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We placed an order for Nordic Track Treadmill #A2350. As you can see we were shipped a Pro-Form 5.5 Cross Trainer, which is being discontinued. Our experience with Nordic Track was a horrible experience, starting with the missing bracket, key to start a machine and ripped manual.

Talking with your Billing and Returns department was worthless. They want us to repackage the machine and cart it back up from our basement, even after I told the department manager that we are an elderly couple and could not do that. She of course offered a complete reimbursement of our money or the correct treadmill to be shipped if we comply with her request. I on the other hand would liked Nordic Track to come and pick up the treadmill and bring us the correct one and place it in our basement. That request fell on deaf ears. She then proceeded to offer a 10% discount on the discontinued treadmill that was sent. I told he that hardly seemed fair considering that model is not be made anymore and will probably be discounted more than 30%, so she upped the offer to 15%. Since you guys at Nordic Track have us between a rock and a hard place, I had no recourse, but to accept that offer.

So now we have a treadmill that is being discontinued by Nordic Track instead of the #A2350 Nordic Track Treadmill that we ordered.

We have worked in big business and if you make a good product you stand behind it and if you screw up you don’t make your customers suffer for your lack of attention to details. Customer Focus Training might be helpful for your company. We feel you have inadequately served us in this whole mess.

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