologize, and he stated that he would have a form faxed over asap to confirm the back order so he could keep us locked in at the better price. Now little did I know that we do not deal with this company, I just recently started so once the order came I found out that previous receptionist had been scamed
    by this company. What a bunch of low lifes!!!

  • Cn
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    We are a large medical center serving an underprivelledged community. We have also been scammed by these vultures. We often don't get payed by our patients, and most of our patients dont carry insurance to cover their hospital pay. Due to the economy our hospital is cutting nurses pay, because they receive less reimbursement from the state. I don't know how low these ### will go, maybe they will purse snatch from old lady's next.

  • Lj
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    I went through the same thing with Central Supply Warehouse and IDCServco. Someone from CSW called saying we'd ordered toner from them before and that the price of toner had recently went up. He said his manager put us on his call list to offer the cheaper priced toner since we were not notified before the price increase. So, he sold me (a new, naive receptionist) a box of $500 toner. After signing the authorization form (I know, stupid me), I started to think about how high it was priced. I started researching the toner online and found that it only costs $95. When we received the toner (via UPS), I refused the package. When IDCServco received the refused toner, they immediately called me saying I signed the waiver, I owe the money. I then informed them that I had filed a claim with the California Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trace Commission and the Attorney General's Office...they backed off. Apparently they received follow-ups from the three claims offices because I started receiving phone calls from CSW and IDC to rectify the matter. They were very courteous this time around, waived all charges and asked if I was happy with the transaction. I said I was just happy I didn't have to pay for the scam. Also, I don't know if IDC is in cohoots w/CSW or not, but when I told the guy at IDC that i was upcharged nearly 5 times the price of toner, he sounded genuinely shocked. I think they are the warehouse people who ship out the material sold by CSW. I'm not sure, but if you get scammed by these people file a complaint with:
    Better Business Bureau:
    Federal Trade Commission:
    Attorney General's Office:

    Hope this helps.

  • Gm
      3rd of Nov, 2009
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    IDSERVCO should be not be allowed to operate in this country. They tried to Scam! our small company by calling and saying they were from the vendor we use for our copier supplies a sales rep named Simone called she ask for the person who usually order supplies for our company this person was out sick that day she seemed familer with type of copier we have and what we would be running low on soon. she aske my name which I gave to her she said she was faxing a authorization for me sign for the toner I got supicious because she was pushy! the fax came I looked at the cost and thought no way was I signing this and faxing it back to her I was going to show it to the person who order for us when she came back to work. About 20 minutes later this Simone calls back asking why I had not sent back the signed fax, I told her I was not authorized to sign f0r any orders she then said the person who order for us told her I could, Red Flag went off! I knew the she was lying I once again told her I was not signing anything and hung up thinking she got the messeage. I showed the fax to the person who orders our supplies when she came back to work the next day she told me our company did not order supplies this way and was not familar with that company or Simone she also said somone had called and ask for me eariler on a private number I had it feeling it was this Simone, about an hour late this person called back and ask for me I was furious and I told her I was on to her decepitive sales practices and to put on our company on their Do not Call List if they have one she then tried to apologize one she knew I was on to her she then told me have a nice Day! I wIll have a nice day when I know these SCAMMERS ARE OUT OF BUSINESS!

  • We
      28th of Dec, 2009
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    Oh boy! These people have nerve. The company "Central Supply Warehouse" is nothing but a scam. This lady (I use the term loosely) called and didn't identify herself or her company. Said something about it being year end and needing to send me toner. Acted as if she was with Van Ausdell Farar, who is my toner supplier. Just nice and breezy. And of course, I was too busy to catch it. But I saw who the bill came from (IDCServCo). We've dealt with these people before. (Also complained that time and told them to never call again.) I called and talked to Carlo. He gave me a phone number for Central Supply Warehouse. I told him we weren't paying & that I was sending the toner back. I told him to remove me from his database. Or flag me. But I wasn't going to deal with them. I ask you, why would I order supplies from CA when I'm in Indy? He did have the nerve to accuse me of "jumping on the bandwagon" when I told him I'd posted a complaint with the BBB. Really? I saw there were other complaints filed, but I believe the feeling of being scammed was uniquely mine. I'm not some brainless sheep. Especially since I've dealt with this company before. He protested that they are just a "supply and billing company". Ok. I didn't believe it for one second. Per the BBB, this company doesn't have a license. Obviously not an Inc . or a LLC. Don't be bullied by them and don't fall for their line of "oh, no, we're an innocent little company". That many people complaining about them (and believe me, they know it) means they aren't as innocent as they want you to believe.

  • Ks
      29th of Mar, 2010
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    I just had this company call me today -- I was of course busy and trying to sort through the weekend mail. He called and said he was with Zeno Office Solutions, calling about my recent inquiry for toner. He said that he was sorry that my latest order wasn’t shipped on time, that it was supposed to get shipped out at the beginning of the month. I of course agreed (we had actually just ordered toner and were waiting for it since it REALLY WAS backordered)

    He said that Zeno has since switched to another provider since the other was providing such bad service. He told me that because of this, he was going to “Lock me in” on the rate for toner for the next two years: A whopping 435.00 a cartridge instead of 599.00! I said that we were under warranty and an agreement that that toner was included. He stumbled and fumbled. I allowed him to forward me a copy of the “agreement.” (Really because they already had our information and I wanted Zeno to be aware of it. I called Zeno and confirmed there was no supplier switch and faxed them the evidence of this company. )

    When the agreement was faxed, it was sent by a woman named Sherry about 15 minutes later. Apparently Mark Jones, the gentleman I was dealing with asked me to be “nice” to Sherry and that she was new. I knew something was up when Sherry was quick and efficient and that I didn’t need to answer any questions with her like Mark said I would.

    About 15 minutes later “Mark Jones” called and asked why I haven’t send the executed authorization. I said it was because I confirmed they were NOT our provider by calling Zeno Suppliers and that I was appalled by his tactics. He apologized and I hung up. I faxed over the authorization alright with a giant CANCELLED and that I was filing a complaint with the BBB ASAP!

  • An
      25th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    1) u can tell them to put your company on a "do not-call list" but that makes noooooo sence if, well, for one they print out adresses online and just trow away the bads. and
    2) do u people even realize how MANY toner telemarketing firms there are across the world? You SWEAR ur gonna be on a do not call list, legal or not. There Are SOOOOO MANY so, sorry but in our dreams thats gonna happen.

    also, the bbb isnt gonna do zip with ur measly complaints. helooooo, years of thi is going on and to this day its happening. sorry but tough luck. run ur company smart enough to not let it happen u dopes

  • Mi
      17th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    They are still at it after all these years, Still a scam and still low lives. Great reason to always use some one local and honest.

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